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1.3m new jobs yearly predicted

19-Jan-2007 Intellasia | 12-OCT-2004 Thanh Nien | 5:25 PM

Economists are looking for an increase of 1.3 million jobs and for the unemployment rate to hold at 5% for 2004, the Ministry of Planning and Investment was quoted on October 12.

Jobs have boomed with the economy churning out one million new jobs so far this year, 200,000 of which were created in September alone.

Employers added hundreds of thousands of new jobs in a variety of industries, 260,000 in newly-established businesses, and an additional 40,000 in new industrial and export processing zones, the state-run news agency said.

The state will strive to send more highly-skilled workers overseas. It will also boost employment through a series of job-creation initiatives such as encouraging youth volunteers to help staff rural development programmes and systematically promoting commercial agriculture, fisheries and forestry.


Category: Economy

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