7,849 derivative trading accounts opened

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As of September 8, 2017, 7,948 derivative trading accounts were opened at member securities companies. Currently, four futures contract codes are being listed at Hanoi Stock Exchange including VN30F1709, VN30F1710, VN30F1712 and VN30F1803. Investors tend to focus on contracts with the most recent maturity month, which is consistent with international practice.

As per HNX’s statistics, in the past one month, 92,812 orders of investors were put into the system with an average of 4,420 orders per session. Of which, 49,513 transactions were implemented.

HNX said it will continue researching and launching new products to provide the market with more options, such as index futures, especially G-bonds futures.

SSI said derivative stock transactions mainly focus on futures contracts in September. Therefore, investors should limit buying positions and should close positions right in the session to avoid risks.


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