ACL Airshop Innovates via Strategic Alliance with Core Transport Technologies

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Bringing Bluetooth® Enabled Automated Tracking for Air Cargo Industry

LLC of the US and CORE
Transport Technologies
, Inc. of New Zealand have announced an
exclusive strategic alliance for bringing innovative new, field-proven
Bluetooth® enabled logistics technology to the global air cargo
industry, to jointly provide automated tracking of Unit Load Devices
(ULD Equipment). ACL Airshop, with main offices in South Carolina
and Amsterdam, is a worldwide provider of custom ULD solutions to over
200 air carriers and cargo clients, with services, repairs, and leasing
operations at 40 of the world’s Top 50 air cargo hub airports,
substantial manufacturing and supply chain capabilities for cargo
control products, and 34 years of experience in air cargo. CORE
Transport Technologies
is an agile software developer, focused for
over 10 years on services that provide significant improvement to the
transportation process in multiple industries, with offices in New
Zealand, Hong Kong, and Orlando FL.

Predictive analytics and Big Data are just part of the new
efficiencies these innovations can bring to air
carriers, according to the two companies. They assert that
airlines will also be able to track the actual cargo loads by the
container and pallet, that the tracking system will yield real-time “dot
on the map” monitoring and status reports, and will reduce both the loss
and/or the overstocking of pallets and other mission-essential cargo
equipment. This is coupled as a significant technical enhancement to
ACL’s already robust ULD Control and bar-coding systems used by some of
its customers.

The two companies have successfully concluded extensive beta testing in
the field with international air carriers and an array of multiple ULDs,
with 100% tracking reliability. Similarly, a global air carrier
conducted another CORE test which succeeded with hundreds of ULDs.
Market readiness is now complete. Regulatory aspects such
as compliance with FCC and FAA rules have been addressed, plus rigorous
adherence to RTCA-DO-160 (“Environmental Conditions and Test Procedures
for Airborne Equipment”).

, Managing Director & CEO of CORE Transport Technologies
explained additional aspects of the logistics enhancements for clients
and the strategic alliance merits at a recent air cargo conference.
“While CORE has initiated a number of previous technology products
independently, with the most current offering of COREInsight Tracking
technology, we felt it is best suited for a partnership with a
great industry leader like
.” Craig explained “By partnering with ACL, we
introduce a new benefit to leasing ULD Equipment, whereby the lessee can
now have an automated avenue to track their leased ULD even when it may
be outside their own system. Core grants ACLAS the worldwide
exclusive right to license, sublicense, and sell the ULD tracking
technology, in tandem with us.
ACLAS customers will always know
where their ULD’s are located and when they are being utilized.”

, Executive Vice President for ACL
, said: “This partnership is not only about tracking
ACL’s 40,000 ULDs, it’s also about partnering with a formidable
technology company to bring electronic ULD tracking to the whole airline
industry. We’ve been working in unison with CORE in testing and
development of this technology. The results are quite impressive. This
is the ultimate solution for ULD Equipment tracking available today.”
Tucker further explained benefits for airlines customers: “This is
a positive game-changer for ACL Airshop and
its hundreds of airlines clients.
COREInsight ULD service tracks
these valuable assets in real time. FOR ACL’s airlines clients, we
predict this will be a low-cost logistics efficacy enhancement that will
remarkably improve how we can help them manage their fleet and save
money long-term.”

, chairman of ACL Airshop and CEO of Ranger
, said “Speaking for our entire team of Ranger
co-owners, we are excited to advance and
accelerate this new logistics sophistication for ACL’s airline clients,
and we are delighted to be partnering with such an excellent teammate as
Transport Technologies
. We are aiming to accelerate
Bluetooth tracking into usage for the many airlines customers who will
value the compelling new efficiencies it is designed to deliver for
their ULDs.”

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