Business, banking and stock market briefs August 14

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* Today August 14, 10.36 million TCM-coded shares of Thanh Cong Trade Investment Garment and Textile Joint Stock Co will be officially listed on Hochiminh Stock Exchange (STC).

* Tan Phu Plastic Joint Stock Co (HNX listed TPP) has announced registering to sell 500,000 ordinary shares to the existing shareholders at 10,000 dong per share, aiming to raise capital for purchasing machines, equipments and facilities in Long An province’s Duc Hoa Dist, and building workshops in the north.

* Thien Nam Trading and Import Export Co (TNA) has announced August 17 as the ex-dividend date for shareholders to receive bonus shares at the 6:1 ratio. The company will also issue 1.65 million shares to existing shareholders at the 2:1 ratio at the face value of 10,000 dong each.

* Licogi No16 Co. (LCG) has announced August 21 as the date for shortlisting shareholders to ask for approval on issuing 4.6 million shares to increase its capital from 204 billion dong to 250 billion dong.

* ThuDuc Housing Development Co (TDH) has announced August 26 as the ex-dividend date for shareholders to receive 2009 first-round dividend of 15 percent in cash.

* Lam Dong Investment and Hydraulic Construction Joint Stock Co has sold 180,000 shares of Lam Dong Minerals and Building Materials Co (LBM) to decrease its ownership from 17.24 percent to 15.13 percent and registered to continue selling 186,000 shares to reduce its ownership to 13 percent.

* Saigon Fuel Co (SFC) has announced August 19 as the ex-dividend date for shareholders to receive 2009 first-round dividend of 20 percent in cash.

* Pha Lai Thermo Power Joint Stock Co (HNX listed PPC) yesterday reported gaining total revenue of 380.4 billion dong, total cost of 300.2 billion dong and total pre-tax profit of 80.14 billion dong in July. Therefore, its accumulated profit in Jan-July was estimated at 787.04 billion dong.

* Thinh Hung Automobile Co has inaugurated a showroom worth $3 million displaying and selling cars of GM Daewoo Vietnam at Tuyen Son Intersection in Da Nang City’s Hai Chau District.

* Anh Sang Private Enterprise has joined forces with the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Hau Giang Province’s Chau Thanh District to market Nam Ro Phu Huu grapefruit in the Netherlands. The European country will cooperate with the department to map out 12 hectares for citrus fruit meeting GAP standards associated with frozen warehouse facilities by the beginning of next year.

* Phuoc Hoa Rubber Joint Stock Co (coded PHR) has announced that the company would start listing 81.3 million shares on Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange (STC) on August 18 with the initial offered price of 36,000 dong per share.

* Licogi 13 Joint Stock Co, under Infrastructure Construction and Development Corp (Licogi) plans to officially start the construction project of a 25-storey building of high-class offices and apartment for lease located on Khuat Duy Tien st, Thanh Xuan dist, Hanoi with the total investment capital of 374 billion dong on August 15.

* Nhon Trach Investment Joint Stock Co, the member company of Tin Nghia Corp will officially kick off the construction work for Eastern Saigon new urban area project, located in communes of Phu Thanh and Long Tan, Nhon Trach dist, Dong Nai province on August 16.

* Dan Tri Publishing House Co Ltd under the Vietnam Studying Encouragement Association has been established. The new publishing house will focus on educational books and other learning/teaching materials.

* International Square Trade and Service Joint Stock Co. has been approved by HCM City to build a high-rise building with a commercial centre, working offices and a hotel on 3,200 square metres in District 3. The land, worth hundreds of billions of dong that was formerly owned by Saigon Garment Joint Stock Co No 3, was revoked by the city government.

* Post and Telecommunication and Insurance joint Stock Co (PTI) has reported that in H1, its insurance premium reached 53.3 percent of this year’s plan and increased 41.5 percent in comparison with the same period last year.

* Southern Vietnam Engine and Agricultural Machinery Co Ltd this year has directly farmers 56 diesel engines and combined harvesters under the government-subsidised lending programme, quoted Le Dinh Dinh, deputy general sales director of the company. However, sales of the company are behind expectations as farmers must mortgage their land to access bank loans.

* Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaf and Deutsche Asset Management (Asia) Limited have bought 157,500 shares of Pha Lai Thermal Power Co (PPC) to increase their holdings to 16.34 million shares, or a 5.01 percent stake.

* Manulife Progressive Fund (MAFPF1) has announced its net asset value (NAV) by August 6 at 6,543 dong, increasing 348 dong from the session earlier. Prudential Balanced Fund (PRUBF1) has announced its NAV by August 6 at 8,613 dong, increasing 116 dong from a week earlier, while NAV of Vietnam lnvestment Fund (VFMVF1)was 23,249 dong, up l,183 dong, and NAV of Vietnarn Blue-chips Fund (VFMVF4) was increased by 813 dong to 12,414 dong.

* Vietnam Bank of Social Policies on Monday failed to mobilise fund via its issue of two-year government bonds. The bank offered three trillion dong worth of bonds with the ceiling interest rate of 9.1 percent per year while the lowest rate by bidders was 9.5 percent.

* Vietnam Export Import Commercial Bank (Eximbank) has got approval from the State Bank of Vietnam to spur its chartered capital from 7.2 trillion dong to 8.8 trillion dong.

* Within August, 2009, Vietnam Technological and Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Techcombank) will open five more branches and one transaction site in the South, bringing the bank’s total network to 170 sites in 35 provinces and cities nationwide.

* From August 10, Asia Commercial Joint Stock Bank (ACB) has officially issued domestic Debit Card 365 Styles. This card will be linked to dong deposit accounts of Banknetvn. Customers are able to use 365 Styles Card to pay for goods and services at payment sites accepting card with symbol of Banknetvn, withdraw money, transfer, check account and account balance at ATM machines of ACB and at over 6,000 other ATM machines having the symbol of Banknetvn.


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