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Business Briefs April 9

09-Apr-2012 Intellasia | | 9:14 PM Print This Post

* Century Fibre Joint Stock Co (Century Corp) has recently approved for paying 2011 dividend in shares. In details, the dividend would be paid at 20 percent rate. The payment date would be in May after getting approval from the State Securities Commission (SSC).

* Bourbon Tay Ninh Joint Stock Co (coded SBT) planned to pay 2011 dividend in cash to the existing shareholders at applied rate of 30 percent.

* Petrolimex Import-Export Joint Stock Co (coded PIT) held the annual general meeting (AGM) on April 6, 2012 and approved the dividend payment plan of 5 percent in 2011 and 12 percent in 2012.

* Tan Dai Hung Plastic Joint Stock Co (coded TPC) held the annual general meeting (AGM) on April 6, 2012, in which the company’s shareholders have approved the 2012 business plan as well as general development plan for 2012-1016 period. In the general development strategy for 2012-2016 period, the company set target to reach annual growth rates of 10 percent in revenue and dividend payment of 20 percent at minimum every year.

* Hochiminh Stock Exchange (STC) has recently released an announcement to put share of Ninh Van Bay Tourism Real Estate Joint Stock Co (coded NVT) in the watch list as from April 9, 2012.

* Hanoi Stock Exchange (HNX) on April 6 added MMC share of Mangan Mineral Joint Stock Co in the list of stocks that are unqualified for margin trading.

* Tin Nghia Industrial Park Development Joint Stock Co (coded TIP) announced lately not to list shares on the stock market within 2012 although the company has already closed the shareholders list to prepare for the listing in December 2009, and deposited shares in January 2011. In addition, the company has not met the demand for the number of shareholders to become a public firm.

* In the annual general meeting, CNG Vietnam Joint Stock Co (coded CNG) has approved the 2012 business plan with targeted revenue of 817.7 billion dong, pre-tax profit of 128.3 billion dong and pay dividend at 35pct.

* Bao Viet Securities Co (coded BVS) announced to hold the annual general meeting (AGM) on April 13, 2012. This year, the company set targets to reach whole year revenue of 154 billion dong and profit of 14.5 billion dong.

* Xuan Thanh Securities Co (coded VIX) has approved the 2012 business plan in the annual general meeting (AGM) held on April 7, 2012. In details, the company plans to reach whole year after tax profit of 39.7 billion dong, in comparison with 2011 profit of 6.5 billion dong only.

* Post and Telecommunication Insurance Joint Stock Corp (PTI) has released the resolution approved by the management board dated April 5, 2012 on allocating bonus shares to existing shareholders in order to raise chartered capital.

* Vietnam Equity Holding has bought over 116,000 shares of An Phu Irradiation Co (APC) to raise its shareholding from 8 percent to 9 percent.

* The Hochiminh Stock Exchange has approved a delisting of over 27.5 million shares of Saigon Beverages Co (TRI).
* FTIP-Templeton Frontier Markets Fund has registered to sell over 634,000 shares of Vietnam Fumigation Co (VFG) over two months starting April 10.

* Electronics Communications Technology Investment Development Corp (ELC) has announced April 16 as the ex-dividend date to pay 2011 second round dividend in cash for shareholders at 8 percent.

* Gia Lai Electricity Joint Stock Co has bought over 241,000 shares of Tay Nguyen Electricity Investment Co. (TIC) to bring up its shareholding from 53.9 percent to 54.9 percent.

* The northern stock watchdog put Viwaseen-Hue Investment and Construction Co (VHH) on the watch list yesterday because of a 3.7 billion dong loss last year.

* Thu Duc Trading and Import-Export Co (TMC) has established an affiliate, TMC Petroleum Co. Ltd, with chartered capital of 10 billion dong.

* Education Financial Investment Co (EFI) has bought back over 154,000 shares as treasury shares.

* Vietnam Holding Limited has registered to buy 200,000 shares of Dabaco Vietnam Group (DBC) from now to June 1.

* Portserco Company (PRC) has announced April 12 as the ex-dividend date for shareholders to receive 2011 dividend in cash at 6 percent.

* Quang Ngai Sugar Joint Stock Co (coded QNS) has released the 2011 business results with total revenue of 4.216 trillion dong, after tax profit of 578 billion dong, equivalent to EPS of 20,517 dong. The company would pay 2011 dividend at 130 percent ratio, of which 30 percent would be paid in cash and 100 percent in shares.

* Ministry of transport and Quang Ninh province people’s committee held the ceremony on April 6, 2012 to release information about the general plan of Quang Ninh Airport from now up to 2020, and with orientation for 2030.

* In Q1, the production output of the enterprises in paper industry continued dropping in Q1 of 2012, of which the cover paper production output was estimated at 441,900 tonnes, down 1 percent against the same period last year.

* Tan Cang Logistics and Construction Joint Stock Co (coded TCL) has released the 2012 business plan with total revenue of 919.43 billion dong and pre-tax profit of 95.84 billion dong.

* Last weekend, Sao Mai Ben Dinh Petroleum Investment Joint Stock Co (UPCoM-listed PSB) held the annual general meeting (AGM). In the meeting, the shareholders approved the 2012 business plan with targeted revenue of 66.24 billion dong and pre-tax profit of 3.47 billion dong, equalling to 10 percent of 2011 profit.

* Dong Phu Rubber Joint Stock Co (coded DPR) revealed that in March, the company has reported selling over 456 tonnes of latex at average price of 73.4 million dong per tonne, bringing in revenue of 33.5 billion dong and pre-tax profit of 13.3 billion dong. Accumulatively, in Q1, the company reached 289 billion dong in revenue and over 100 billion dong in pre-tax profit, in comparison with the same period last year of 168 billion dong.

* Dinh Vu Port Investment and Development Joint Stock Co (coded DVP) has lately held the annual shareholders meeting. The company’s shareholders have worked out 2012 year plan with targeted revenue of 435 billion dong, pre-tax profit of 140 billion dong and pay dividend at 30 percent at least.

* Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has predicted that Vietnam may reach whole year pepper export volume of 101,400 tonnes in 2012, bringing in total export turnover of $742.3 million, up 6.1 percent in volume and 3.7 percent in value in comparison with the figures released last month.

* Hanoi city’s functional authorities have recently released a plan for the capital city’s infrastructure development whereby the city will focus on completion of some routes of ring road 1, 2 and 3, linking road from Noi Bai International Airport to Nhat Tan Bridge, improve 35 weak bridges, increase the land area for transport to 8.5-10.5 percent and it would be 13-15 percent by 2020.

* Foreign organisations and enterprises providing public information across borders with a large volume of users will have to set up representative offices in Vietnam.

* Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group (PetroVietnam-PVN) in the morning April 9 organised a press conference to publish its business and production performance in the first quarter of 2012 and set tasks for the second quarter this year.

* Vietnam Rubber Industry Group (VRG) has recently completed its restructuring plan whereby the group will focus on three main sectors namely growing and tapping rubber, rubber industry and wood processing, according to Tran Ngoc Thuan, VRG’s chair cum general director.

* Hai Phong Economic Zone Management Association (Heza) has lately granted the investment licences for the two projects to be conducted by Malaysian and Japanese investors.

* Binh Dinh province people’s committee has decided to revoke the investment licence that was granted for the US-based Le Le Co Ltd, following the company’s proposal.

* The Canada-based Blue Diamond Technologies Co Ltd recently signed the memorandum of understandings (MoU) with Thai Nguyen province people’s committee for making investment in three projects in the local area. TSTC projects include an ethanol plant, a waste-treatment plant and a pharmaceutical plant.

* The HCM City Energy Conservation centre has opened Viet Esco Co, an energy service company specialising in consulting, providing solutions and financial arrangements for energy-saving projects. After obtaining a business license in February, Viet Esco has 25 customers nationwide with contracts to deploy energy-saving projects this year which can save around 500 billion dong.

* The electronic supermarket chain dienmay.com under The Gioi Di Dong Joint Stock Company opened its tenth supermarket in Buon Ma Thuot City, Dak Lak Province. The supermarket, which has floor space of over 1,000 square meters and an initial investment of over 20 billion dong, will sell electronic products, home appliances, cell phones, laptops and digital devices.

* Dinh Vu Industrial Zone Joint Stock Co on Wednesday opened Terminal No 2 which can handle ships with loads of 20,000 tonnes in the northern port city of Hai Phong.

* Vingroup has taken over the Hai Giang resort project in Binh Dinh Province’s Nhon Hoi Economic Zone from Hai Giang Joint Stock Co. The project, covering an area of 656 hectares and worth over 3 trillion dong, has long been delayed.

* An Phong Investment Joint Stock Co is offering promotion programmes until May 1 in all of its Maximark supermarkets on the occasion of the first anniversary of Maximark Cam Ranh supermarket in Khanh Hoa Province.

* A foreign investor has recently bought shares of HNX-listed Mien Tay (West) Coach Station Joint Stock Co (coded WCS) and became a majority shareholder into the local firm.

* Southern bourse-listed PetroVietnam Finance Joint Stock Corp (PVF) has said that it plans to raise up to eight trillion dong (nearly $385 million) from selling bonds within this year.

* Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank (MB) on April 6 signed a cooperation agreement with Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) to carry out preferential credit package for exporters across the country.

* Saigon Thuong Tin Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Sacombank-STB) has recently reported the holding of its majority shareholder namely Saigon Exim Investment Joint Stock Co whereby this shareholder bought 50.4 million STB shares, accounting for 5.17 percent of the total STB shares in circulation.

* HSBC Vietnam last year obtained pre-tax profit growth of 40 percent from the previous year with 1.97 trillion dong. The bank’s total revenue earned from business activities amounted to 2.16 trillion last year, up 44 percent.


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