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US must show flexibility for Pacific trade breakthrough: Japan

31-Mar-2014 Intellasia | Businesstimes | 6:00 AM

Japan said on Friday it would be difficult to achieve a breakthrough in talks with the United States on a Pacific trade deal in time for President Barack Obama’s trip [...]
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China angrily denounces Japan for Russia-Crimea analogy

31-Mar-2014 Intellasia | Reuters | 6:00 AM

China denounced Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe on Friday for drawing an analogy between Russia’s behaviour in Crimea and China’s actions in the disputed East [...]
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Japan family spending falls before sales tax hike

31-Mar-2014 Intellasia | AFP | 6:00 AM

Singapore on Friday came to Malaysia’s defence after scathing criticism of Kuala Lumpur’s handling of the disappearance of a passenger plane with 239 people on [...]
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Obama brokers Japan, Korea talks as Pyongyang fires missiles

28-Mar-2014 Intellasia | Reuters | 6:00 AM

US President Barack Obama brought together the leaders of Japan and South Korea for their first face-to-face talks as a North Korean ballistic missile launch underscored the [...]
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ANA orders 70 new planes, including 20 Boeing 777-9Xs

28-Mar-2014 Intellasia | Reuters | 6:00 AM

Japan’s ANA placed its biggest ever order of 70 new planes, including 20 Boeing (BA) 777-9X wide-body jets in a move bringing relief to the US planemaker which lost a [...]
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Japan’s sales tax hike: What you need to know

28-Mar-2014 Intellasia | CNBC | 6:00 AM

It’s no April Fools’ Day joke this year for Japanese consumers, who face a rise in the country’s sales tax for this first time since 1997. The consumption [...]
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Japan and Korea: Don’t let history dictate the future

28-Mar-2014 Intellasia | Csmonitor | 6:00 AM

Addressing a sensitive past will let these two key democratic powers secure a tense region -and US interests. President Obama’s sit-down with Japanese prime minister [...]
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FX COLUMN- High summer in Japan may mean a low yen

28-Mar-2014 Intellasia | Reuters | 6:00 AM

The Japanese yen could be vulnerable to a renewed emphasis on economic policies by prime minister Shinzo Abe’s government, whose constitutional and foreign policy [...]
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Japan Amari: BOJ can maximise policy impact by ‘surprising’ markets

28-Mar-2014 Intellasia | Reuters | 6:00 AM

Aiming for a surprise effect is one way the Bank of Japan can maximise the impact of any further monetary easing, Economics minister Akira Amari said on Wednesday, saying [...]
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Bamboo Forest vs. Stone Castle: The rival empires of Japanese whiskey

28-Mar-2014 Intellasia | CNN | 6:00 AM

The first thing offered to me at Suntory’s Yamazaki whiskey distillery — the birthplace of Japanese whiskey — is a glass of water. It’s so delicious [...]
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Reprimanded by his manager, frustrated real estate agent left to start Japan’s largest property portal

28-Mar-2014 Intellasia | Tech in Asia | 6:00 AM

Takashi Inoue (pictured below), founder and CEO of NEXT, is responsible for HOME’S, one of Japan’s largest real estate listings and housing information sites. [...]
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Japan orders longest-held death row inmate freed

Japan orders longest-held death row inmate freed

28-Mar-2014 Intellasia | AP | 6:00 AM

A Japanese court on Thursday ordered the release of the world’s longest-serving death row inmate, saying investigators had likely fabricated evidence and ordering a [...]
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World’s ‘longest-serving’ death row inmate granted retrial in Japan

28-Mar-2014 Intellasia | AFP | 6:00 AM

A man believed to be the world’s longest-serving death row inmate was Thursday granted a retrial in Japan over multiple murders in 1966, decades after doubts emerged [...]
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JGBs dip as Tokyo equities advance

28-Mar-2014 Intellasia | Reuters | 6:00 AM

Japanese government bond prices slipped on Thursday as a sizable bounce by Tokyo stocks weighed on the bond market. The benchmark 10-year cash yield rose 0.5 basis point to [...]
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Australia set to finalise Japan FTA

27-Mar-2014 Intellasia | AFP | 6:00 AM nt.js'; (document.getElementsByTagName -->

Australian prime minister Tony Abbott Tuesday said substantial progress had been made in securing free trade agreements with its three largest export markets and a pact with [...]
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