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Japan claims Korea played role in Kono Statement

23-Jun-2014 Intellasia | 23-JUN-2014 Int ellasia | Arirang News | 6:00 AM

South Korea’s foreign ministry slammed Japan on Friday after the results of Tokyo’s review of its landmark apology to the so-called comfort women.(Korean) [...]
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Korea’s Growing Obsession with Cosmetic Surgery

23-Jun-2014 Intellasia | ABC news | 6:00 AM

America is a country obsessed with plastic surgery. Countless tabloids and gossip sites constantly speculate on what celebrity has had work done and where. Americans dished [...]
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Korea ferry company chief ‘overloaded ship’

Korea ferry company chief ‘overloaded ship’

23-Jun-2014 Intellasia | BBC News | 6:00 AM

Prosecutors say the head of the company that operated a South Korean ferry that capsized in April caused the accident by overloading the ship. Chonghaejin Marine’s [...]
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CEO, execs blamed for Korea ferry sinking

23-Jun-2014 Intellasia | CTVnews | 6:00 AM

Prosecutors on Friday said the CEO and four employees of the operator of a sunken South Korean ferry caused the accident by overloading the ship with poorly stowed cargo [...]
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Korea’s LG, Hyundai clinch $4b deals with gas-rich Turkmenistan

23-Jun-2014 Intellasia | Indiatimes | 6:00 AM

South Korean industrial conglomerates LG and Hyundai will build gas processing plants in Turkmenistan worth a total of $4 billion, Turkmen President Kurbanguly [...]
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Leaders of Korea, Turkmenistan seek to expand economic cooperation

23-Jun-2014 Intellasia | Arirang | 6:00 AM

President Park Geun-hye has arrived in the Central Asian country of Turkmenistan for the very first time as a Korean leader since the two countries established diplomatic [...]
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Korea holds island live-fire drill, ignores Japan protest

21-Jun-2014 Intellasia | AFP | 6:00 AM

The South Korean navy held a rare live-fire drill near a set of disputed islands on Friday, brushing off angry protests from co-claimant Japan, which called the exercises [...]
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N Korea deserves unrelenting attention for unrelenting atrocities

21-Jun-2014 Intellasia | World Mag | 6:00 AM

Shin Dong-Hyuk spoke in a calm monotone as he recounted how North Korean prison guards dangled him over a fire. Because he thought the guards would reward him, 14-year-old [...]
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America’s Air-Sea Battle Plan in Korea

21-Jun-2014 Intellasia | The Diplomat | 6:00 AM

The US military plans to adopt Air-Sea battle as its new warfighting doctrine on the Korean Peninsula, according to a senior US military leader in the region. The Korean [...]
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N Korea Offers Camping as New Tour Package

21-Jun-2014 Intellasia | VOA News | 6:00 AM

In an effort to attract more foreign tourists, North Korea is introducing a number of new tour packages, including camping trips in the scenic mountains of Myohyang and [...]
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S. Korean military: ‘N. Korea’s mid-range missiles targeted at Seoul’

21-Jun-2014 Intellasia | Arirang | 6:00 AM

South Korea’s military has warned that North Korea’s mid-range missiles could possibly hit Seoul without being intercepted. This is according to South [...]
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Report: N. Korea Holding Fewer Political Prisoners

21-Jun-2014 Intellasia | Voa News | 6:00 AM

The number of political prisoners in North Korea is significantly lower than previously thought, according to South Korea’s latest white paper on the Stalinist [...]
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Report Says a Genocide May Be Happening in N Korea Right Now

21-Jun-2014 Intellasia | Time | 6:00 AM

A new report suggests that the current situation in North Korea may amount to genocide. Although the world has long been aware of potential human rights violations and crimes [...]
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CEO of Korean Ferry Operator to Enter Plea

21-Jun-2014 Intellasia | ABC News | 6:00 AM

The chief of the operator of the sunken South Korean ferry and four employees are to appear in court Friday to enter pleas on charges that their negligence caused the April [...]
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Korea is the current world champion of R&D spending

21-Jun-2014 Intellasia | Qz | 6:00 AM

South Korea punches far above its weight when it comes to spending on innovation. In 2012, Korea spent 4.4 percent of GDP on research and development. That’s the [...]
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