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N Korea calls Korea visit to US a ‘betrayal’

21-Oct-2015 Intellasia | UPI | 6:00 AM

North Korea said the US-South Korea joint agreement on security and cooperation was a “piece of waste paper with a daylong lifespan” and that it would [...]
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N. Korea Calls for Talks on Formal Peace Treaty

21-Oct-2015 Intellasia | VOA News | 6:00 AM

North Korea Sunday rejected resuming international talks to end its nuclear programme and instead called upon the United States to negotiate a formal peace treaty. The call [...]
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S. Korea, China, Japan plan joint call on NK nukes

21-Oct-2015 Intellasia | Korea Times | 6:00 AM

South Korea, China and Japan officials are talking in preparation possibly to issue a joint declaration that may call on North Korea to resolve the nuclear issue, Yonhap [...]
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Security threats get S Korea, Japan back to the table

21-Oct-2015 Intellasia | Today | 6:00 AM

When Gen Nakatani arrives in Seoul today he will be the first Japanese defence minister to visit South Korea in nearly five years, signalling that growing regional security [...]
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Japan-Korea rapprochement deepens as defense chiefs meet

21-Oct-2015 Intellasia | Japan Times | 6:00 AM

When Gen Nakatani arrives in Seoul on Tuesday, he will be the first Japanese defense minister to visit South Korea in nearly five years, signaling that growing regional [...]
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Korea Replaces Top Security Adviser Over Fighter Jet Programme

21-Oct-2015 Intellasia | NY Times | 6:00 AM

President Park Geun-hye of South Korea replaced her top secretary for foreign affairs and national security on Monday after her government was accused of concealing that the [...]
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An ordinary guy who helped ‘clean up’ Korea

20-Oct-2015 Intellasia | Straits Times | 6:00 AM

Although one of the world’s top carbon emitters, South Korea has also become a leader in pursuing climate-resilient economic development. Its transformation was [...]
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After Washington’s prodding, Abe and Park finally expected to hold talks

20-Oct-2015 Intellasia | Japan Times | 6:00 AM

Prime minister Shinzo Abe and South Korean President Park Geun-hye are expected to hold their first formal summit in Seoul on November 1, amid concerns from the United States [...]
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N Korea, Korea family reunions come with list of off-limits topics

20-Oct-2015 Intellasia | Reuters | 6:00 AM

When Ahn Yoon-joon, 86, meets his two younger sisters this week who he has not heard from in more than 60 years, there is much they won’t be able to talk about. A guide [...]
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Korea should not shake alliance with US by favouring China too much

20-Oct-2015 Intellasia | The-Japan-News | 6:00 AM

The Yomiuri Shimbun It is vital that the United States and South Korea maintain their solid alliance, for the deterrence of North Korea’s military provocations and the [...]
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China, S. Korea unhappy with Japanese Cabinet members’ shrine visits

20-Oct-2015 Intellasia | Nikkei | 6:00 AM

South Korea on Sunday disapproved of Japanese government leaders’ offerings and visits to the war-linked Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo over the weekend, as the country [...]
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Dictator Tries to Exploit Korean Family Reunion

20-Oct-2015 Intellasia | WSJ | 6:00 AM

After not seeing her two sisters in the 65 years since war split Korea in two, Lee Oh-hwan met them last year during a rare reunion of families from both sides of the [...]
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Families gather for rare North, Korea reunion

20-Oct-2015 Intellasia | AFP | 6:00 AM

Close to 400 South Koreans, many of them elderly and nearly all in a state of fevered anticipation, gathered Monday before crossing into North Korea for a rare reunion with [...]
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S. Korean Separated Families Getting Ready for Reunions in N. Korea

20-Oct-2015 Intellasia | KBS | 6:00 AM

With one day left until the inter-Korean family reunions, some 390 South Koreans who will take part in the first round of the event have gathered at a resort in Sokcho, [...]
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N Korea wants to sign a peace treaty with the United States

20-Oct-2015 Intellasia | | 6:00 AM

North Korea is ready to sign a peace treaty with the United States. But there’s one big problem, it’s refusing to budge on its nuclear programme. It rejected the [...]
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