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Should N Korea be redesignated as a state sponsor of terrorism?

06-May-2017 Intellasia | ZUU online | 6:00 AM

There are growing calls to redesignate North Korea a State Sponsor of Terrorism in the wake of the missile launch and Kim Jong-nam assassination. Having removed North Korea [...]
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N. Korea again dominates S. Korea’s presidential election

06-May-2017 Intellasia | AP | 6:00 AM

For South Koreans living next door to a hostile, nuclear-armed state that regularly threatens their annihilation, their vote in Tuesday’s presidential election likely [...]
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IAEA chief: N Korea continues nuclear test efforts

06-May-2017 Intellasia | News Agencies | 6:00 AM

UN atomic agency chief Yukiya Amano says satellite images suggest nuclear efforts moving ahead as stated by Pyongyang. The United Nations atomic agency has expressed concern [...]
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Japan, China, Korea pledge to resist protectionism, taking stand against Trump rhetoric

Japan, China, Korea pledge to resist protectionism, taking stand against Trump rhetoric

06-May-2017 Intellasia | Reuters | 6:00 AM

Finance leaders of Japan, China and South Korea agreed to resist all forms of protectionism in a trilateral meeting on Friday, taking a stronger stand than G20 major [...]
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N Korea Sanctions Would Get Tougher Under US House Measure

06-May-2017 Intellasia | Bloomberg | 6:00 AM

The US House passed legislation that would expand economic and human-rights sanctions against North Korea as President Donald Trump’s administration is pledging to [...]
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N Korea Pens Singular, Scathing Criticism Of Its Singular Ally, China

06-May-2017 Intellasia | NPR | 6:00 AM

North Korea doesn’t have a whole lot of longtime friends on the world stage. In fact, as Pyongyang looks beyond its borders, it is likely to find only one world power [...]
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Is Korea about to reset its N Korea policy?

Is Korea about to reset its N Korea policy?

06-May-2017 Intellasia | CNN | 6:00 AM

North Korea casts a long shadow over any South Korean election. Having a belligerent, nuclear-armed neighbour is one hell of a campaign issue, but even by that measure, 2017 [...]
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Relationship between Pyongyang and Beijing sharply deteriorates

06-May-2017 Intellasia | Korea Joongang Daily | 6:00 AM

Cracks in the alliance between North Korea and China widened Thursday as Pyongyang labeled its longtime communist ally a traitor, while Beijing expressed skepticism about [...]
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Asean can play middleman role in N Korea issue

06-May-2017 Intellasia | Today | 6:00 AM

China is right. Military threats are fuelling tensions in the Korean peninsula and would not help the situation. Beijing did not impose full sanctions on North Korea in the [...]
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Pentagon eyes Iran-N Korea military connection

06-May-2017 Intellasia | Foxnews | 6:00 AM

When Iran attempted to launch a cruise missile from a “midget” submarine earlier this week, Pentagon officials saw more evidence of North Korean influence in the [...]
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In Korea Campaign, One Topic Eclipses Others: Trump

06-May-2017 Intellasia | NY Times | 6:00 AM

A hostile, nuclear-armed neighbour with heavy artillery aimed at their capital. Cronyism in government. Corruption in business. These issues and more are weighing on South [...]
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Two arrested for misusing boarding passes to see Korean rapper Simon Dominic

05-May-2017 Intellasia | Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore | 6:00 AM

Two female students were arrested on Sunday (30 April) for misusing their boarding passes to meet Korean hip-hop artist Simon Dominic at Changi Airport’s transit area. [...]
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N Korea says American was detained for ‘attempted subversion’

05-May-2017 Intellasia | Reuters | 6:00 AM

North Korea said on Wednesday an American man it had detained in late April, the third US citizen being held by the isolated country, was intercepted because he was [...]
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Another American Detained in N Korea

05-May-2017 Intellasia | The Atlantic | 6:00 AM

Pyongyang confirmed it arrested the Korean American professor for allegedly committing “criminal acts of hostility.” North Korea confirmed Wednesday it detained a [...]
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Thousands of N Korean citizens swarm to see China

05-May-2017 Intellasia | Daily Mail | 6:00 AM

Thousands of North Korean citizens have swarmed to see the outside world as Pyongyang organised a cruise trip to show its residents the landscape of China. Rare footage, [...]
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