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Kim Jong Un Is Missing: As N Korea Military Upgrades Ballistic Missile Capabilities, Leader Nowhere To Be Found

15-Oct-2016 Intellasia | IB Times | 6:00 AM

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un hasn’t been seen in nearly a week. He skipped an event Tuesday that paid tribute to his grandfather, Kim Il Sung, North Korea’s [...]
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10 killed in Korea after bus fire on highway

15-Oct-2016 Intellasia | AP | 6:00 AM

Ten people were killed and nine others were injured in South Korea after their bus caught fire on a highway, officials said Friday. Twenty people, including the driver, were [...]
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S. Korea, Cuba sign 1st government-level MOU: ministry

15-Oct-2016 Intellasia | Yonhap | 6:00 AM

South Korea and Cuba have inked a high-level bilateral accord on an economy-related programme, laying the groundwork for the launch of full-scale partnerships, Seoul’s [...]
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Korea’s Hanjin Shipping to sell major businesses

15-Oct-2016 Intellasia | Reuters | 6:00 AM

South Korea’s Hanjin Shipping Co Ltd is selling major businesses, including its Asia-US route network, and will receive letters of intent by October 28, the company [...]
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Korea Court to Get Final Bids for Hanjin Asset by Early November

15-Oct-2016 Intellasia | Bloomberg | 6:00 AM

A South Korean court will receive bids by November on the sale of the marketing network of Hanjin Shipping Co.’s Asia-US operations as part of efforts to raise funds [...]
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N Korea is scarier than ever

15-Oct-2016 Intellasia | Washington Post | 6:00 AM

When South Korean officials talk about the growing nuclear challenge from North Korea, they use red-alert phrases such as “existential threat,” “imminent [...]
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N Koreans in China, Russia seeking safe passage to Korea

15-Oct-2016 Intellasia | UPI | 6:00 AM

North Koreans in China and Russia have recently defected from their workplaces, according to multiple South Korean press reports. More than 20 North Korean forced labourers [...]
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NK cracks down on Chinese mobile phone users to prevent defections

15-Oct-2016 Intellasia | Dailynk | 6:00 AM

The North Korean authorities have ordered the State Security Department to ’roundup’ Chinese mobile phone users in the border areas to prevent mass defection. As [...]
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Strengthening US-Korea Alliance Focus of Bilateral Meeting

15-Oct-2016 Intellasia | Defense | 6:00 AM

American and South Korean military leaders met at the Pentagon today to discuss the alliance between the two countries and ways to make the alliance even stronger. Marine [...]
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Korea’s central bank is worried about Samsung

15-Oct-2016 Intellasia | Business Insider | 6:00 AM

South Korea’s central bank is worried about Samsung. Earlier on Thursday, the Bank of Korea held its benchmark interest rate at 1.25 percent, as expected, and said it [...]
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SKorea looks into shooting deaths in Philippines

14-Oct-2016 Intellasia | AA | 6:00 AM

Three South Korean citizens were recently shot dead in the Philippines, according to Seoul’s foreign ministry Thursday — raising further concerns about safety in [...]
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Bank of Korea Holds Interest Rates Steady as Debt Soars

14-Oct-2016 Intellasia | Bloomberg | 6:00 AM

South Korea’s central bank held its key interest rate unchanged for a fourth month as policy makers kept a wary eye on soaring household debt and possible economic [...]
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N Korea Reshuffles Diplomats in Europe

14-Oct-2016 Intellasia | Chosun | 6:00 AM

North Korea has been reshuffling chiefs of its diplomatic missions in Europe after the defection of the No. 2 man in the London Embassy in July. A source on Wednesday said [...]
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Korea Must Use Samsung Crisis to Rethink Strategy

14-Oct-2016 Intellasia | Chosun | 6:00 AM

Samsung’s decision to stop selling its combustible flagship Galaxy Note 7 smartphone deals a severe blow to the brand value of the electronics giant. Trillions of won [...]
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US and Korea ‘join forces for drills’ aimed at taking out N Korea’s Kim Jong-un

14-Oct-2016 Intellasia | Independent | 6:00 AM

US military forces have reportedly taken part in a series of drills to practice taking out North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un in the event of an attack on the South by [...]
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