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‘Cruel, gross business’: Poor children in the Philippines live-stream sex acts for cash

08-Jun-2016 Intellasia | Reuters | 6:00 AM

Poor families in the Philippines are pushing their children into performing live sex online for paedophiles around the globe in what one senior Unicef official called a form [...]
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What a Duterte government means for Sino-Philippine relations

08-Jun-2016 Intellasia | Rappler | 6:00 AM

‘The election of a new Philippine president paves the way for the creation of a new foreign policy, a new China policy, and more definitely, a new diplomatic [...]
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‘Shoot him and I’ll give you a medal’: New Philippine president urges public to kill drug lords

‘Shoot him and I’ll give you a medal’: New Philippine president urges public to kill drug lords

08-Jun-2016 Intellasia | Washingtonpost | 6:00 AM

The incoming Philippine president urged citizens to fight crime by turning in and even killing suspected drug dealers. “If they are there in your neighbourhood, feel [...]
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Philippines under Duterte to stake claim on Sabah despite Malaysia’s warning

08-Jun-2016 Intellasia | ATimes | 6:00 AM

Sulu – President-elect Rodrigo Duterte is set to reignite an old dispute with Malaysia by staking claim over Sabah or North Borneo through peaceful means this time. [...]
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UN experts strongly condemn Duterte’s recent statements

08-Jun-2016 Intellasia | | 6:00 AM

President-elect Rodrigo Duterte got the attention of two United Nations independent experts after he stated in a televised press conference that some journalists killed in [...]
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Duterte to media: That’s it, no interviews in my term

08-Jun-2016 Intellasia | Inquirer | 6:00 AM

Stung by the heavy criticism over his remarks on media killings, President-elect Rodrigo Duterte has threatened to shun the media throughout the duration of his six-year [...]
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Philippines Hurries with Cyber Security, May Regulate Bitcoin As Well.

08-Jun-2016 Intellasia | Newsbtc | 6:00 AM

The Philippines may soon introduce bitcoin regulations as the country’s central bank decides to tighten its screws around money laundering. The bank is also focused on [...]
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Bitcoin Exchanges Could Face New Regulations in the Philippines

08-Jun-2016 Intellasia | Coindesk | 6:00 AM

The central bank of the Philippines is looking to expand oversight of the country’s financial system following an embarrassing hack on the SWIFT international transfer [...]
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Summit fails to resolve China Sea dispute

08-Jun-2016 Intellasia | Chicago Tribune | 6:00 AM

Global defense chiefs meeting in a plush hotel in Singapore on the weekend were faced with one of Asia’s biggest looming security challenges, but left without any [...]
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China on Philippines’ case: So what if we lose in UN?

08-Jun-2016 Intellasia | The Jakarta Post | 6:00 AM

The arbitration court in The Hague is expected to hand down a ruling in the coming weeks, and China has embarked on a series of high-level meetings with its security allies [...]
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Philippines’ Duterte urges public to kill criminals

Philippines’ Duterte urges public to kill criminals

07-Jun-2016 Intellasia | AFP | 6:00 AM

The Philippines’ president elect Rodrigo Duterte urged the public to join his anti-crime crackdown, offering people huge bounties for killing drug dealers. His [...]
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Expert: Philippine arbitration case violates international law

07-Jun-2016 Intellasia | CCTV | 6:00 AM

US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said during his speech at the Shangri-la dialogue that the US supports the South China Sea arbitration. He called the ruling “an [...]
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Duterte’s careless rhetoric undermines press freedom

07-Jun-2016 Intellasia | Inquirer | 6:00 AM

While President-elect Rodrigo Duterte may not have directly endorsed the killing of journalists who are deemed corrupt, we in the Philippine American Press Club in the San [...]
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Taiwanese reported killed in Philippines

07-Jun-2016 Intellasia | CNA | 6:00 AM

A Taiwanese man is reported to have been killed when he and his wife returned to their home in the Philippines Saturday, according to a local newspaper. The 60-year-old [...]
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2 soldiers killed in ambush in southern Philippines

07-Jun-2016 Intellasia | Worldbulletin | 6:00 AM

ISIL-linked extremists ambushed and killed two army soldiers on Sunday morning in the latest attack in a predominantly Muslim province in the southern Philippines. Major [...]
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