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KL has reassured Singapore over reclamation concerns: MFA

11-Jul-2014 Intellasia | Straits Times | 6:00 AM

NO reclamation is currently taking place on Malaysia’s two controversial projects near Singapore, said Senior minister of State for Foreign Affairs Masagos Zulkifli on [...]
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Singapore’s inflation pressures more domestic in nature: Credit Agricole CIB report

11-Jul-2014 Intellasia | Business Times | 6:00 AM

A strong Singapore dollar “should not be seen as too helpful” in curbing rising prices in Singapore, since various measures suggest that inflation pressures are [...]
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Ex-China Official Fails to Overturn Singapore Conviction

11-Jul-2014 Intellasia | Bloomberg | 6:00 AM

Li Huabo, a former Chinese government official sentenced to 15 months in jail for receiving stolen money in his Singapore bank accounts, lost his appeal to overturn his [...]
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OCBC pulls plug on Cycle Singapore

11-Jul-2014 Intellasia | Today | 6:00 AM

Homegrown bank OCBC will no longer back the annual Cycle Singapore race, the Republic’s premier cycling event. TODAY learnt on Wednesday (July 9) that race organiser [...]
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Limited upside to Singapore office rents expected: Chestertons

10-Jul-2014 Intellasia | CNA | 6:00 AM

Singapore’s office market is recovering but central business district rents are unlikely to rise dramatically as much of the new demand is from tenants who are more [...]
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‘Optimistic’ about younger workers’ CPF savings, concerned about senior retirees’: Tan Chuan-Jin

10-Jul-2014 Intellasia | Yahoo Newsroom | 6:00 AM

Manpower minister Tan Chuan-Jin said his ministry is “optimistic” about the ability of younger workers in Singapore to meet the minimum sum that ensures regular [...]
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Singapore scores better on Graciousness Index this year

10-Jul-2014 Intellasia | The Straits Times | 6:00 AM

The latest Graciousness Index on Wednesday gave Singapore a score of 55 this year, a slight recovery from 53 last year. The higher the index, the more gracious a society is. [...]
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Moody’s: Outlook for Singapore’s banking system remains negative

10-Jul-2014 Intellasia | CNA | 6:00 AM

Moody’s Investors Service says its the outlook on Singapore’s banks remains “negative” over the next 12 to 18 months. The risk of rising interest [...]
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Singapore’s Temasek Holdings Ends Year With Record $178bn Portfolio

10-Jul-2014 Intellasia | IB Times | 6:00 AM

Singapore’s Temasek Holdings has said that its portfolio size rose 3.7 percent to a record S$223bn in the 12 months to March 2014. The fund also reported a net income [...]
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Singapore Passes Pirate Bay-Blocking Anti-Piracy Law

10-Jul-2014 Intellasia | Torrent Freak | 6:00 AM

This morning Singapore became the latest in a line of countries to crack down on copyright infringement via web blocking. Fresh amendments to existing law will allow content [...]
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Tianjin Eco-City gets go-ahead for yuan deals with Singapore

10-Jul-2014 Intellasia | Reuters | 6:00 AM

China’s central bank will allow companies and individuals in Tianjin Eco-City to conduct cross-border yuan transactions with Singapore, following in the footsteps of [...]
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Subdued outlook for Singapore bond market

10-Jul-2014 Intellasia | CNA | 6:00 AM

The bond market enjoyed steady growth in the first six months of this year with 259 new bonds issued, compared to 222 new bonds in the same period last year. But market [...]
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Boeing to Supply Smart Bombs to Singapore, If Congress Approves

10-Jul-2014 Intellasia | Fool | 6:00 AM

The US Defense Security Cooperation Agency notified Congress last week (and notified everyone else Monday with a press release) of plans to sell the government of Singapore [...]
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Singapore’s Temasek takes it on the chin

10-Jul-2014 Intellasia | CNBC | 6:00 AM

Despite last year’s global stock market rally, Temasek Holdings, Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund, generated a shareholder return of just 1.5 percent for the 12 [...]
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Singapore ‘should expect business as usual’ after Indonesian election

10-Jul-2014 Intellasia | Today Online | 6:00 AM

While the outcome of today’s Indonesian presidential election is considered too close to call, one thing is certain – Singapore businesses and investors should [...]
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