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China steps up crackdown on food, drug safety crimes

05-Jan-2016 Intellasia | Ians | 6:00 AM

Chinese authorities have recently unveiled measures to facilitate coordination between administrative and judicial organs in handling food and drug safety cases, the media [...]
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Singapore ‘actively tracking’ vaccine

31-Dec-2015 Intellasia | Straits Times | 6:00 AM

The Singapore authorities have been keeping tabs on French pharmaceutical firm Sanofi Pasteur and its plans for registering the dengue vaccine. A spokesman for the Health [...]
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Singapore seeks views on raising minimum smoking age to 21

31-Dec-2015 Intellasia | AFP | 6:00 AM

Should Singapore raise the minimum smoking age from 18 to 21 years old? The government is seeking the public’s views on the matter from Tuesday (29 December) to 29 [...]
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Dengue vaccine ‘Dengvaxia’ approved in the Philippines

29-Dec-2015 Intellasia | Dispatch Tribunal | 6:00 AM

Just weeks after receiving its first approval for marketing and sale of world’s first dengue vaccine, Sanofi Pasteur has landed its second approval for [...]
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Southeast Asia Journal: Is Malaria Resurgence in the Offing?

29-Dec-2015 Intellasia | Medpage Today | 6:00 AM

Sydney Lupkin, journalist for MedPage Today and VICE News, recently returned from a weeklong reporting fellowship in Cambodia and Thailand. She filed this report on the fight [...]
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Korea yet to recover from MERS completely

28-Dec-2015 Intellasia | Korea Times | 6:00 AM

The government set aside most of next year’s 78.6 billion won budget for prevention of epidemics, for establishing negative pressure isolation rooms and quarantine [...]
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Heart disease risks rise with Asian gene

26-Dec-2015 Intellasia | The Standard | 6:00 AM

Researchers have found an Asian- specific gene that increases the risk of heart disease threefold. The groundbreaking study by the University of Hong Kong in collaboration [...]
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Korea declares formal end to MERS virus outbreak

26-Dec-2015 Intellasia | AP | 6:00 AM

South Korea on Wednesday declared a formal end to an outbreak of the MERS virus that killed 38 people and sickened dozens of others since May. The announcement by South [...]
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Korea’s cancer recovery rate reaches 70pct

24-Dec-2015 Intellasia | Ians | 6:00 AM

More than two out of three cancer patients in South Korea made a full recovery thanks to developed medical science and advanced screening system, a government report said on [...]
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Taiwan records its 28th flu-related death since July

24-Dec-2015 Intellasia | China Post | 6:00 AM

A 69-year-old man from central Taiwan died of flu related complications earlier this month, the 28thflu associated death recorded in the country since July, the Centers for [...]
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Philippines is first Asian country to approve dengue vaccine

24-Dec-2015 Intellasia | AFP | 6:00 AM

The Philippines became the first Asian country on Tuesday to approve the sale of the world’s first-ever dengue vaccine. Dengvaxia, manufactured by French pharmaceutical [...]
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Korea announces official end to MERS outbreak

24-Dec-2015 Intellasia | AFP | 6:00 AM

South Korea announced on Wednesday the official end to a deadly outbreak of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) that killed 36 people and sparked widespread panic in [...]
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Malaysia deforestation liked to human cases of monkey malaria

19-Dec-2015 Intellasia | Reuters | 6:00 AM

Deforestation in Malaysia and the changes it causes to the environment are highly likely to be to blame for a steep rise in human cases of a type of malaria usually found in [...]
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Cancer drives patients to poverty in Southeast Asia

19-Dec-2015 Intellasia | Medicalxpress | 6:00 AM

Five percent of cancer patients and their families were pushed into poverty in Southeast Asia between March 2012 and September 2013, because of high disease-related costs, a [...]
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US carried out multiple anthrax tests in Korea

19-Dec-2015 Intellasia | Telegraph | 6:00 AM

US forces in South Korea have carried out at least 16 clandestine experiments with anthrax and one with the plague bacteria since 2009, an investigation has confirmed. The [...]
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