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Measles to be eliminated from South East Asian countries by 2020: WHO

16-Sep-2013 Intellasia | Thehindu | 6:00 AM

South East Asian countries have decided to eliminate measles and control rubella and congenital syndrome by the year 2020. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that [...]
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India’s Biocon develops a drug that could change the course of treatment for auto-immune diseases

16-Sep-2013 Intellasia | Medcitynews | 6:00 AM

In early 2010, a 35-year-old woman suffering from psoriasis volunteered for clinical trials of Alzumab, an antibody then under development by Bangalore-based Biocon Ltd to [...]
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90pct of the world’s smokeless tobacco users are from South-East Asia!

14-Sep-2013 Intellasia | India | 6:00 AM

Almost 250 million adults consume smokeless tobacco in India and 10 other countries in WHO’s South-East Asia Region, accounting for 90 percent global smokeless tobacco [...]
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Chronic disease, gender gap taking toll in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, World Bank report says

14-Sep-2013 Intellasia | Sofiaglobe | 6:00 AM

Men in Eastern Europe and Central Asia are more likely to die prematurely than women, a trend driven by rising levels of chronic diseases connected to alcohol use, poor [...]
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Women must stick together

14-Sep-2013 Intellasia | Bangkokpost | 6:00 AM

One of the ways to get out of the colour-coded political rut is for rival parties to set a common agenda on shared problems, visualise a more just future together, and work [...]
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Prosecutors seek death for Delhi rapists, defence urges mercy

13-Sep-2013 Intellasia | Reuters | 6:00 AM

Prosecutors demanded on Wednesday the death penalty for four men convicted of raping and murdering a 23-year-old trainee physiotherapist last December, saying it was [...]
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Medical test to detect drug-resistant malaria developed by researchers

13-Sep-2013 Intellasia | Catholic | 6:00 AM

Malaria continues to kill and sicken those across the Third World. More than 200 million people are infected with malaria each year, with a death toll as high as 1.2 million. [...]
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MERS alert tightened as 100th case emerges

13-Sep-2013 Intellasia | Arabnews | 6:00 AM

Saudi Arabia is deploying local and international resources to contain the spread of the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), says a top health official. His remarks came [...]
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China-Style Obamacare for 1 Billion People Saves Toddler

12-Sep-2013 Intellasia | Bloomberg | 6:00 AM

Toddler Wang Xiaobu was struck down in July by a motorcycle outside her home amid the rice terraces of Languan, a village deep in the mountains of the poorest part of [...]
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India gets WHO praise on polio front; no case in 30 months

12-Sep-2013 Intellasia | Thehindu | 6:00 AM

WHO on Tuesday lauded India’s efforts in eradicating polio and said the country has not reported a single case of polio in the last 30 months. “You did it. For 30 [...]
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South-east Asian health ministers meet in India to discuss key health issues

12-Sep-2013 Intellasia | Kuna | 6:00 AM

The eleven Health ministers of South-East Asia Region on Tuesday met in India to discuss key health issues facing the region. The three day meeting was inaugurated here by [...]
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Regional Action Plan needed to tackle SE Asia’s burden of non communicable diseases: Mukherjee

12-Sep-2013 Intellasia | Newstrackindia | 6:00 AM

New Delhi, Sep 10 (ANI): Expressing concern that South East Asian nations suffer more than 27 percent of global burden of non communicable diseases, President Pranab [...]
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Aging Nations Look to Vietnam to Fill Nursing Gap

12-Sep-2013 Intellasia | Voanews | 6:00 AM

Two countries with the world’s oldest populations, Japan and Germany, are training geriatric nurses in Vietnam to help fill critical health care gaps at home. This [...]
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China Internet guru diagnosed with cancer

10-Sep-2013 Intellasia | Malaysia-chronicle | 6:00 AM

Kai-Fu Lee, a prominent figure in China’s Internet industry and a popular blogger, received many messages of support on Friday, the day after revealing online that he [...]
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China must win the battle against diabetes

07-Sep-2013 Intellasia | Scmp | 6:00 AM

It has long keen known that lifestyle diseases associated with increasing affluence have rapidly changed China’s national health profile. But that has not prepared [...]
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