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China’s Controversial director Guo Jingming Scores Another Box Office Hit With Tiny Times 3

21-Jul-2014 Intellasia | Businessweek | 6:00 AM

Love him or hate him, 31-year-old Chinese writer-turned-director Guo Jingming knows how to pack a theater. Tiny Times 3, the third installment in Guo’s popular romantic [...]
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Ont. teacher detained in Indonesia as gang-rape witness

21-Jul-2014 Intellasia | Torontosun | 6:00 AM

A local teacher now overseas has been detained indefinitely in Indonesia as officials investigate the alleged gang rape of a six-year-old student at the school where he [...]
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Schoolkids get to know China better

19-Jul-2014 Intellasia | | 6:00 AM

A school holiday programme is hoping to introduce a future generation of leaders to the benefits of engaging with Chinese culture. Chinese Culture Camp has been running over [...]
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Hello Kitty designer defends cute character as cat turns 40

19-Jul-2014 Intellasia | AFP | 6:00 AM

The flamboyant designer of Japanese cartoon and global mega-brand Hello Kitty defended the cute cat against new rivals Thursday as the character prepares to celebrate her [...]
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Actors exchange ‘I do’s’ on Chinese concert stage

19-Jul-2014 Intellasia | AP | 6:00 AM

The closing act at a charity event, Chinese actress Zhou Xun sang two songs then stayed on stage for the best of encores. Rumours had swirled beforehand that Zhou would be [...]
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Jason Biggs’ Malaysia Airlines Joke Sparks Social Media Backlash

19-Jul-2014 Intellasia | The Wrap | 6:00 AM

Jason Biggs is the centre of attention for all the wrong reasons in the wake of Malaysia Airlines’ latest disaster. The “Orange Is the New Black” star [...]
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The pink and the pulp

19-Jul-2014 Intellasia | The Economist | 6:00 AM

LIKE many places, Singapore remains deeply divided on questions of homosexuality. A government survey last year found that a scant majority (53 percent) “accept gay [...]
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Leo Ku is already married to Lorraine Chan

18-Jul-2014 Intellasia | Yahoo Newsroom | 6:00 AM

Following earlier news saying that Leo Ku is marrying his assistant, Lorraine Chan, it was later reported that the couple have actually tied the knot in a hush-hush wedding [...]
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We need an education: China’s migrant children

18-Jul-2014 Intellasia | AFP | 6:00 AM

Fidgeting with his placard, six-year-old Fang Mingxing made an unlikely protester. But he was on the front line of a demonstration in China’s capital, shouting: [...]
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Anita Mui’s statue to be unveiled on Friday

18-Jul-2014 Intellasia | Yahoo Newsroom | 6:00 AM

After weeks of preparation, it was revealed that the statue of the late Anita Mui will finally be erected on the evening of Friday, 18 July. According to Oriental Daily, the [...]
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Jennifer Hudson set to perform in Malaysia

18-Jul-2014 Intellasia | The Star | 6:00 AM

Academy Award-winning actress and singer Jennifer Hudson will be making her way to this country next month to perform at the MTV World Stage Malaysia 2014 event. She will be [...]
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McDonald’s weddings are all the rage in HK

18-Jul-2014 Intellasia | Telegraph | 6:00 AM

When it comes to getting married, most of us think of having the reception in a local hall or a nice stately home. For a niche group of die-hard hamburger lovers however, [...]
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520m-Year-Old Sea Monster with Preserved Brain Unearthed

18-Jul-2014 Intellasia | | 6:00 AM

A spectacularly well-preserved sea monster that once prowled the oceans during the Cambrian Period has been unearthed in China. The 520 million-year-old creature, one of the [...]
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Kenny Bee to wed long-time girlfriend in Bali

18-Jul-2014 Intellasia | Yahoo Newsroom | 6:00 AM

After 17 years of courtship, 61 year-old Hong Kong singer Kenny Bee will finally wed 42 year-old girlfriend, Fan-Jiang Su-Zhen, in Bali next month. According to China News, [...]
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Why China’s Love of Transformers Won’t Easily Translate Into Toy Sales

18-Jul-2014 Intellasia | Business Week | 6:00 AM

Give Michael Bay credit. Critics may have panned his latest blow-em-up spectacle, Transformers: Age of Extinction, but the director and the others involved in the movie were [...]
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