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Sammy Shum encourages Raymond Lam’s departure

12-Aug-2014 Intellasia | Yahoo Newsroom | 6:00 AM

Hong Kong actor Sammy Shum believes that Raymond Lam has made the right choice by leaving TVB after 16 years of career with the company, On CC reported. Speaking to the media [...]
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Pop diva Celine Dion to perform in Taiwan in October

12-Aug-2014 Intellasia | CNA | 6:00 AM

It has been confirmed that Canadian singer Celine Dion will perform her first concert in Taiwan on October 29, the organiser of Kuang Hong Arts announced Sunday. Taiwan will [...]
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Baby Gammy: Australian David Farnell says twin sister ’100 per cent safe’ despite child sex convictions

12-Aug-2014 Intellasia | ABC | 6:00 AM

he convicted child sex offender at the centre of an international surrogacy controversy says baby Gammy’s twin sister will be “100 per cent safe” in his [...]
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Families SA workers retrieve two-year-old boy allegedly smuggled to Malaysia by parents

12-Aug-2014 Intellasia | ABC | 6:00 AM

A two-year-old boy allegedly smuggled out of Australia to Malaysia by his parents, who had lost custody of him, has been returned to Adelaide. The child was accompanied by [...]
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Register all Facebook users, say dons – Bernama

12-Aug-2014 Intellasia | Bernama | 6:00 AM

The government should consider compelling all Facebook users in the country to register their accounts with the Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC). [...]
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Blocking Facebook would be regressive, say users

12-Aug-2014 Intellasia | The Malay Mail Online | 6:00 AM

Internet users are against any attempt to block access to Facebook in Malaysia as they consider it a step backwards in the information age. With millions of Facebook users in [...]
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Sad city: More than half of Hongkongers under 40 say they are unhappy

12-Aug-2014 Intellasia | SCMP | 6:00 AM

Study of 10 regions in Asia is sad reflection on the city More than half of Hong Kong adults aged below 40 say they are not happy, a survey of 10 regions in Asia has found. [...]
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Singapore couples eager for bloodlines spend big on surrogates

12-Aug-2014 Intellasia | The Malaysian Insider | 6:00 AM

An increasing number of Singaporeans are seeking the services of surrogate mothers from Thailand and Malaysia, spending huge amounts of money to have babies, The Straits [...]
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Couple denies abandoning surrogate-born baby

12-Aug-2014 Intellasia | AP | 6:00 AM

An Australian couple denied they had abandoned their son with his Thai surrogate after learning he had Down syndrome, saying in an interview broadcast on Sunday that the [...]
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Thailand Order Goes Out to ‘Suppress Human Trafficking’ Urgently

12-Aug-2014 Intellasia | Phuketwan | 6:00 AM

The Ministry of the Interior has ordered every province to suppress human trafficking as a matter of urgency, in accordance with the policy of the National Council for Peace [...]
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Australian couple in Thai baby scandal want boy back

12-Aug-2014 Intellasia | AFP | 6:00 AM

An Australian couple at the centre of a Thai surrogate scandal Sunday denied they deliberately abandoned their baby son because he had Down’s syndrome and said they [...]
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How An Uncool Country Became The Tastemaker Of Asia

11-Aug-2014 Intellasia | Businessinsider | 6:00 AM

From “Gangnam Style” and competitive electronic sports to kimchi-flavoured pot noodles, South Korea’s cultural exports are eagerly consumed around the [...]
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India’s monkey men keep marauding macaques at bay

09-Aug-2014 Intellasia | AFP | 6:00 AM

A troop of marauding monkeys suddenly stops tearing up a New Delhi garden, as one of the Indian capital’s sought-after “monkey men” swings into action. With [...]
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Penang cops seek Interpol’s aid in nude beach probe

09-Aug-2014 Intellasia | The Malay Mail Online | 6:00 AM

Malaysian police will be asking Interpol to assist them in tracing eight foreigners who had taken part in a nude event at the Penang National Park, said Penang police chief [...]
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Carlos Chan says his tire exploded

09-Aug-2014 Intellasia | Yahoo Newsroom | 6:00 AM

Carlos Chan recently revealed what had caused his accident on the set of “To the Fore” that ended with a broken collarbone, a surgery and a long hospitalisation [...]
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