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New York’s CMJ Music Marathon to feature Taiwan Night

26-Sep-2014 Intellasia | Want China Times | 6:22 PM

Taiwanese musicians are set to captivate an American audience at this year’s CMJ Music Marathon, one of the largest music events in New York City. A “Taiwan [...]
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Look who just flew into Singapore

25-Sep-2014 Intellasia | The Straits Times | 6:00 AM

The avian migratory season is here and birds are appearing by the thousand, choosing Singapore as their stopover, much to the delight of birdwatchers. Each year, [...]
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Singapore’s bird lovers and their birdsinging competitions

25-Sep-2014 Intellasia | BBC | 6:00 AM

People the world over enjoy the sound of birds singing in the morning. In Singapore, all that chirping and whistling is something of an obsession. Local bird enthusiasts [...]
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China’s Guangdong cultural troupe stages performance in Burma’s Yangon

25-Sep-2014 Intellasia | Xinhua | 6:00 AM

A 41-member cultural troupe from China’s Guangdong province staged an artistic performance at the National Theater in Myanmar’s Yangon Tuesday as part of its 2014 [...]
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Vietnam man arrested in Burundi for gay sex

25-Sep-2014 Intellasia | Gay Star News | 6:00 AM

A Vietnamese man was arrested last week in Karuzi in northern Burundi for gay sex. If found guilty he will be the first person convicted of the crime in the African country. [...]
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Aaron Yan, Calvin Chen, Jiro Wang no longer buddies!

25-Sep-2014 Intellasia | Yahoo Newsroom | 6:00 AM

Fahrenheit’s Aaron Yan recently made a shocking admission that he is no longer friends with his band mates, Jiro Wang and Calvin Chen. According to ET Today, in an [...]
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White tiger kills youth at New Delhi zoo

25-Sep-2014 Intellasia | AFP | 6:00 AM

A white tiger on Tuesday attacked and killed a youth who apparently jumped into its enclosure at a zoo in the Indian capital. Witnesses said the tiger grabbed the young man [...]
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John Woo: I am still in love!

25-Sep-2014 Intellasia | Yahoo Newsroom | 6:00 AM

“I still believe in love even after 40 years of marriage,” said Hong Kong director John Woo. The prolific director, whose latest movie “The Crossing” [...]
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CORRECTED (OFFICIAL)- White tiger kills man in New Delhi zoo

25-Sep-2014 Intellasia | Reuters | 6:00 AM

(Corrects age of victim) A white tiger mauled to death a young man in a New Delhi zoo on Tuesday, an official and a witness said. Television channels broadcast closed-circuit [...]
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Australian Comedian Becomes Unlikely Superstar in Korea

24-Sep-2014 Intellasia | Mashable | 6:00 AM

An Australian comedian is so popular in South Korea you can’t turn on the television without hearing his name, yet most Australians have never heard of him. Sam [...]
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Miss World Philippines 2014: Candidate No. 26 Jahziel Pernia

24-Sep-2014 Intellasia | Celebrity | 6:00 AM

Jah recently graduated from De La Salle Dasma with a degree in Business Operations Management. A friend suggested that she join the pageant, that there was nothing wrong with [...]
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Vietnam boy injured in explosion of remote-controlled Chinese toy

24-Sep-2014 Intellasia | Tuoitre News | 6:00 AM

An 11-year-old Vietnamese boy has suffered severe injuries to his right eye and both hands after a Chinese electronic car toy he was playing with two weeks ago suddenly [...]
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Bollywood cleavage row shows India’s ‘crass’ side

24-Sep-2014 Intellasia | BBC | 6:00 AM

A clash between India’s top newspaper and a Bollywood actress shows no signs of abating. It all began last week with The Times of India publishing a photo and tweet [...]
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Gigi Leung finally admits pregnancy

24-Sep-2014 Intellasia | Yahoo Newsroom | 6:00 AM

After keeping mum for a long time, Hong Kong actress Gigi Leung has finally confirmed her pregnancy. As reported on HK Channel, the actress, who attended the Mikimoto X Hello [...]
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Indonesian Aceh proposes 100 lashes for gay sex

23-Sep-2014 Intellasia | Hurriyet Dailynews | 6:00 AM

As Indonesia prepares to swear in its new president next month, correspondent George Roberts reminisces about the lengths he went to to get an interview with the [...]
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