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100s of Taiwan firms attacked in Vietnam

17-May-2014 Intellasia | China Post | 6:00 AM

The Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) yesterday told a press conference that as of May 14 in Vietnam, over 100 Taiwanese-owned companies had been attacked and damaged, over [...]
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Government to help Taiwan companies seek compensation from Vietnam

17-May-2014 Intellasia | CNA | 6:00 AM

Vice Economics minister Cho Shih-chao said Thursday that his ministry will help Taiwanese businesses hurt by the anti-China riots in Vietnam seek compensation. The Vietnamese [...]
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Taiwan’s exports will suffer if regional integration fails

17-May-2014 Intellasia | Want China Times | 6:00 AM

Taiwan’s exports for the first four months of the year totalled $99.92 billion, up 2.3 percent from the same period in 2013, although exports of optical equipment and [...]
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Taiwan in TPP good for other nations: US envoy

17-May-2014 Intellasia | Taipei Times | 6:00 AM

Taiwan’s representative to Washington said on Monday that if the nation does not have a role in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), it would be detrimental not only to [...]
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EU-Taiwan investment agreement worth considering: EU envoy

17-May-2014 Intellasia | CNA | 6:00 AM

The European Union is likely to consider a bilateral investment agreement with Taiwan “in due course,” the head of the European Economic and Trade Office (EETO) [...]
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Taiwan wants compensation from Vietnam for riot losses

17-May-2014 Intellasia | CNA | 6:00 AM

Taiwan will demand compensation from Vietnam for losses caused by anti-China riots in the Southeast Asian country that affected Taiwanese businesses operating there, a [...]
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Taiwan Plans $400 Million Startup Fund to Drive Post-PC Tech

17-May-2014 Intellasia | Bloomberg | 6:00 AM

Taiwan will open a fund with about $400 million to invest in startups to diversify the economy as its computer and electronic industries struggle amid greater competition. [...]
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China and Taiwan’s Secret Battle for Central America

17-May-2014 Intellasia | Vocativ | 6:00 AM

His assets have been frozen, and Interpol is trying to arrest him. But Francisco Flores, the former Salvadoran president accused of fraud, corruption and embezzlement, is [...]
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Anti-China Protesters in Vietnam Damage Taiwan Companies

16-May-2014 Intellasia | Bloomberg | 6:00 AM

Vietnam’s government said the security ministry has moved to restore calm in a southern province where anti-China rallies sparked by the placement of an exploration rig [...]
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Taiwanese steel plant in Vietnam attacked by rioters – media

16-May-2014 Intellasia | Reuters | 6:00 AM

A steel plant owned by Formosa Plastics Group, Taiwan’s biggest investor in Vietnam, was attacked by rioters overnight, Taiwanese media reported on Thursday. Hundreds [...]
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Taiwan president dismisses US green card report

16-May-2014 Intellasia | AFP | 6:00 AM

Taiwan’s President Ma Ying-jeou on Wednesday categorically denied a report that he holds a US green card and owes the US government Tw$500,000 (US$16,556) in taxes, [...]
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Taiwan Bond Yield Falls to Nine-Month Low as Treasuries Advance

16-May-2014 Intellasia | Business Week | 6:00 AM

Taiwan’s 10-year bonds rose, pushing the yield to a nine-month low, as speculation the European Central Bank will ease monetary policy spurred gains in Asian debt [...]
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Two charter flights to help evacuate Taiwanese from Vietnam

16-May-2014 Intellasia | CNA | 6:00 AM

China Airlines (CAL), Taiwan’s largest airline company, said it will fly a second charter flight Thursday to carry up to 158 passengers from Vietnam, where anti-Chinese [...]
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Taiwan Billionaire Samuel Yin-Backed Hypermarket Chain Reports Rise In 1st-Qtr Profit

16-May-2014 Intellasia | Forbes | 6:00 AM

Sun Art Retail Group, the operator of one of China’s largest hypermarkets chains, said net profit in the first three months of the year increased by 11 percent amid an [...]
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Taiwan’s regulator calls for criminal investigation of Glaucus

16-May-2014 Intellasia | SCMP | 6:00 AM

Taiwan’s financial regulator has asked for an investigation of short seller Glaucus Research Group California for allegedly spreading false information about Asia [...]
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