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Thailand launches world’s first reference book in Thai herbs

23-Oct-2017 Intellasia | Pattayamail | 6:00 AM

The Department of Medical Sciences has launched the world’s first reference book on Thai medicinal herbs, in an attempt to lower imports of foreign medicines. Public [...]
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Thailand’s PTTEP puts Mariana oil sands project on hold

23-Oct-2017 Intellasia | bN | 6:00 AM

Thailand’s PTT has put off plans to develop its Mariana oil sands project in Canada due to weak oil prices, and booked its third impairment on the project in three [...]
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Thailand rehearses lavish $90m funeral for late king

23-Oct-2017 Intellasia | Reuters | 6:00 AM

Drums and a band played as officials in black tops and ancient costumes rehearsed on Saturday for the funeral procession of Thailand’s late King Bhumibol Adulyadej, [...]
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Bangkok returns to mourning colors, but what of the future?

21-Oct-2017 Intellasia | AP | 6:00 AM

Tucked in his cramped clothing stall in an enormous Thai mall, Pirumchai Asiram sits on a plastic chair flanked by two worlds bright, vibrantly colored shirts and dresses to [...]
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Thai vegetarian festival expects record spending

21-Oct-2017 Intellasia | Reuters | 6:00 AM

Thailand’s annual vegetarian festival began on Friday with record spending expected from Thais abstaining from meat-heavy diets to earn spiritual credit during the [...]
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Shallow graves in Thailand’s drug warehouse

21-Oct-2017 Intellasia | AFP | 6:00 AM

Stuck on a merry-go-round of drug taking, dealing and jail, Somphal Boonsanoon’s journey through addiction ended in a shallow grave in Ayutthaya, Thailand’s [...]
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Pak-Thailand FTA: Pakistan wants duties eased on 100 products

20-Oct-2017 Intellasia | Tribune | 6:00 AM

A Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between Pakistan and Thailand will be signed on January 15 for enhancing bilateral trade between the two countries, a top official of the [...]
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Thailand’s Buddhist monks order reforms ahead of royal transition

20-Oct-2017 Intellasia | Reuters | 6:00 AM

Under growing pressure from Thailand’s military government, and their own religious bodies, Buddhist monks have launched a fresh round of reforms in recent weeks to [...]
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Thailand’s MICE industry to benefit from Eastern Economic Corridor development

20-Oct-2017 Intellasia | Business Insider | 6:00 AM

Thailand’s fast growing business travel sector is expected to get a further push from the Thai government’s “Thailand 4.0″ development strategy and [...]
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Facebook says Zuckerberg has no plan to visit Thailand

20-Oct-2017 Intellasia | The Nation | 6:00 AM

SOCIAL MEDIA giant Facebook has brushed aside any suggestion that its co-founder and major shareholder, Mark Zuckerberg, plans to visit Thailand later this month. In a [...]
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Police advise people to be careful in Thailand

19-Oct-2017 Intellasia | Bernama | 6:00 AM

Kelantan police have advised people in the state who are travelling to Thailand, to be more careful since the southern province of the country is still in turmoil. State [...]
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Thai police make ‘largest ever’ crystal meth seizure

19-Oct-2017 Intellasia | AFP | 6:00 AM

Thai police said Tuesday they had seized half a tonne of crystal methamphetamine worth $30 million, their largest-ever seizure, as surging production in the Golden Triangle [...]
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Smoking to be stubbed out on Thai beaches

19-Oct-2017 Intellasia | AFP | 6:00 AM

Smokers who flout a smoking ban on 20 of Thailand’s most famous tourist beaches will face a $3,000 fine or up to a year in prison, Thai authorities have said. The ban, [...]
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EU warns Thailand on N Korea sanctions

19-Oct-2017 Intellasia | Bangkok Post | 6:00 AM

Deputy prime minister Prawit Wongsuwon insisted Thailand has complied with United Nations Security Council resolutions regarding sanctions on North Korea, but it has not yet [...]
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Thailand: No quick fix for flooding problem, says the PM

19-Oct-2017 Intellasia | The Nation | 6:00 AM

Prayut laments long-standing issues and vows to take care of affected people. Prime minister general Prayut Chan-o-cha yesterday said it was impossible for Thailand to be [...]
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