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Navy claims lack of subs puts it at regional disadvantage

01-Aug-2015 Intellasia | Bangkok Post | 4:00 AM

The Royal Thai Navy has published its position paper on why it sees an urgent need for submarines, arguing they’re necessary to maintain parity with neighbouring [...]
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Kingsgate vows long-term role in Thailand

01-Aug-2015 Intellasia | Nationmultimedia | 4:00 AM

Kingsgate Consolidated, a major Australian gold mining and exploration company, says it remains committed to investing in its mining business in Thailand. “We have a [...]
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Thailand commercial surrogacy ban takes effect

01-Aug-2015 Intellasia | DPA | 4:00 AM

A law banning commercial surrogacy took effect in Thailand on Thursday, the public health ministry said. The law made it illegal for clinics to provide surrogacy services, [...]
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Fitch Releases 2014 Thailand National Ratings Transition Study

01-Aug-2015 Intellasia | Businesswire | 4:00 AM

Fitch Ratings today published its ‘Fitch Thailand National Ratings 2014 Transition Study’. The report provides data and analysis on the performance of Fitch [...]
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Thailand Wants To Buy Submarines From China, US Wary Of Growing Relationship Between Military Junta And Beijing

01-Aug-2015 Intellasia | IB Times | 4:00 AM

The Royal Thai Navy claims it urgently needs more submarines to compete with other Asian countries. The assistant commander made the claim aimed at persauding a skeptical [...]
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Thailand Bans Foreigners’ Use of Surrogates in Midst of Gay Dads Case

01-Aug-2015 Intellasia | Aleteia | 4:00 AM

In the midst of an ugly battle in which two homosexual men are trying to bring a girl out of Thailand to rear her in Spain, the Southeast Asian country is proceeding to ban [...]
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New TV channel in Thailand to be launched by DreamWorks Animation

31-Jul-2015 Intellasia | AFP | 7:18 AM

Thai audiences will soon enjoy a kids and family channel bringing popular animated content. The channel, which begins broadcasting in English Saturday, August 1, is [...]
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Thailand needs to focus on the reality, not the reflection

31-Jul-2015 Intellasia | Thaivisa | 7:18 AM

The United States has released this year’s Trafficking in Persons Report, with a disappointing result for Thailand. The Kingdom remains stuck for the second consecutive [...]
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Thailand not happy with TIP Tier 3 ranking

31-Jul-2015 Intellasia | The Nation | 7:18 AM

Thailand has expressed its displeasure with the decision of the United States to keep it at Tier 3 in its latest Trafficking in Persons (TIP) report, but it vowed to continue [...]
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Gay couple in Thailand fight for daughter”s custody

31-Jul-2015 Intellasia | Zee News | 7:18 AM

Gordon Lake smiles as Carmen`s little fingers cling to his thumb. For the past six months he has been waiting, terrified that Thailand`s social services will separate him [...]
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Post-Coup Thailand Sees Economic Slump Putting Pressure on Junta

31-Jul-2015 Intellasia | Bloomberg | 7:18 AM

Thailand’s government is under increasing pressure to overhaul the cabinet and bolster the economy as falling exports, eroding consumer confidence and a slump in [...]
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Ex-police officer teaches forensics in Thailand/ Changed the way local forces contain, process crime scenes

31-Jul-2015 Intellasia | The-Japan-News. | 7:18 AM

Highly advanced criminal investigation methods used by Japanese police departments are gradually taking hold in Thailand, largely thanks to instruction given over a period of [...]
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Thailand aims for upgrade from US trafficking blacklist next year – PM

30-Jul-2015 Intellasia | Reuters | 9:09 AM

Thailand is working flat out to combat human trafficking, prime minister Prayuth Chan-ocha said on Tuesday, adding he hoped Thailand would be lifted from a US list of worst [...]
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Taiwan, Thailand Join Deal to End Tariffs on Tech Products

30-Jul-2015 Intellasia | AP | 8:54 AM

The World Trade Organisation says Taiwan and Thailand have joined an agreement reached last week to abolish duties on more than 200 technology products. The Geneva-based [...]
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Same-sex couple vows to remain in Thailand until surrogate mother signs papers for baby to come home to US

30-Jul-2015 Intellasia | ABC | 8:54 AM

Florida couple Gordon “Bud” Lake and Manuel Santos have spent the past six months in Thailand, stuck in what in what they call a “nightmare” [...]
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