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Suu Kyi to Meet With Migrant Workers During Thailand Visit

08-Jun-2016 Intellasia | Irrawaddy | 6:00 AM

Burma State Counsellor and Foreign Affairs minister Aung San Suu Kyi will meet with Burmese migrant workers in Thailand during her visit to the country in late June, [...]
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Thailand is closer to nuclear energy than we thought

08-Jun-2016 Intellasia | The Nation | 6:00 AM

Over 100 journalists from around the globe were among 4,500 participants from 55 countries gathered in Moscow last week for the 8th International Forum Atomexpo 2016. The [...]
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Tourism industry complicit in Thailand’s Tiger Temple horror

08-Jun-2016 Intellasia | Straitstimes | 6:00 AM

I have just emerged from a few days in a Tiger Reserve in India, where I saw a tigress in the jungle. It was early morning, and she was lying up, relaxed, in the sparse leafy [...]
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Four given prison for British family’s videotaped assault

08-Jun-2016 Intellasia | CBS News | 6:00 AM

Four men who brutally attacked a British family vacationing in Thailand have been sentenced to two years in prison for the assault, which was captured on video and widely [...]
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All 137 tigers at Thailand Tiger Temple were successfully relocated

07-Jun-2016 Intellasia | Free Press Journal | 6:00 AM

Thai wildlife officials from the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation (DNP) successfully relocated 137 tigers from a Buddhist temple in Bangkok. [...]
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What really happened at Thailand’s Tiger Temple?

07-Jun-2016 Intellasia | Aljazeera | 6:00 AM

Tucked away among the swelling vistas of west Thailand’s Kanchanaburi province, Tanya Erzinclioglu paced around the periphery of Pha Luang Ta Bua Yanasampanno temple [...]
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Thailand monks ‘bred tigers for the Chinese market’

07-Jun-2016 Intellasia | The Wall Street Journal | 6:00 AM

Thai police are investigating claims that Buddhist monks were breeding tigers to feed the market for wild-animal parts in China and other countries. After moving in last week [...]
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What it’s really like to be transgender in Thailand

07-Jun-2016 Intellasia | Lgbtqnation | 6:00 AM

The most dangerous place in high school for Jetsada Taesombat was the boys’ bathroom. Her makeup, her lipstick, her accessories became signals to fellow students who [...]
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Why Did Thailand’s Tiger Temple Close? It’s Been Plagued With Accusations Since January

07-Jun-2016 Intellasia | Romper | 6:00 AM

It has been a heartbreakingly tragic week for animals and the news just got even more depressing. Over 100 tigers were removed from Tiger Temple in the Kachanaburi province [...]
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Nicholas Farrelly – Thailand stretches its international friendships

07-Jun-2016 Intellasia | Nikkei | 6:00 AM

Whether we like it or not, military dictatorship is the standard form of government in Thailand. In practical terms what this means is that, with the army in charge, everyone [...]
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Central bank governor asks fintech startups in Thailand to register with the bank

07-Jun-2016 Intellasia | E27 | 6:00 AM

The registration will be classified based on the business model of each startup Fintech startups in Thailand will be asked to register with the central bank, Bank of [...]
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Black economy shrinking, still exceeds Thailand’s GDP: Ambit Capital

07-Jun-2016 Intellasia | Economic Times | 6:00 AM

Pegging India’s ‘black economy’ at over Rs 30 lakh crore or about 20 per cent of total GDP, a new study says it has been contracting gradually over the [...]
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Establishing regulation, Thai fintech startups are to register with the Bank of Thailand

07-Jun-2016 Intellasia | E27 | 6:00 AM

Registration will be classified based on the business model each startup is involved in According to a recent report by Bangkok Post, fintech startups in Thailand will be [...]
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Thailand’s Tiger Temple saga isn’t over yet

06-Jun-2016 Intellasia | Usa today | 6:00 AM

What could be more enticing to a visitor to Thailand: A tiger sanctuary run by Buddhist monks a few hours from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok. But now the operators of the [...]
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Translator for Bangkok bomb suspects held on drug charges

06-Jun-2016 Intellasia | AFP News | 6:00 AM

A translator for two Uighur men accused of a deadly Bangkok bombing was remanded in custody Friday for drug possession, further complicating a murky trial that has failed to [...]
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