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Thailand’s year of living dangerously

25-Oct-2016 Intellasia | Lowyinterpreter | 6:00 AM

There has been great speculation, both inside Thailand and internationally, as to the reasons for the Thai Crown Prince’s unexpected decision to not immediately succeed [...]
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Murderer seeks prison transfer from Thailand to Canada

25-Oct-2016 Intellasia | Torontosun | 6:00 AM

Half a decade has passed inside his humid Thai prison cell, where he sleeps on the concrete floor, “living like an animal.” Yet when Michael Karas emerges, [...]
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Thailand Police Charge Human Rights Lawyer in Front of EU Embassy Officials

25-Oct-2016 Intellasia | Thai PBS | 6:00 AM

Representatives of the European Union and officials of European embassies in Thailand went to Bangkok’s Samranrat police station on Saturday to witness the filing of [...]
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Can Thailand’s economy handle a year of mourning?

25-Oct-2016 Intellasia | FT | 6:00 AM

Ban on entertainment after king’s death a threat to vital tourism sector and beyond The abnormally quiet weekend at bars, cinemas and golf courses that followed the [...]
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Remembering Thailand’s beloved King

25-Oct-2016 Intellasia | Bangkok Post | 6:00 AM

Last week, I wrote an article called “My Greatest Leadership Lessons from the World’s Greatest Leader” to pay tribute to the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej, [...]
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Thailand: Rights activists urge junta to drop sedition charge against lawyer

Thailand: Rights activists urge junta to drop sedition charge against lawyer

25-Oct-2016 Intellasia | Indian Express | 6:00 AM

Human rights activists on Monday called on Thailand’s junta to drop sedition charges against a rights lawyer in the first such case against an attorney since the [...]
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Thailand’s Crown Prince leads mourners at event in honour of the fallen king as his body lies in Bangkok’s Royal Plaza

25-Oct-2016 Intellasia | Dailymail | 6:00 AM

Thailand’s Crown Prince led the mourners at an event commemorating the death of his father, King Bhumibol Adulyadej. The late king’s body is now lying in one of [...]
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A Tattoo for the King

24-Oct-2016 Intellasia | The Atlantic | 6:00 AM

In the waiting room of the Sak Lai tattoo studio in central Bangkok, the owner, who goes by the name Leck New York, showed me his latest design: the numeral “9,” [...]
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Thailand at a crossroads following king’s death, PM says

24-Oct-2016 Intellasia | Reuters | 6:00 AM

Thailand is at a crossroads following the death of revered King Bhumibol Adulyadej, prime minister Prayuth Chan-ocha said on Friday, urging Thais to stick together and become [...]
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PM Lee pays respects to late Thai King in Bangkok

24-Oct-2016 Intellasia | Asiaone | 6:00 AM

Prime minister Lee Hsien Loong and his wife Ho Ching have paid their last respects to the late King of Thailand Bhumibol Adulyade at the Grand Palace in Bangkok. The [...]
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Thailand is ordering its former prime minister to pay $1.3b for her failed rice plan

24-Oct-2016 Intellasia | Businessinsider | 6:00 AM

Thailand’s military junta has fined former prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra 35 billion baht ($1.3 billion) and ordered to have her assets seized as the result of a [...]
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Lese majeste: Thailand’s most controversial law, explained

22-Oct-2016 Intellasia | CNN | 6:00 AM

The crime of lese majeste — insulting the royal family — is a law enforced by monarchies around the globe. But few are stricter than Thailand. Thailand stipulates [...]
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PChome JV provides e-payment services in Thailand

22-Oct-2016 Intellasia | Digi Times | 6:00 AM

Taiwan-based web portal and online shopping platform PChome Online has announced its joint venture PChome Thailand will operate electronic payment services in the Thailand [...]
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As 96 refugees prepare to return from Thailand, Karen groups say it is too early for repatriation

22-Oct-2016 Intellasia | MM Times | 6:00 AM

Nearly 100 Karen refugees will be repatriated to Myanmar from a camp in Thailand next week, according to government officials. The 96 refugees currently staying at the Nu Po [...]
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Thailand hits out at ‘false’ foreign reports following death of king

22-Oct-2016 Intellasia | The Guardian | 6:00 AM

Amid questions over successor to King Bhumibol Adulyadej, junta insists ‘constitution, royal laws and traditions’ are being properly observed Thailand has said it [...]
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