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Thailand celebrates onem tourist arrivals from India

29-Feb-2016 Intellasia | The Hindu Business Line | 7:38 AM

A record breaking 1 million tourist arrivals fromIndiahas ensured that the government ofThailandis to add 12 more provinces to the tourist map this year, aiming to build on [...]
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Nok Air crisis threatens Thailand’s aviation industry

29-Feb-2016 Intellasia | The Star | 7:38 AM

Thailand’s top aviation regulator has expressed concern that the Nok Air crisis could hurt the overall airline industry if the situation is not brought under control [...]
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The Trouble with Thailand’s New Constitution

The Trouble with Thailand’s New Constitution

27-Feb-2016 Intellasia | The Diplomat | 7:48 AM

The new document contains undemocratic provisions that will do little to resolve the country’s protracted political crisis. While attending a summit hosted by Barack Obama [...]
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Bangkok shrine bombers first targeted pier for Chinese tourists

27-Feb-2016 Intellasia | Reuters | 6:00 AM

The perpetrators of last year’s deadly explosion at a Bangkok shrine originally chose a pier packed with Chinese tourists as their primary target and had amassed enough [...]
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The Christians held in Thailand after fleeing Pakistan

27-Feb-2016 Intellasia | BBC | 6:00 AM

A BBC investigation has found that Thailand, a country known for its hospitality to tourists, routinely arrests and detains asylum seekers. Many are Pakistani Christians who [...]
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Amnesty’s Rights Report Lacks Balance, Context: Govt

27-Feb-2016 Intellasia | Khaosodenglish | 6:00 AM

The military government said today Amnesty International ignored Thailand’s political context in its harsh verdict on the human rights situation in the junta-ruled [...]
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Obama revives anti-slavery law to target Thailand’s seafood exports

27-Feb-2016 Intellasia | AP | 6:00 AM

Legal loophole on importation of goods produced by children or slaves to be closed after Guardian helped expose use of forced labour to crew boats Seafood produced by slaves [...]
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UnionPay International to Build the Thailand’s Local Bankcard Switching System

27-Feb-2016 Intellasia | Tass | 6:00 AM

On February 24, UnionPay International, together with Thailand’s top four commercial banks, announced that TPN (Thai Payment Network), Thailand’s local switching [...]
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An Exiled Scholar Says Thailand’s Junta Is Harassing His Family

27-Feb-2016 Intellasia | Globalvoices | 6:00 AM

The family of an exiled anti-junta academic is reportedly being harassed by soldiers in Bangkok, Thailand. Pavin Chachavalpongpun, professor of Kyoto University and currently [...]
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PM Tells Drought-stricken Thailand to Cut Rice Production

26-Feb-2016 Intellasia | New Indian Express | 6:00 AM

Thailand’s prime minister today told farmers to cultivate less rice to help the country manage its intensifying water crisis, as experts called this year’s [...]
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‘Missing’ Thailand backpacker Grace Taylor flies to UK

26-Feb-2016 Intellasia | BBC | 6:00 AM

A British backpacker who was reported missing in Thailand has returned home. Grace Taylor, 21, from Swanage, Dorset, flew back to the UK on Tuesday night, police said. [...]
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Royal Enfield starts retail operations in Thailand

26-Feb-2016 Intellasia | Economic Times | 6:00 AM

Homegrown niche bike maker Royal Enfield has launched retail operations in Thailand with the opening of its first store in the country. The company will sell its complete [...]
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The Triple Threat: Constitutional Reform in Thailand

26-Feb-2016 Intellasia | Huffington Post | 6:00 AM

As President Obama welcomed representatives from 10 Southeast Asian nations to California for the US-Asean meeting at Sunnylands last week, it became quickly apparent that [...]
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We are not amused: $40k toilet for Thai princess unflushed

25-Feb-2016 Intellasia | AFP | 6:00 AM

A luxury commode custom-built for a Thai princess’s visit to Cambodia was left unused despite its hefty $40,000 price tag, local officials said Tuesday, in a poor [...]
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Thailand examines airline finances due to safety concerns

25-Feb-2016 Intellasia | Reuters | 6:00 AM

Thailand’s civil aviation authority ordered all Thai-registered airlines on Tuesday to submit reports on their financial positions by March 31 to avoid the risk of [...]
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