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Thai soap angers family of Burma’s last king

14-Mar-2017 Intellasia | AFP | 6:00 AM

The family of Myanmar’s last king hit out on Sunday at a Thai soap opera inspired by the palace intrigue of their ancestors, accusing Thailand of double standards in [...]
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Thailand: Report details human rights violations against defenders

14-Mar-2017 Intellasia | Asian Correspondent | 6:00 AM

THAILAND does not have a particularly impressive human rights record. The country continues to sustain controversies and global outrage for corruption, human trafficking, [...]
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Family’s relief as Shane Evans is found alive after he went missing in Thailand for six days

14-Mar-2017 Intellasia | Gloucestershire Live | 6:00 AM

The family of Shane Evans who was missing in Thailand for six days is overwhelmed with relief as he has been found alive. The 28-year-old’s mother Wendy Evans said they [...]
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Survey: Thailand the Asian country with least increase in corruption

14-Mar-2017 Intellasia | Scandasia | 6:00 AM

In your opinion, over the past year, has the level of corruption in this country increased or decreased or stayed the same? This was among questions asked to nearly 22,000 [...]
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Thailand says optimistic transport spending will resume

14-Mar-2017 Intellasia | Reuters | 6:00 AM

Nearly two years after Thailand’s junta approved $40 billion for big transport projects to spur economic revival, it has spent barely two percent of that, official [...]
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Swiss man suspected of abusing 80 boys in Thailand

13-Mar-2017 Intellasia | AFP News | 6:00 AM

A Swiss man will go on trial this month on allegations he sexually abused more than 80 boys – some as young as nine – in Thailand, Swiss authorities said Friday. [...]
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Thai artisans craft for king’s funeral

13-Mar-2017 Intellasia | AFP News | 6:00 AM

Aided by a jazz soundtrack, Thai artisans work against the clock scratching, moulding and shaping the intricate clay sculptures that will adorn the funeral pyre of [...]
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Thai authorities seek to defrock scandal-hit Buddhist abbot

13-Mar-2017 Intellasia | Theguardian | 6:00 AM

Thailand’s highest religious body has begun a process that could defrock a Buddhist abbot wanted for money laundering, escalating a conflict between the military [...]
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Thai police end search of temple without finding monk

13-Mar-2017 Intellasia | Reuters | 6:00 AM

Thai police ended their search of Thailand’s biggest temple on Friday after laying siege to it for more than three weeks without finding the former abbot, who is wanted [...]
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BBC ending shortwave transmissions from Thailand

11-Mar-2017 Intellasia | BBC | 6:00 AM

Britain’s BBC announced Wednesday it is ending its shortwave transmissions from Thailand after 20 years of operation because it failed to reach agreement with [...]
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BBC’s Thai transmission towers fall silent as junta talks falter

11-Mar-2017 Intellasia | AFP | 6:00 AM

The BBC World Service has stopped broadcasting from one of its major global transmission stations situated in Thailand, AFP has learned, after talks broke down with a junta [...]
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Thailand ranked world’s happiest nation by Bloomberg

11-Mar-2017 Intellasia | NNT | 6:00 AM

Prime minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha said he was pleased to learn that Thailand had been ranked the least miserable country on Bloomberg’s Misery Index. Thailand News [...]
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Sex as Entertainment and Gender Equality in Thailand

11-Mar-2017 Intellasia | Thailand-business-news | 6:00 AM

Attitudes towards women in Thailand, and the role of women in Thai society, are complex and often contradictory, according to a panel discussion organised by the FCCT on [...]
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Thailand to invest in expanding naval shipbuilding capability

11-Mar-2017 Intellasia | Janes | 6:00 AM

The Thai government has outlined a commitment to develop national naval shipbuilding capability to support the modernisation of the Royal Thai Navy (RTN), including its plan [...]
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Thailand: Defamation Cases Dropped Against Activists

10-Mar-2017 Intellasia | HRW | 6:00 AM

The Thai military’s dropping of frivolous defamation lawsuits against three prominent activists should be the first step toward ending government intimidation, [...]
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