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Hanoi FDI falls by half

07-Jan-2007 Intellasia | 6-OCT-2003 Dau Tu Page 4 | 2:15 PM

In the first nine months of this year foreign direct investment approvals in Hanoi fell by 52% over last year even though the number of the project rose 40% year-on-year. Out [...]
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US$4.5b export to US forecast

07-Jan-2007 Intellasia | 03-OCT-2003 Sai Gon Giai Phong Page | 2:15 PM

Exports to the US are likely to reach US$4.5 billion by the end of the year according to a report delivered at the meeting on implementation of the US-Vietnam Bilateral Trade [...]
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Labour exports ahead of target

07-Jan-2007 Intellasia | 03-OCT-2003 Saigon Giai Phong Page 1 | 2:15 PM

Vietnam sent 60,367 guest workers abroad in the three quarters of 2003 among them 33,969 to Malaysia and the number is ahead of the target set for 60,000 guest workers this [...]
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930,000 households escape from poverty

07-Jan-2007 Intellasia | 07-OCT-2003 Tuoi Tre Page 1 | 2:15 PM

Up to 13.4 trillion dong was raised for the national programme to eliminate poverty and unemployment since it started three years ago; helping 930,000 households escape from [...]
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Three times less FDI in last six years

07-Jan-2007 Intellasia | 8-OCT-2003 Dau Tu Page 1 | 2:15 PM

It has taken six years from 1997–2003 for Vietnam to attract US$10 billion more in registered foreign direct investment capital compared with US$30 billion of FDI approvals [...]
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HCM City targets 11% GDP

07-Jan-2007 Intellasia | 8-OCT-2003 Dien Dan Doanh Nghiep Page 2 | 2:15 PM

HCM City’s economic growth rate is expected to reach 11% in 2003, said Nguyen Thien Nhan, vice chairman of HCM City People’s Committee at his working session with the [...]
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Q4 exports forecast to reach US$5.1 billion

07-Jan-2007 Intellasia | 10-OCT-2003 Nong Thon Ngay Nay Page 2 | 2:15 PM

Vietnam is forecast to earn US$5.0–5.1 billion from exports in the last quarter, according to the Ministry of Trade. The ministry forecasts a rise of 5% in export volume [...]
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HCM City attracts over US$240m in new FDI

07-Jan-2007 Intellasia | 09-OCT-2003 Hai Quan Page 6 | 2:15 PM

HCM City has attracted over 130 new foreign invested projects in the three quarters with total approved capital of US$240 million, an increase of 22% against the same period [...]
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Quang Ninh FDI rises

07-Jan-2007 Intellasia | 10-OCT-2003 Dau Tu Page 8 | 2:15 PM

Quang Ninh province has attracted an additional US$50 million in foreign direct investment capital this year in which nine are new projects worth US$31.7 million and US$18.3 [...]
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Sweet on honey exports

07-Jan-2007 Intellasia | 9-OCT-2003 Kinh Te Viet Nam Page 2 | 2:15 PM

With a strong increase in bee honey output, Vietnam is now ranked the second biggest exporting country in Asia behind China and is one of the ten leading exporting countries [...]
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Hanoi reports higher growth

07-Jan-2007 Intellasia | 7-FEB-2003 Thanh Nien Page 2 | 2:15 PM

The Hanoi statistics office reports that Hanoi reached the highest growth rates in recent years with 10.3% growth rate of gross domestic product (GDP). Up to 56 new foreign [...]
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Ceba pushes for expanded reform

07-Jan-2007 Intellasia | 10-OCT-2003 Tuoi Tre Page 3 | 2:15 PM

Although Vietnam’s GDP of this year is much likely to grow at 7.3%, the highest rate in last six years, Vietnam has yet to meet the target of average annual GDP expansion [...]
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GDP forecast at 5.6% for decade ahead: EIU

07-Jan-2007 Intellasia | 14-OCT-2003 Kinh Te Viet Nam & The Gioi Page 9 | 2:15 PM

Vietnam has many advantages over other Asian countries in terms of economic growth, as it is the third youngest country in the region with an average per capita age of 27.6, [...]
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Asian seafood export forecast

07-Jan-2007 Intellasia | 13-OCT-2003 Thoi Bao Kinh Te Vietnam Page 4 | 2:15 PM

Seafood exports to the Asia-Pacific region is likely to reach US$1.1 billion in 2003, rising 11.2% compared with last year in which exports to Japan should account for US$550 [...]
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Hanoi vies role as national financial hub

07-Jan-2007 Intellasia | 15-OCT-2003 Thanh Nien Page 5 | 2:15 PM

Although Hanoi attained a sustainable GDP growth of 10.18% in the last two years and 10.6% in the three quarter of this year and is currently the venue of many banking and [...]
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