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Nearly $1b of FII flows to Vietnam in 11 months

11-Dec-2010 Intellasia | Vietbiz24 | 7:01 AM

Total foreign indirect investment (FII) capital inflow to Vietnam reached $920 million during the first 11 months of 2010 with a regular pace, but in the past 6 months, the [...]
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HCM City targets 12pct GDP growth for next year

10-Dec-2010 Intellasia | The Saigon Times Daily | 7:01 AM

The HCM City government unveiled a plan on Tuesday to boost economic growth next year, targeting to achieve a gross domestic product growth rate of 12 percent compared to an [...]
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Committed ODA amount for 2011 may fall

10-Dec-2010 Intellasia | Vietbiz24 | 7:01 AM

With the ODA capital of $8 billion committed for this year, total ODA signed via agreements has been only $4.093 billion till the end of 2010. “Many donors may not have [...]
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US-Vietnam trade nears $18b

10-Dec-2010 Intellasia | The Saigon Times Daily | 7:01 AM

Vietnam is becoming an increasingly important trading partner of the United States in Southeast Asia given their strong bilateral trade expansion, which the American Chamber [...]
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Vietnam should not be a passive aid recipient

09-Dec-2010 Intellasia | Vietnamplus | 8:27 PM

At the Consultative Group meeting of donors, which is taking place in Hanoi, many straight recommendations have been given to help Vietnam stabilise the economy, improve [...]
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Inflation, currency weakness threaten Vietnam: Donors

Inflation, currency weakness threaten Vietnam: Donors

09-Dec-2010 Intellasia | AFP | 7:01 AM

Vietnam’s economic growth will be threatened unless the government can control rising inflation and currency weakness, donors warned on Tuesday. Last week the dong [...]
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Vietnam’s inflation at 10.5pct in 2010, World Bank says

09-Dec-2010 Intellasia | Vietbiz24 | 7:01 AM

Vietnam’s inflation will likely be 10.5 percent in 2010, much higher than the target of 8 percent set by the Vietnamese National Assembly. The forecast was given in the [...]
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ODA should continue to be used effectively and practically

08-Dec-2010 Intellasia | Dai Doan Ket | 8:02 PM

Official Development Assistance (ODA) has been greatly contributing to the socio-economic development of Vietnam in nearly 20 years. Vietnam has also been using ODA [...]
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International donors concerned about Vietnam’s inflation

08-Dec-2010 Intellasia | VnExpress | 8:01 PM

At the Consultative Group meeting of donors opened December 7 morning, the World Bank recommended that Vietnam should have policies more friendly to the market to stabilise [...]
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Hanoi’s GDP up 11pct in 2010

08-Dec-2010 Intellasia | Thoi Bao Kinh Te Vietnam | 7:51 PM

Hanoi’s gross domestic product (GDP) this year was estimated to rise of 11 percent against 2009, higher than the target of 10.5 percent set by the capital city’s [...]
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Vietnam c.bank to focus on low inflation, stability

08-Dec-2010 Intellasia | Reuters | 7:01 AM

Vietnam’s central bank said on Tuesday its top priority next year would be controlling inflation and stabilising the economy, and the International Monetary Fund [...]
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60 tr dong injected into Vietnam’s leather and footwear

08-Dec-2010 Intellasia | VOV News | 7:01 AM

The minister of Industry and Trade Vu Huy Hoang has signed a decision to approve a plan to develop Vietnam’s leather and footwear industry up to 2020 with a vision to [...]
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Vietnam’s macro instabilities may make investors feel discouraged

08-Dec-2010 Intellasia | Vietbiz24 | 7:01 AM

Depreciation of the dong, high inflation, and the slowly improved “hard” and “soft” infrastructure system were concerned by investors at Vietnam [...]
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Vietnam’s trade gap shrinks, but still destabilising

07-Dec-2010 Intellasia | VietnamPlus | 10:06 PM

Vietnam’s trade deficit may be narrowing year after year but remains a concern, a minister has said. The deficit narrowed from US$18 billion in 2008 to US$12.8 billion [...]
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Industrial production value sees rise in Nov

07-Dec-2010 Intellasia | Hanoi Moi | 8:20 PM

Vietnam’s industrial production value in November continued a significant rise of 13.8 percent from the same period last year and it is forecasted to surge 13.8-13.9 [...]
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