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6,000 FDI projects remain operational

09-Mar-2006 Intellasia | 08/Mar/2006 Dau Tu page 3 | 7:54 AM

The Ministry of Planning and Investment reports that by the end of 2005, Vietnam had a total of 6,030 foreign direct investment projects still operational with total approved [...]
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Consumer spending accounts for 70% of GDP

07-Mar-2006 Intellasia | 06/Mar/2006 The Saigon Times Daily page 2 | 7:38 AM

Vietnam’s consumer spending has grown to more than 70% of gross domestic product (GDP), the Trade Ministry said at a recent conference in Hanoi. This proportion is far [...]
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Equitisation of Viettel Mobile approved

04-Mar-2006 Intellasia | 02/Mar/2006 Hanoi Moi | 9:31 AM

The Office of the Government on March 2 issued an official letter defining the equitisation of Viettel Mobile, Vietnam’s third-largest mobile phone company, under the [...]
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Agri-product exports up 54%

04-Mar-2006 Intellasia | 03/Mar/2006 Thoi Bao KinhTe Vietnam | 9:30 AM

Exports of agri-products in January-February reached US$1 billion , up 54% yoy. The high growth belongs to wooden products with total January February exports of US$340 [...]
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HCM City retails sales up18.6%

04-Mar-2006 Intellasia | 03/Mar/2006 Saigon Giai Phong page 9 | Saigon Times Daily page 2 | 8:41 AM

Retail sales and services in HCM City in the January-February period increased 18.6% year on year to 19.9trillion dong and exports were up by 24% reaching US$2.17 billion. [...]
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Dong Nai posts 28% export surge

03-Mar-2006 Intellasia | 02/Mar/2006 Vietnam News page 14 | 7:31 AM

The southern province of Dong Nai in the first two-months of this year posted export turnover of more than US$560 million, a surge of 28% over the same period by 2005. [...]
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Total social investment capital up 10.7%

03-Mar-2006 Intellasia | 2/Mar/2006 Doi Song Phap Luat page 2 | 7:24 AM

The Ministry of Planning and Investment reported that over the past two months, total development investment capital from the state budget actualised was estimated at 7.75 [...]
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2010 trade surplus targeted to boost hard currency reserves

03-Mar-2006 Intellasia | 02/Mar/2006 Vietnamnet | 7:23 AM

The role of exports in the country’s economic growth was the subject of a conference March 1 and 2 in Hanoi. The trade ministry wants to boost exports and reduce the trade [...]
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Q1 inflation forecast at 3.3%

02-Mar-2006 Intellasia | 28/Feb/2006 Thoi Bao Kinh Te Vietnam | 7:49 AM

The local market management group under the government forecasted that in March 2006, consumer price index (CPI) will likely not increase and therefore, the first quarter’s [...]
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SOE post-equitisation performance boost

02-Mar-2006 Intellasia | 28/Feb/2006 Thoi Bao Kinh Te Vietnam | 7:48 AM

Equitisation has facilitated former state-owned enterprises to attract investment capital, clean up their financial status, and perform much better and all key figures [...]
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Export of new goods likely to reap US$1.5b

01-Mar-2006 Intellasia | 28/Feb/2006 Saigon Times Daily page 1 | 7:34 AM

The National Trade Conference in Hanoi will discuss how to make US$1.5 billion from exporting so-called new commodities, according to trade deputy minister. Phan The Rue said [...]
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February FDI up 15%

28-Feb-2006 Intellasia | 27/Feb/2006 Thoi Bao Kinh Te Vietnam | 7:38 AM

The country in February licensed 55 foreign direct investment projects with total approved capital of US$765 million, bringing total number of licensed FDI projects in the [...]
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International arrivals up 13%

28-Feb-2006 Intellasia | 26/Feb/2006 Nguoi Lao Dong | 7:36 AM

The country in February attracted 320,000 international visitors, a year-on-year rise of 13%, according to Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT). The top visitors [...]
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Binh Duong posts export growth of 30.7%

28-Feb-2006 Intellasia | 27/Feb/2006 Kinh Te Vietnam & The Gioi page 4 | 7:35 AM

Export turnover of Binh Duong southern province since the start of this year recorded at US$576.4 million, growing by 30.7% compared to the same period last year. [...]
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Hanoi industrial production dips

28-Feb-2006 Intellasia | 26/Feb/2006 Kinh Te & Do Thi | 7:34 AM

Industrial production value in Hanoi in February reached 2.676 trillion dong, down 19.3% on January. Particularly, foreign investment sector recorded the lowest reduction of [...]
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