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Vietnam listed in quick economic growth gainers

09-Jan-2010 Intellasia | Vietnam+ | 4:31 PM

US investment finance group Goldman Sachs has listed Vietnam among 11 nations (N-11) that are expected to perform the most rapid growth rate in the world and become good [...]
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Average GDP growth in 2006-2010 expected at 6.9pct

08-Jan-2010 Intellasia | Thoi Bao Kinh Te Vietnam page 3 | 5:40 PM

Ministry of Planning and Investment stated that the average GDP growth rate in the past five years from 2006 to 2010 was expected to achieve about 6.9 percent per year, [...]
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$66b spent on consumption

08-Jan-2010 Intellasia | Thanh Nien | 5:39 PM

General Statistic Office reported that total retail sales and service turnover of 2009 reached over 1.197 trillion dong, averaging 13.9 million dong per person. The group of [...]
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FDI to start with $1.4b power project

07-Jan-2010 Intellasia | CafeF | 5:10 PM

If Build-Operate and Transfer (BOT) contract is signed in January 2010 for Mong Duong 2 thermo power project, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) capital inflow into power sector [...]
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Vietnam rate hike likely soon: Capital economics

07-Jan-2010 Intellasia | RTTNews | 7:01 AM

Another upward move in Vietnam’s policy interest rates is likely soon after high fourth quarter growth and a pick up in inflation, Capital Economics said on Tuesday. [...]
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Vietnam growth was far stronger than expected, Citigroup says

07-Jan-2010 Intellasia | Bloomberg | BusinessWeek | 7:01 AM

Vietnam’s fourth-quarter growth exceeded market expectations and the country’s full-year expansion was “far more resilient” than the rest of Asia with [...]
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Keep trade deficit below 20pct: prime minister

07-Jan-2010 Intellasia | Vietnamnews | 7:01 AM

Prime minister Nguyen Tan Dung has directed all ministries, sectors and localities nationwide to boost exports to keep the trade deficit below 20 percent in 2010. He asked [...]
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2010 export turnover targeted at $60b

06-Jan-2010 Intellasia | government Website | 4:44 PM

Ministry of Industry and Trade predicted that Vietnam’s export could bring in total $60 billion in 2010, growing by 6 percent year-on-year. Just in the start of 2010, [...]
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Two contrary winds in a storm

06-Jan-2010 Intellasia | The Saigon Times Weekly page 42 | 7:01 AM

Korean enterprises in Vietnam see 2009 the toughest year compared with other foreign communities while their Japanese counterparts see quite an advantageous year. However, [...]
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Vietnam’s top ten economic events 2009

06-Jan-2010 Intellasia | 31/Dec/2009 The Saigon Times Daily | 7:01 AM

The Saigon Times Group announces the ten most outstanding economic events in Vietnam in 2009, selected by economists, contributors, reporters and editors of the group, as [...]
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Good prospects for labour export in 2010

05-Jan-2010 Intellasia | 04/Jan/2010 Thoi Bao Kinh Te Vietnam Online | 6:01 PM

Vietnam’s labour export is expected to see optimistic prospects in 2010. After one year of the crisis, some markets that previously received a large number of [...]
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Vietnamese confidence fades on bubble fears

Vietnamese confidence fades on bubble fears

05-Jan-2010 Intellasia | FT | 4:53 PM

A flurry of new building in downtown Hanoi, endless swarms of new motorbikes in Ho Chi Minh City: by some standards Vietnam’s economy is powering into 2010. But many [...]
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Vietnam’s 2010 economic growth seen at 7pct: Bloomberg

04-Jan-2010 Intellasia | Vietnam+ | 6:57 PM

On December 31, 2009, one article posted on Bloomberg said that Vietnam’s Q4 GDP growth grew by 6.9 percent year-on-year. In the full year, Vietnam reached the economic [...]
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Hanoi’s CPI up 8.22pct in 2009

04-Jan-2010 Intellasia | Lao Dong | 6:56 PM

Hanoi Statistic Department has recently reported the city’s consumer price index (CPI) in 2009 was up 8.22 percent against 2008, gold price index posted a rise of 21.05 [...]
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Vietnam says growth 5.32pct in 2009

04-Jan-2010 Intellasia | AFP | 7:01 AM

Vietnam’s economy posted “relatively high” annual growth of 5.32 percent in 2009, the government said on Thursday. The figure is in line with a government [...]
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