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Coal export revenue rises 60%

07-Jan-2007 Intellasia | 26-JUL-2004 Dau Tu Page 3 | 2:25 PM

Output of clean coal reached 2.1 million tonnes in July, a year-on-year increase of 42.3% the Ministry of Industry reported. Total clean coal production in the period [...]
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Handicraft exports take a plunge

07-Jan-2007 Intellasia | 09-JUL-2004 Vietnam News Page 16 | 2:25 PM

Exports revenue for Vietnam’s handicraft industry as fallen in the past two months, according to the Ministry of Trade (MoT). June revenue reached US$28 million, equal [...]
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Pepper exports soar during first seven months

07-Jan-2007 Intellasia | 10-AUG-2004 Thanh Nien | 2:25 PM

Vietnamese pepper exports soared during the first seven months of this year while pepper prices also surged ahead, announced the Trade Ministry’s Planning and [...]
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Cement output hits 5.7m tonnes

07-Jan-2007 Intellasia | 23-JUL-2004 Hanoi Moi Page 1 | 2:25 PM

Vietnam Cement Corp said cement production by the corporation and its subsidiaries in the first half reached 5.716 million tonnes of cement and 3.887 million tonnes of [...]
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Wooden export earnings reach US$560m

07-Jan-2007 Intellasia | 20-JUL-2004 Cong An Thanh Pho Ho Chi Minh Page 2 | 2:25 PM

As a statistics of the Ministry of Trade (MoT), in the first half of the year export turnover of wood products nation wide is US$560 million. Wooden products are mainly [...]
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Import of medicines up 4.4%

07-Jan-2007 Intellasia | 13-AUG-2004 Thuong Mai Page 3 | 2:25 PM

Vietnam imported medicines worth US$215 million in the first seven months, up 4.4% year on year, of which import of medicine from France accounts for 18.5%, followed by South [...]
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Pepper export ranks top

07-Jan-2007 Intellasia | 19-JUL-2004 Kinh Te Vietnam & The Gioi Page 1 | 2:25 PM

As reported by Vietnam Pepper Association (VPA), from the year-earlier to July 13 2004, Vietnam exported 60,026 tonnes of pepper, up 27% compared to the same period last [...]
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US$630m coffee export forecast

07-Jan-2007 Intellasia | 15-JUL-2004 Phap Luat Page 2 | 2:25 PM

Coffee exports reached 540,000 tonnes in the fist half earning over US$360 million according to the trade ministry. Therefore, compared with the same period last year, the [...]
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Coffee exports stimulated

07-Jan-2007 Intellasia | 12-AUG-2004 Vietnam News Page 4 | 2:25 PM

Coffee exports hit 610,000 tonnes in the first seven months of the year with US$406 million turnovers, which is up 50% in volume and 45% in value compared to the same period [...]
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Seafood exports reach US$1.35 billion

07-Jan-2007 Intellasia | 24-AUG-2004 Sai Gon Giai Phong Page 7 | Kinh Te Vietnam & The Gioi | 2:25 PM

The Ministry of Fisheries reported on August 23 that seafood turnover export was estimated to reach US$180 million, raising total export turnover of the eight first months of [...]
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Cable exports forecast at US$340m

07-Jan-2007 Intellasia | 28-JAN-2004 Saigon Giai Phong Page 2 | 2:25 PM

Cable exporters are expected to earn US$340 million from exports in 2004, which if reached would post the 11.2% growth against the year 2003 says experts of Ministry of [...]
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Exports of electronics up 28%

07-Jan-2007 Intellasia | 17-JUL-2004 Hanoi Moi Page 3 | 2:25 PM

In the first half of the year, export revenue of electronic products and computers nation wide reaches US$405 million, up 28% compared to the same period last year. In June [...]
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Crude oil exports hit 9.7mt

07-Jan-2007 Intellasia | 14-JUL-2004 Vietnam News Page 4 | 2:25 PM

Vietnam’s oil service earned over US$2.5 billion from the export of 9.7 million tonnes of crude oil in the first half of this year, an increase of 30% compared to the [...]
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30,000 tonnes of rice exported in January

07-Jan-2007 Intellasia | 28-JAN-2004 Nguoi Lao Dong Page 7 | 2:25 PM

Vietnam exported 30,000 tonnes of rice in January according to the Nguyen Thi Nguyet general secretary of Vietnam Food Association (Vietfood). Currently, rice is being loaded [...]
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Agri-products, semi-processed goods backbone of exports

07-Jan-2007 Intellasia | 23-SEP-2004 The Saigon Times Daily Page 2 | 2:25 PM

Vietnam, having seen export rising strongly so far this year, ahs set the target of further raising export value by 16% to 20% next year to between US$28.4 billion and [...]
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