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Opportunities amid the crisis

03-Jul-2009 Intellasia | FT.com | 3:17 PM

Vietnam has come through the worst of the economic crisis and the trial has provided new opportunities, according to Vu Van Ninh, finance minister. The national General [...]
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Economists upbeat on inflation

02-Jul-2009 Intellasia | Dien Dan Doanh Nghiep | 6:38 PM

At present, 50 percent of Vietnamese economy relies on the world’s economy. Statistics showed that Vietnam would need a long time to regain a growth impetus and improve [...]
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Industrial production value of HCM City’s FDI enterprises rises by 6pct

01-Jul-2009 Intellasia | Dau Tu page 4 | 7:02 PM

HCM City Statistic Office has reported that in June, the industrial production value made by foreign invested companies touched 14,582 trillion dong, a month on month rise of [...]
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Vietnam’s total retail sales and service turnover soars 20pct

01-Jul-2009 Intellasia | Hanoi Moi | 7:01 PM

In the first six months, the country’s total retail sales and service turnover reached 547.495 trillion dong, up 20 percent from 2008, reported Ministry of Industry and [...]
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Foreign tourists arrivals to Vietnam drop in Jan-Jun

01-Jul-2009 Intellasia | Thoi Bao Kinh Te Vietnam | 4:07 PM

In June, total number of international tourists to Vietnam fell 4.7 percent month on month to over 279,000 arrivals, reported general Department of Tourism. Thus, the figure [...]
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Worst period of Vietnamese economy over, says ANZ

30-Jun-2009 Intellasia | Thoi Bao Kinh Te Vietnam | 8:58 PM

Vietnam’s Q1 GDP grew by 3.9 percent year on year and Q2 growth surged 4.5 percent quarter on quarter. All GDP statistics of Vietnam could be publicised in this week, [...]
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2009 CPI expected to increase to 7.51 pct

30-Jun-2009 Intellasia | Thoi Bao Kinh Te Vietnam Page 2 | 8:50 PM

The National Centre for Socio-economic Information and Forecast (NCSEIF), under Ministry of Planning and Investment has predicted that there would be positive changes in [...]
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42 provinces fail to attract FDI

30-Jun-2009 Intellasia | Thoi Bao Kinh Te Vietnam Page 3 | 8:48 PM

The report of Foreign Investment Department, Ministry of Planning and Investment released lately about attracting foreign direct investment (FDI) in the first half of 2009 [...]
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June car import reaches 6,000 units

30-Jun-2009 Intellasia | Thoi Bao Kinh Te Vietnam | 5:22 PM

In June, 6,000 complete cars (or CBUs) worth over $90 million were imported into Vietnam, up 1,200 and $10 million in import value compared with 4,800 units worth $80 million [...]
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ODA aid reaches $1.783 billion

30-Jun-2009 Intellasia | Thoi Bao Kinh Te Vietnam | 5:21 PM

Ministry of Planning and Investment has reported that total committed ODA aid reached nearly $1.783 billion from the year early to June 16, up 15 percent than $1.539 billion [...]
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Hanoi’s H1 total retail sales surges 19.3pct

30-Jun-2009 Intellasia | Lao Dong | 5:20 PM

Hanoi’s total retail sales and service turnover in June surged 1.1 percent month on month and 18.6 percent from last June, in which retail sales increased 1.2 percent, [...]
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Vietnam remains as the attractive investment destination

29-Jun-2009 Intellasia | Kinh Te Vietnam & The Gioi Page 1 | 6:56 PM

Despite the current global economic crisis, Vietnam has still remained as an attractive destination for investment in the sector of food and beverage market, according to a [...]
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WB approves additional $350m to support Vietnam

29-Jun-2009 Intellasia | 27/Jun/2009 CafeF | 6:40 PM

World Bank (WB) has approved the eighth poverty reduction supporting credit package of $350 million to support Vietnam for overcoming the negative effects from the world [...]
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Inflation risk re-occurs

29-Jun-2009 Intellasia | Lao Dong Online | 6:33 PM

Although the economy showed the positive signals in the first half of this year, economists said that inflation is appearing again. Senior economist Pham Chi Lan while [...]
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FDI slump as economic reality bites

26-Jun-2009 Intellasia | 25/Jun/2009 Sai Gon Tiep Thi | 8:37 PM

With nearly $72 billion newly-registered foreign direct investment (FDI) in 2008, only $4 billion has been disbursed in the first six months. It seems that Vietnam is still [...]
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