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Boom over as inflation bites in Vietnam

29-Jul-2008 Intellasia | AFP | 7:01 AM

Hit with Asia’s highest inflation rate and a surprise 30% hike in petrol prices last week, some Vietnamese are rediscovering bicycles and the frugal lifestyle of [...]
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Registered FDI recorded at US$45.2b in Jan-Jul

29-Jul-2008 Intellasia | Tien Phong | 7:01 AM

Ministry of Planning and Investment’s Foreign Investment reported that the total new registered and increased FDI capital has reached US$45.28 billion in the first [...]
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Trade deficit rises to over US$15b

28-Jul-2008 Intellasia | Thanhniennews | 7:01 AM

Vietnam’s trade deficit is estimated to increase to US$15.01 billion in the first seven months of this year, due to higher import revenues caused by global fuel price [...]
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Asian inflation may ease in 2nd half

28-Jul-2008 Intellasia | AP | 7:01 AM

Asian countries this week have been reporting the highest inflation in decades but slowing oil and food costs may help ease price increases by the end of the year. Malaysia [...]
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Vietnam faces tough inflation fight

28-Jul-2008 Intellasia | Bangkok Post | 7:01 AM

Medium-term prospects are good if Hanoi manages to restore economic stability, writes Omkar Shrestha After almost two decades of successful development, Vietnam’s [...]
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Vietnam says 7-month trade gap doubles to US$15b

26-Jul-2008 Intellasia | Reuters | 7:01 AM

Vietnam, which has been struggling to rein in soaring imports amid high world oil prices, estimated its trade deficit in the first seven months of 2008 more than doubled from [...]
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Inflation in Vietnam passes 27%

26-Jul-2008 Intellasia | BBC News | 7:01 AM

Vietnam has reported an inflation rate of 27.04% in July, the highest so far this year. This is also the largest year-on-year increase since 1991, when the country was deep [...]
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93% of Saigon FDI in property

26-Jul-2008 Intellasia | Tien Phong | 7:01 AM

During the first seven months of this year, HCM City has licensed 271 FDI projects worth total US$7.712 billion, a 12 fold increase against 2007 and marking the highest level [...]
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Vietnam’s import growth slows as curbs on economy take effect

26-Jul-2008 Intellasia | Bloomberg | 7:01 AM

Vietnam’s imports increased at the slowest pace this year, indicating that government efforts to prevent the economy from overheating are working. Imports grew 56.8% [...]
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Sharp petrol price hike likely to trigger domino effect in Vietnam

26-Jul-2008 Intellasia | Xinhua | 7:01 AM

The recent 30% rise on petrol price will trigger domino effect on Vietnamese economy, and is likely to hurt its efforts to fight inflation, analysts and industry insiders [...]
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July exports reach US$6.25b

26-Jul-2008 Intellasia | Thoi Bao Kinh Te Vietnam page 1 | 7:01 AM

Vietnam’s export turnover in July reached the highest level since the start of the year to US$6.25 billion, bringing the total export turnover during seven first months [...]
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International consultant judged uninformed about Vietnam

25-Jul-2008 Intellasia | Vietnamnet | 7:01 AM

A consultative report on foreign direct investment compiled by an international specialist with over 20 years of experience has been criticised by leading Vietnamese experts [...]
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Bidv forecasts macro-economic outlook

Bidv forecasts macro-economic outlook

25-Jul-2008 Intellasia | 22Jul/2008 Thoi Bao Kinh Te Vietnam | 7:01 AM

Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (Bidv) has established an independent study group in charge of researching domestically and internationally economic issues and [...]
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Vietnam inflation set to climb, affect markets

25-Jul-2008 Intellasia | The Economic Times | 7:01 AM

Vietnam’s steep rise in fuel prices will lead to a big jump in inflation, put fresh pressure on the local currency and stocks and probably prompt another round of [...]
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Consumer price rises slow in Vietnam cities

24-Jul-2008 Intellasia | Reuters | 7:01 AM

Consumer prices in Vietnam’s biggest cities are rising at a slower pace this month than in June, and that could result in the country’s overall inflation also [...]
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