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CPI falls

07-Jan-2007 Intellasia | 25-MAR-2002 Thanh Nien Page 1 | 2:03 PM

The customer price index in March 2002 fell by 0.8% over last month, according to figures by the General Statistical Office. Notably, the price of all eleven items listed in [...]
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Slow economic growth in first quarter

07-Jan-2007 Intellasia | 27-MAR-2002 Dau Tu Page 1 | 2:03 PM

Vietnam may fail to achieve its economic plan this year if no measures are taken to improve the situation, given the gloomy figures recorded in the first quarter. Although [...]
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Phasing out compulsory forex surrender

07-Jan-2007 Intellasia | 27-MAR-2002 Dau Tu Page 7 | 2:03 PM

Reducing the compulsory foreign currency surrender rate by businesses to banks has long been considered as an inevitable track in forex management. Recently, it’s been [...]
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HCM City industry in Q1

07-Jan-2007 Intellasia | 27-MAR-2002 Dau Tu Page 3 | 2:03 PM

HCM City posted nearly 16.3 trillion dong of industrial production in the first quarter this year, a 12.4% increase over 2001. Domestic enterprises in the city produced 11.83 [...]
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January exports to US doubles

07-Jan-2007 Intellasia | 23-MAR-2002 Tuoi Tre Page 1 | 2:03 PM

Exports by Vietnam to the US in January this year jumped 84.5% than the year-earlier period according to the latest figures released by US customs. A rise in export value of [...]
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EIU forecasts slow growth

07-Jan-2007 Intellasia | 28-MAR-2002 Tinh Nhanh Page 1 | 2:03 PM

London-based Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) in a study on Vietnam’s economic situation forecast that the pace of economic reform would not pick up this year and [...]
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59 FDI projects licensed

07-Jan-2007 Intellasia | 01-MAR-2002 Dau Tu Page 3 | 2:03 PM

According to the Ministry of Investment and Planning, 59 FDI projects with approved capital of US$112.6 million were licensed in the first two months, which is equal to 83% [...]
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Economic growth analysed as ICOR rises

07-Jan-2007 Intellasia | 07-JAN-2002 Thoi Bao Kinh Te Viet Nam, Page 4 | 2:03 PM

Gross domestic product growth in 2001 officially rose by 6.8% compared with 2000, among which agriculture rose by 2.7%, industry 10.4% and services by 6.1%. These rates are [...]
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Private sector better off

07-Jan-2007 Intellasia | 04-MAR-2002 Dau Tu Page 1 | 2:03 PM

After five years of implementation of the Domestic Investment Encouragement Law, HCM City has authorities have so far granted investment preferential certificates to 766 [...]
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FDI earnings stable

07-Jan-2007 Intellasia | 06-MAR-2002 Dau Tu Page 3 | 2:03 PM

Earnings by foreign invested firms in the first two months of 2002 reached US$1.2 billion not including oil and gas, which is equal to the figure attained in the year-earlier [...]
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Opening the door to private sector

07-Jan-2007 Intellasia | 8-MAR-2002 Dau Tu Page 1 | 2:03 PM

The policy to encourage the development of the private sector without biased treatment between the state and non-state sectors was reiterated during the fifth meeting of the [...]
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US$3b agriculture revival forecast

07-Jan-2007 Intellasia | 11-MAR-2002 Thoi Bao Tai Chinh Page 3 | 2:03 PM

Exports of agricultural products, especially such key products as coffee, cashew, and pepper, are likely to revive this year, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and [...]
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Blunt competitive edge

07-Jan-2007 Intellasia | 14-MAR-2002 The Saigon Times Daily Page 1 | 2:03 PM

Vietnam’s competitiveness is fairly poor in areas ranging from tourism and exports to GDP growth compared with other countries, according to an international seminal in [...]
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Rice exports plummet

07-Jan-2007 Intellasia | 16-MAR-2002 Tin Nhanh Page 2 | 2:03 PM

Vietnam has suffered a drop in terms of rice export as in the first two months this year the country exported 170,000 tonnes of rice, earning US$36 million, down by 60% [...]
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South Korea tops investor list

07-Jan-2007 Intellasia | 12-MAR-2002 Sai Gon Giai Phong Page 3 | 2:03 PM

South Korea currently tops the list of investors in the first two months this year with 15 projects and investment of US$22.49 million in total nationwide. Followed are: [...]
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