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Vietcombank equitisation plans

07-Feb-2005 Intellasia | 02/Feb/2005 Dau Tu page 7 | 3:38 PM

Reforming Vietcombank’s operations is required to base on multi-ownerships while the state must hold a controlling role, said Nguyen Tan Dung, deputy prime minister at a [...]
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Loopholes for income tax evasion

07-Feb-2005 Intellasia | 03/Feb/2005 Nguoi Lao Dong page 5 | 3:37 PM

Many foreign representative offices are accused of gypping income taxes paid by executives said the tax department recently adding that the department is planning to increase [...]
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Changes in PIT for foreigners

07-Feb-2005 Intellasia | 04/Feb/2005 Vietnamnet | 3:36 PM

Some changes are expected regarding PIT policy for foreign individuals not present in Vietnam but with earnings from business done in Vietnam. The General Department of [...]
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2005 economic forecasts

07-Feb-2005 Intellasia | 4/Feb/2005 Thoi Bao Kinh Te Vietnam | 3:36 PM

The year 2005 is regarded as the last of the 2001–2005 five-year plan—first five-year plan of the 21st century set by the National Assembly. Reportedly, Vietnam’s [...]
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Social Policy Bank plans capital hike

07-Feb-2005 Intellasia | 05/Feb/2005 Vietnam News page 14 | 3:35 PM

The Vietnam Bank for Social Policies (VBSP) has set a target of increasing its total outstanding loans by 15% and its capital by 20% this year, said VBSP general director Ha [...]
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New avian flu breakout in north

07-Feb-2005 Intellasia | 5/Feb/2005 Hanoi Moi page 1 | 3:35 PM

The Department of Animal Heath under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (Mard) reports that on February 3, Vietnam had 25 new bird flu sites in 19 communes, 19 [...]
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Government suspends duck breeding over bird flu fears

07-Feb-2005 Intellasia | 05/Feb/2005 Vietnam News page 3 | 3:34 PM

The government has suspended duck and quail breeding in an effort to halt the spread of bird flu that has taken the lives of 12 Vietnamese since late by 2004. The decision [...]
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New electricity tariffs delayed

07-Feb-2005 Intellasia | 05/Feb/2005 Vietnam News page 4 | 3:33 PM

The government has ordered a delay in the implementation of a new charge levied On households consuming more than 300 kWh of electricity a month. Under the new pricing [...]
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Hai Phong business disappear leaving billions in unpaid taxes

07-Feb-2005 Intellasia | 05/Feb/2005 Lao Dong | 3:33 PM

The customs department of the northern city of Hai Phong reports that about 104 businesses in the city owing unpaid import and export duties has disappeared or changed their [...]
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Deposit insurance proposes to increase chartered capital

07-Feb-2005 Intellasia | 04/Feb/2005 Tin Tuc page 3 | 3:32 PM

After four-years of operations, Deposit Insurance of Vietnam (DIV) has paid nearly 17 billion dong to 33 compulsorily liquidated people’s credit funds. However, according [...]
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Copyright protection for domestic writers

07-Feb-2005 Intellasia | 04/Feb/2005 Thanh Nien | 3:32 PM

The Vietnam Writers’ Association now has the right to protect its domestic authors from illegal copyrights of their works as an agreement was signed Monday January 31 in [...]
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Apparel exports to EU to rise 40%

07-Feb-2005 Intellasia | 5/Feb/2005 Lao Dong | 3:31 PM

Vietnam in 2005 is likely to export US$1.5 billion of garment and textile products exported to the European Union, a year-on-year increase of 40%, affirmed Pham Van Minh, [...]
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Vinatex plans 2.236tr dong expansion drive

07-Feb-2005 Intellasia | 04/Feb/2005 Thoi Bao Kinh Te Vietnam page 8 | 3:31 PM

With total export of more than US$1.03 billion, the year 2004 can been seen as a fruitful year of Vietnam Garment and Textile Corp. Vinatex last year approved 35 projects [...]
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Hai Chau Confectionery equitises

07-Feb-2005 Intellasia | 04/Feb/2005 Hanoi Moi | 3:30 PM

Hai Chau Confectionery Co was officially shifted from a wholly state-owned enterprise into joint-stock company on February 3 2005 with chartered capital of 30 billion dong [...]
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Refined petroleum product import duties cut

07-Feb-2005 Intellasia | 05/Feb/2005 Saigon Giai Phong page 2 | 3:30 PM

The Ministry of Finance on February 2 issued Decision 11/2005/QD-BTC defining adjustments of import duties for some products of group 2710 under the preferential import duty [...]
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