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Prime minister’s Anti-Graft Campaign Fails to Curb Bribe Demands

21-Mar-2005 Intellasia | 14/Mar/2005 AP | 4:59 PM

An executive of Cambodia’s garment industry, the country’s biggest export earner, said Monday that prime minister Hun Sen’s anti-corruption reforms had [...]
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Hostage killer taunts authorities

21-Mar-2005 Intellasia | 15/Mar/2005 The Age | 4:58 PM

Chhouk Rin—convicted killer of three Western hostages in Cambodia in 1994—is on the run. But he says he likes to spend most of his time in the capital Phnom [...]
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Cambodia toughens drug trafficking laws

21-Mar-2005 Intellasia | 18/Mar/2005 AFP | 4:56 PM

Cambodia, an increasingly important trans-shipment point for illicit drugs, has toughened its penalties for drug trafficking. The national assembly passed 49 amendments to [...]
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From sylvan Tenafly to the killing fields

21-Mar-2005 Intellasia | 18/Mar/2005 North Jersey | 4:55 PM

The rain flooded the killing fields, bringing bones and blood-splattered clothing to the surface -ghastly reminders of Cambodia’s past political struggles. The macabre [...]
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Si Sa Ket the gateway for smuggled speed pills

21-Mar-2005 Intellasia | 20/Mar/2005 TNA | 4:54 PM

The border crossing between Thailand’s north-eastern province of Si Sa ket and Khao Preah Vihear in Cambodia has become a popular gateway for speed pills smuggled into [...]
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Cambodians hope justice will close dark chapter

21-Mar-2005 Intellasia | 20/Mar/2005 AP | 4:52 PM

The chief villain has been dead for seven-years. The most notorious torture chamber is now a sparsely attended tourist attraction. And the world’s gaze is focused on [...]
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Cambodia to increase penalties for illicit drugs

21-Mar-2005 Intellasia | 17/Mar/2005 AP | 4:51 PM

Cambodian lawmakers on Thursday agreed to stiffen penalties for drug trafficking, a growing problem in this impoverished country. Drug trafficking in Cambodia “has [...]
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Cambodia, China to cooperate on iron mine exploration

21-Mar-2005 Intellasia | 20/Mar/2005 Xinhuanet | 4:50 PM

China National Machinery & Equipment Corp (Group) and two Cambodian companies decided Saturday to cooperate in exploiting an iron mine in the country. An agreement was [...]
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Stolen property

21-Mar-2005 Intellasia | 19/Mar/2005 AP | 4:50 PM

A hill tribeswoman, a member of the Jarai ethnic minority, returns from the forest in Kong Yu village. Sev Hev’s cashew grove has been reduced to charred branches and [...]
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Cambodia and WHO plan education strategy to fight bird flu

21-Mar-2005 Intellasia | 18/Mar/2005 AFP | 4:44 PM

Cambodia and the UN’s World Health Organisation (WHO) are devising a public education campaign to fight bird flu which will be funded by 40,000 dollars from the agency, [...]
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Cambodia has toughened its penalties for drug trafficking

21-Mar-2005 Intellasia | 18/Mar/2005 ABC | 4:43 PM

A spokesman says the national assembly on March 17 passed 49 amendments to its 1997 drug control law, with traffickers now facing a mandatory jail term. He says any drug [...]
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MDC Keen To Help Laos Develop ICT Masterplan

21-Mar-2005 Intellasia | 16/Mar/2005 Bernama | 4:31 PM

Multimedia Development Corp (MDC), is keen to help Laos to develop its Information and Communications Technology (ICT ) Masterplan, says MDC manager (marketing and branding [...]
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M’sia Pledges To Work Closely With Laos To Promote Trade

21-Mar-2005 Intellasia | 16/Mar/2005 Bernama | 4:31 PM

Malaysia will continue to work closely with Laos in providing the necessary environment to promote two-way businesses, minister of International Trade and Industry Datuk Seri [...]
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Laos Premier Hopes For Further M’sia-Laos Business Collaboration

21-Mar-2005 Intellasia | 16/Mar/2005 Bernama | 4:13 PM

Prime minister of Laos, Bounn Hang Vorachith lauded Malaysian investors in forging business ties with their Laotian counterparts. During his meeting with the minister of [...]
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Coffee rises in Tokyo on supply concerns, Vietnam crop failure

21-Mar-2005 Intellasia | 19/Mar/2005 Financial Express | Bloomberg | 1:27 PM

Robusta coffee prices in Tokyo rose 4.3%, the biggest fluctuation of any commodity market on Friday, on declining supplies in Vietnam, which accounts for half the world’s [...]
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