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Archive for September 10th, 2005

FIEs banned from operating mail forwarding

10-Sep-2005 Intellasia | 16/May/2005 Ministry of Public Transport | 12:03 PM

Under Official Letter 01/2005/TT-BBCVT dated May 6, 2005 of the Ministry of Public Transport, foreign-invested enterprises are not subjects that are considered to receive [...]
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Tien Giang University founded

10-Sep-2005 Intellasia | 09/Jun/2005 Tin Tuc page 5 | 12:01 PM

The prime minister signed a decision founding Tien Giang University based on the re-organisation of Tien Giang Teacher Training College and Tien Giang Community College. [...]
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Calculating promotional goods

10-Sep-2005 Intellasia | 27/May/2005 Ministry of Finance | 12:01 PM

If a business as an intermediary contracts to supply promotional goods to clients for free of charge, the business has to follow such goods on an account in addition to [...]
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Advance payment deposits not considered income

10-Sep-2005 Intellasia | 06/Jun/2005 General Department of Taxation | 12:00 PM

The General Department of Taxation issued an official letter on May 30 stating that advance payments of customers are not regarded as actual income, but these payments are [...]
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French aid for HCM City People’s Committee

10-Sep-2005 Intellasia | 09/Jun/2005 Cong Nghiep Viet Nam page 2 | 12:00 PM

Deputy prime minister, Pham Gia Khiem allowed the HCM City People’s Committee to receive a consignment including used equipment and tools aided by a French non-frontier [...]
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Penalties against false declaration of accounting vouchers

10-Sep-2005 Intellasia | 06/Jun/2005 General Department of Taxation | 11:59 AM

According to the prevailing regulation on sanctioning administrative violations in the field of accounting, making mistakes in the date on invoices will be penalised for the [...]
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Catfish production and consumption board establishment

10-Sep-2005 Intellasia | 09/Jun/2005 Hanoi Moi | 11:59 AM

The Ministry of Fisheries has decided to establish a tra and basa catfish production and consumption management board. Accordingly, this board is tasked to instruct and [...]
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Apparel quota supplements

10-Sep-2005 Intellasia | 08/Jun/2005 Nguoi Lao Dong page 2 | 11:59 AM

The ministries of trade and industry issued an announcement granting supplementary apparel and textile quotas to the US market for Vietnamese apparel and textile exporters. [...]
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MoT alters apparel and textile quota allocation mechanism

10-Sep-2005 Intellasia | 09/Jun/2005 Nong Nghiep Vietnam page 2 | 11:58 AM

Head of the apparel and textile quota allocation management board under the Ministry of Trade, Dang Van Thanh signed an official letter instructing the supplementation of the [...]
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Statute on state secrets in the industry sector issued

10-Sep-2005 Intellasia | 09/Jun/2005 Cong Nghiep Viet Nam page 2 | 11:58 AM

The Ministry of Industry issued a statute regulating specifically the drafting, copying, printing, delivery, reception, saving, use, preservation, burning of state secret [...]
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Certificates on processing goods overseas

10-Sep-2005 Intellasia | 03/Jun/2005 General Department of Taxation | 11:57 AM

When making customs procedures to ordering of processing goods abroad, businesses are required to produce certificates on overseas processing goods of the relevant agency in [...]
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Proposals on importation of raw sugar

10-Sep-2005 Intellasia | 09/Jun/2005 Cong Nghiep Viet Nam page 2 | 11:57 AM

The Ministry of Planning and Investment proposed the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to officially assess the balance of sugar quantity from now to this [...]
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Regulation on collection of certification fees

10-Sep-2005 Intellasia | 09/Jun/2005 Nong Nghiep Vietnam page 2 | 11:56 AM

The Ministry of Finance issued an official document instructing the collection of certification fees. Under the above document, every commune level people’s committee is [...]
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Guidance on implementing Cept scheme

10-Sep-2005 Intellasia | 9/Jun/2005 Thi Truong page 2 | 11:56 AM

The Ministry of Finance on June 6 issued Circular 45/2005/TT-BTC on guiding implementation of Decree 78/2003/ND-CP dated July 01, 2003, Decree 151/2004/ND-CP dated August 5, [...]
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Unified import tariff rates on transferred diplomatic cars

10-Sep-2005 Intellasia | 09/Jun/2005 Thoi Bao Kinh Te Vietnam | 11:56 AM

Deputy finance minister Truong Chi Trung issued an official letter on June 8 on unifying the import tariffs rates against transferred diplomatic cars to the general [...]
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