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‘Clean’ poultry to go on sale in Hanoi

09-Dec-2005 Intellasia | 08/Dec/2005 Tuoi Tre page 7 | 9:00 AM

The deputy director of the Phuc Thinh joint-stock Co Vuong Tuan Ngoc said that clean bird meat of the company will be sold in 10 markets and supermarkets in Hanoi on December [...]
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Asthma worsens in Hanoi

09-Dec-2005 Intellasia | 07/Dec/2005 Tuoi Tre page 6 | 8:58 AM

There has been a sharp increase in the number of people with asthma, said Dr Do Truong Thanh Lan from the department of clinical allergy and immunity in Bach Mai Hospital in [...]
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Dengue fever spreads

09-Dec-2005 Intellasia | 08/Dec/2005 Saigon Times Daily | 8:58 AM

The dengue fever epidemic in HCMC is spreading quicker, as the HCMC Center for Preventative Health reported 1,200 cases in November compared to the average of between 600 and [...]
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HCM City doctors accused of dodging income tax

09-Dec-2005 Intellasia | 07/Dec/2005 Thanh Nien | 8:47 AM

A large number of doctors earning top wages at HCM City hospitals have yet to pay their taxes for the year, the tax department in Vietnam’s southern hub said. Only some [...]
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WHO gives warning over raw eggs

09-Dec-2005 Intellasia | 07/Dec/2005 Tuoi Tre page 16 | 8:46 AM

The World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) confirms that bird eggs being heated over 70 degrees Celsius for 30 [...]
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Rush to produce new flu vaccine

09-Dec-2005 Intellasia | 12/Jul/2005 IHT | The Asahi Shimbun | 8:45 AM

A group of pharmaceutical companies plans to get the jump on a globally feared new strain of flu virus by completing clinical tests on a model vaccine prior to a possible [...]
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Tamiflu sales banned to avoid overuse

09-Dec-2005 Intellasia | 07/Dec/2005 Reuters | 8:43 AM

Vietnam, where bird flu has killed 42 people, has banned the sale of anti-viral Tamiflu to avoid overuse of the drug, a health ministry official and state media said on [...]
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All quiet on bird flu front

09-Dec-2005 Intellasia | 08/Dec/2005 Cong An Thanh Pho Ho Chi Minh page 1 | 8:42 AM

No new reports of bird flu outbreaks have occurred in Hanoi, Dong Thap and Bac Lieu, confirmed the agriculture ministry on December 6 during the Consultative Group Meeting [...]
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Cambodian border town bets on vice

09-Dec-2005 Intellasia | 07/Dec/2005 ChicagoTribune | 8:36 AM

The noonday sun does not discriminate. It scorches old men wheeling ragged, homemade carts stacked high with sandals and baskets to market across a bridge at the Thai border. [...]
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CLMV To Reap Fruits Of Economic Integration

09-Dec-2005 Intellasia | 08/Dec/2005 Bernama | 8:31 AM

The second Cambodia-Laos-Myanmar-Vietnam (CLMV) Summit to be held here on Sunday is seen as significant to these lesser developed economies of Asean in terms of economic [...]
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Vietnam to receive AISP preferential tax rates

09-Dec-2005 Intellasia | 8/Dec/2005 VnExpress | 8:19 AM

The Multilateral Trade Policy Department of the Ministry of Trade has announced that Indonesia and Malaysia will apply the preferential tax rates of the Asean Integration [...]
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Vietnamese domain names pricing

09-Dec-2005 Intellasia | 06/Dec/2005 Denco Consulting Company | 8:18 AM

Owners must pay 450,000 dong to register a new domain name; 250,000 dong to change a domain name; and 480,000 – 24,000,000 dong per annum to maintain a domain name. [...]
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Petrol tax hiked

09-Dec-2005 Intellasia | 06/Dec/2005 Denco Consulting Company | 8:18 AM

The Minister of Finance has decided to raise import duty rate on oil and petrol items of group 2710 from 5% to 10%. The new rate will be indicated in customs declarations [...]
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Computer-based accounting

09-Dec-2005 Intellasia | 06/Dec/2005 Denco Consulting Company | 8:17 AM

The Ministry of Finance has stipulated that, to be applied by businesses, an accounting software must: (i) support and comply with accounting regulations of the state without [...]
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Carrying forward forex losses

09-Dec-2005 Intellasia | 6/Dec/2005 Denco Consulting Company | 8:17 AM

According to the General Department of Taxation, where a business uses a foreign currency as its accounting unit, it may determine losses and register to carry forward losses [...]
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