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Clean poultry meat for sale

13-Dec-2005 Intellasia | 11/Dec/2005 Sai Gon Giai Phong page 9 | 9:01 AM

The Steering Committee for the Bird and Human Flu Prevention in HMC City said that there has been a slight increase in the clean poultry meat transported into the city with [...]
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High rate of HIV/Aids infection among Can Tho youngsters

13-Dec-2005 Intellasia | 12/Dec/2005 Tuoi Tre page 2 | 9:00 AM

Nearly 4,000 people in Can Tho southern city have been infected with HIV/Aids of whom 590 have passed away and 1,090 are in Aids stage since 1992, according to the survey of [...]
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11 year-old contracts diabetes subtype 2

13-Dec-2005 Intellasia | 12/Dec/2005 Lao Dong page 7 | 9:00 AM

A 11-year-old boy seen as the youngest patient in Vietnam has been found to be infected with diabetes subtype 2 by the Central Endocrine Hospital. The hospital said that the [...]
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Increased confidence for clean poultry consumption

13-Dec-2005 Intellasia | 09/Dec/2005 Sai Gon Giai Phong page 9 | 8:59 AM

During a meeting with local authorities of southern Dong Nai on December 8, minister of Agriculture Cao Duc Phat emphasised that no more reports of bird flu outbreaks has [...]
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Incentives for slaughter houses

13-Dec-2005 Intellasia | 12/Dec/2005 Tuoi Tre page 4 | 8:58 AM

All clean bird meat slaughtering and processing companies are encouraged to borrow floating capital and don’t have to pay interest as well as business PAYE in accordance to [...]
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Bird flu pandemic may never happen: scientist

13-Dec-2005 Intellasia | 12/Dec/2005 Sunday Times | The Australian | 8:56 AM

A bird flu specialist has said fears of a world pandemic may be exaggerated. “It may never happen,” said Jeremy Farrar, director of Oxford University’s [...]
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US health care clinic opens

13-Dec-2005 Intellasia | 12/Dec/2005 Vietnam Investment Review page 6 | 8:55 AM

US-backed Victoria Healthcare Vietnam has opened an American-standard health care clinic in HCM City to cash in on the growing demand for health care services. The Victoria [...]
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Japan tipped to pledge US$135m to curb bird flu in Southeast Asia

13-Dec-2005 Intellasia | 12/Dec/2005 Bloomberg | 8:43 AM

Japan will today December 12 probably pledge US$135 million to help Thailand, Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries prepare for a possible bird flu pandemic, the [...]
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Vietnam National University in HIV/Aids campaign

13-Dec-2005 Intellasia | 12/Dec/2005 Lao Dong page 7 | 8:42 AM

The campaign on disseminating about the prevention and fight against HIV/Aids epidemic among students and youngsters was held on December 11 in Vietnam National University [...]
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Petechial fever kills 39 in south

13-Dec-2005 Intellasia | 09/Dec/2005 Sai Gon Giai Phong page 9 | 8:40 AM

Two more deaths due to petechial fever have been reported in two southern provinces of An Giang and Tay Ninh increasing a toll of 39 cases in the south since the beginning of [...]
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Asean faults lobbies as trade talks bog down

13-Dec-2005 Intellasia | 11/Dec/2005 IHT | 8:33 AM

KUALA LUMPUR Progress on free trade talks between Southeast Asian nations and their regional partners has been unsatisfactory as negotiators grapple with complex rules and [...]
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Gold fever continues to spread

13-Dec-2005 Intellasia | 12/Dec/2005 TheAGE | 8:33 AM

GOLD’S advance to 24-year highs — it has cracked the magical $700 an ounce level in Aussie dollars — has yet to rub off on the junior exploration sector in any [...]
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Hmong refugees express outrage over exhumed graves

13-Dec-2005 Intellasia | 11/Dec/2005 | 8:32 AM

Hmong refugees in St. Paul have heard plenty of rumors about what will be done with the remains of relatives that are being exhumed from graves at a refugee camp in Thailand. [...]
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Hmong kick off New Year with party in Manila

13-Dec-2005 Intellasia | 11/Dec/2005 | 8:29 AM

Traditionalists may find something sacrilegious with playing college football’s biggest game four days into the New Year. But no one’s complaining that the [...]
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Local Hmong seek answers to Thai grave excavations

13-Dec-2005 Intellasia | 10/Dec/2005 Pioneer Press | 8:27 AM

Copies of the chilling video have been passed from one St. Paul living room to the next. On Thursday, it surfaced in Nancy Meyer’s English-language class, where more [...]
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