Foreigners post strong net purchase of 145b dong on both bourses in the last week

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In the last trading session of the week (from December 12 to 16), foreign investors continued strong net purchase with nearly 101 billion dong on both bourses Hochiminh Stock Exchange (STC) and Hanoi Stock Exchange (HNX) and transactions became brisk again.

In week, the total net purchase value of foreign players on both floors reached 145 billion dong. Notably, foreigners returned to net purchase for VIC and VCG while boosting divestment of STB with nearly six million shares.

Particularly, on the southern bourse, the market became animated again and foreigners expanded net purchase with total value of 84.2 billion dong. The trading value of foreigners for both purchase and sales increased sharply with 264.8 billion dong and 180.6 billion dong respectively.

They continued purchase of VIC with nearly 550,000 units worth 55.1 billion dong.

In their strong net purchase list, there were also PNJ with 11.3 billion dong, VCB (10 billion dong), HAG (9.6 billion dong) and HPG (7.8 billion dong).

Conversely, they boosted net sales for MSN with total value of 24.6 billion dong and followed by CTG with 8.8 billion dong, DIG (5.4 billion dong), BVH (2.9 billion dong) and ITC with 2.1 billion dong.

Regarding internal transactions amongst foreigners, the biggest trading volume was seen for DPM with 300,000 units worth 7.3 billion dong, CTG (336,000 units valued at 5.6 billion dong) and PVD with 150,000 units for 5.1 billion dong.

On the northern bourse, they continued strong net purchase with 16.7 billion dong. They still posted biggest net purchase for VCG with 8.2 billion dong and then KLS with 4.7 billion dong and PVS and PVX with 2.1 billion dong each.

Ending the trading week on December 16, foreigners posted net purchase of nearly 145 billion dong on both bourses, including net purchase of nearly 103 billion dong on STC and 42 billion dong on HNX.

On STC, they returned to strongest net purchase for VIC with over 850,000 units worth 84.7 billion dong while strongest net sales for STB with over 5.9 million units worth 86.7 billion dong.

On HNX, VCG posted the biggest net purchase worth 14.1 billion dong while SCR posted the strongest net sales of 1.8 billion dong.


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