Ghost businesses flee leaving tax bills

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The HCM City Department of Taxation states that until now as many as 512 export-import businesses owing 66 billion dong worth of tax payment can no longer be found at their registered offices.
Up to 50 businesses are said to have dodged paying large amounts of import or export duties. For instance the Him Lan Co owes 4.5 billion dong and Ngu Binh Co owes 3.86 billion dong.
Nguyen Huu Hiep, head of the HCM City tax department said the usual ploy used by businesses to evade paying import or export duty debts is to take advantage of tax regulations whereby taxes owing can be paid up to 30 days later for import items such as machinery and equipment, and up to 275 days to 365 days department for imports under processing contracts. Some companies are established especially only to import large amounts of goods, claim for delayed tax payment, and then simply disappear, Hiep said. At present, around 708 businesses in the city owe over 336.6 billion dong in unpaid import duty bills apart from the 512 companies that have disappeared, Hiep added. This alarming figure is quite a headache not only for customs but also for other state agencies.
On October 1, the customs department issued an urgent official letter No 4740/TCHQ-KTSTQ to provincial and cities customs branches requesting the offices to pay strict attention to which companies request delayed tax payments and closely coordinate with customs, treasury and other tax agencies.
In the immediate future, the city customs department is to team up with the economic police division to verify tax payment appropriation by some specific businesses. On this basis a list including files of the “top 28” tax evading companies will be handed to the police criminal investigation division for investigation and indictment. In the time to come the remaining businesses will be checked and considered in terms of their responsibilities for non-payment of duties.
In addition, the city customs department said it would request banks to deduct the amount of unpaid domestic tax payments from the bank accounts of indebted businesses.
Ten most wanted ghost businesses:
§ Cao My Thuat Co Ltd. Taxation code 0301420720.
§ Thai Dat Seafood Co Ltd. Taxation code 0302653608.
§ Duc Viet Co. Taxation code 030546483.
§ Lien Phat Thinh Trading and Servicing Co Ltd. Taxation code 0301441463.
§ Him Lan Production and Trading Co Ltd. Taxation code 0302493129.
§ Ngu Binh Co Ltd. Taxation code 0302446471
§ Trung Son Co Ltd. Taxation code 0302308383
§ Phung Hoang Construction and Services Co Ltd. Taxation code 0302187636
§ Hung Cuong Trading and Services and Construction Co Ltd. Taxation code 0302727585.
§ Hoan Thanh Trading Co Ltd. Taxation code 0301328027
source HCM City customs


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