HASTC Index records new high of 300 points

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The Hanoi STC yesterday January 11 saw the total share buy orders up to 7.22 million shares, a 32% rise against the previous session, including 2.4 million PPC coded shares, 1.1 million BCC coded shares, 349,800 TBC coded shares, 297,200 HPC coded shares, 357,100 BTS coded shares and 142,700 ACB coded shares.
The whole market had 5.48 million shares changing hands, reaching 467.92 billion dong or increasing 51.05% in volume and 41.38% in transaction value compared with the previous session.
The HASTC Index continued to rise 9.84 points to close at 301.04 points, breaking the record of the previous session.
There were 30 shares put up in price, and four share codes such as BCC, HPC, NBC and TBC rose up to ceiling price. In addition, the price of shares in fields of banking, insurance, finance and plastic also increased sharply, particularly BVS (+11,000 dong per share), HPC (+10,900 dong), NTP (+10,200 dong), and VNR (+8,100 dong per share). Mean while, other 32-share codes saw a slight dip in price.
During the session, about 2.33 million PPC coded shares, taking up about a half of total market share volume were changed hands, of which 1.8 million traded by foreign investors. This was also the last session of PPC on the northern floor before PPC prepares to migrate to the HSTC.


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