Indonesian women & men beaten for violating Sharia Law – Daily Mail

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This is the moment criminals were beaten with a bamboo cane for violating sharia law in Aceh – Indonesia’s only province which adheres to sharia law.

At least one woman and two men were brought to the stage in a town somewhere in Pidie Regency to receive their sentence which was carried out by a hooded figure.

Crowds could be seen gathered in the square to watch, with young boys among those witnessing the beating.

It is not known what these people did to earn their punishment, though beating is usually handed down for behavioural crimes – such as gay sex, sex outside marriage, or drinking alcohol.

While application varies across parts of the Muslim world that do practice sharia, typically the beatings are carried out in public, using a cane no wider than a finger, and with force that is not intended to leave a permanent mark.


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