Kim Jong-un is so terrified of assassination that he travels in decoy vehicles and has become obsessed with US special forces team tasked with killing him

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North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un is so nervous about potential plots to assassinate him that he is travelling at dawn and frequently switches cars to foil enemies, South Korean intelligence has revealed.

Officials of the National Intelligence Service said that Kim Jong-un is afraid of gun attacks on his vehicles and airstrikes.

The NIS shared news of Kim Jong-un’s paranoid state at a restricted session of the South Korean parliament on Thursday, according to The Korea Herald.

The dictator’s assassination fears have allegedly heightened since South Korea and the US moved to create a special forces unit that could quickly dispose of North Korea’s leaders if war broke out.

Kim Jong-un is believed to be living in a state of heightened security fearing assassination attempts and has taken to riding in his subordinates' cars (AFP)

Special units of the US army and navy joined South Korea’s special forces in March for exercises that the US claimed were training for a ‘decapitation operation’ to eradicate North Korea’s leaders.

‘Kim is engrossed with collecting information about the US and South Korea’s ‘decapitation operation’ through his intelligence agencies,’ said Lee Cheol-woo, an opposition politician from the Liberty Party of Korea, who attended the special parliament meeting with the NIS.

He said that Kim has taken to travelling at dawn and switches between different subordinates’ cars including a Lexusinstead of always travelling in his own Mercedes-Benz 600.

The dictator has also allegedly reduced propaganda appearances ‘by a significant amount’ this year.

Despite economic hardship the secretive state has repeatedly flouted United Nations and international sanctions by testing long — range ballistic missiles, provoking anger internationally.

Last month’s launch of the Hwasong-12 rocket is believed to have had the capability of reaching the US mainland.

But prior to increasing international tensions, rumours have circulated that the Kim family foiled numerous attempted internal coups, and personal security around Kim has increased since 2013.

South Korean intelligence also said that a suspected North Korean drone was found last week in South Korea had taken 551 pictures of the South’s territory, including a Terminal Altitude Area Defense battery located in Seongju, North Gyeongsang Province.

The NIS also revealed that a total of six South Korean nationals are currently detained in North Korea, most arrested for engaging in religious activities or helping North Korean defectors.

And that number rises to 10 if Korean-Americans are included, the NIS told parliament.

The regime has seen a ‘significant surge’ in oil prices, as the United Nations has continued to enforce its economic sanctions and China has reduced its supply of crude and refined oil.

‘North Korea supplies most of its oil to special places. Therefore, the household oil price has increased a lot. The oil price had been set at around 6,000 won ($5.30) per kilogram. The price increased to 20,000 won in May and it stands at around 15,000 won currently,’ the NIS said.



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