Listed investment funds NAV surges

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In the report period of Sep 3 and 10, investment funds’ NAV continued rising compared with the previous week, showing that NAV on each listed fund certificate surpassed far against the price on official market.

Earlier, in July, NAV of VFMVF1 reached over 2.272 trillion dong, up 7.7 percent month on month, and helping push the NAV growth of first seven months at 33.9 percent. In the latest report, VFMVF1′s Net Asset Value (NAV) climbed to 2.666,85 trillion dong up to September 10.

The listed share ratio of VFMVF1′s portfolio in July rose by 8.7 percent because the fund disbursed capital in four sectors of banking, real estate, transportation and retailing to take advantages of the correction sessions of listing market, which made VFMVF1′s cash ratio in total NAV declined from 20.1 percent on June 20 to 7.7 percent on July 31, 2009.

Investment portfolio of VF1 till the end of July 2009 included 36 investment items in the above four sectors (accounting for 59.6 percent of VF1′s NAV), particularly infrastructure and real estate 18.4 percent, banking 20.2 percent, materials and mining 12 percent, food and drinks 9 percent.

As for VF4, its July NAV surged 7.5 percent from June. Like VF1, the fund enhanced actualising 136.2 billion dong, higher 3.2 times than June’s disbursement value. The fund’s cash ratio in total NAV declined from 22.7 percent on June 30 down to 7.2 percent on July 31, 2009.

Four sectors posting the highest ratio growth in VF4′s investment portfolio are banking and finance services, energy, materials and mining, food and drinks at 41.6 percent, 37 percent, 27.5 percent and 27.3 percent correspondingly.
Especially, VF4 increased investment in VNM of Vinamilk. On July 31, the portfolio of VF4 included 19 investment items centralised in nine groups of sectors, in which banking and finance occupied 23.8 percent of VF4′s NAV, infrastructure and real estate 15.5 percent, materials and mineral mining 14.7 percent.

Meanwhile, in the period, Manulife (MAFPF1) last month earned 23.6 billion dong from investment operations, higher than July’s 8.66 billion dong.

Previously, in the latest report of LCF Rothschild on newly emerging stock markets on June 15, NAV gross of public securities investment funds (especially foreign funds) in Vietnam during the first months of 2009 was high. In details, NAV of foreign funds increased by 31.2 percent till June 12, 2009 while VN Index soared by 58.6 percent. Highest NAV gross was posted at 65.7 percent by Blackhorse Enhanced Vietnam Inc, HLG Vietnam Fund at 54.8 percent and PXP Vietnam Fund at 55.2 percent. Three funds had NAV growth of over 40 percent, namely MAFPF1 40.2 percent, FTST Vietnam Index ETF 46 percent, and HS-VM Vietnam Index Linked Fund 40.5 percent.


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