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Overview of Phu My power plants

07-Jan-2007 Intellasia | 1-APR-2002 Cong Nghiep Viet Nam Page 3 | 2:08 PM Print This Post

Many foreign investors have heard of Phu My power stations with such names as

Phu My 1, Phu My 2.1, Phu My 2.1 or Phu My 4 and the following is a brief

introduction to the power complex, which is one of the key power resources of


Phu My power complex is a thermal power project built in Ba Ria-Vung Tau

province. The complex is located near the national electricity transmission

lines, next to Thi Vai river, and near the offshore oil and gas fields, thus

being an ideal place for developing power plants. It has four power plants: Phu

My 1, Phu My 2-split into Phu My 2.1, 2.2 extensions-and Phu My 3, and Phu My 4:

* Phu My 1: The project is owned by Electricity of Vietnam (EVN), which was

initially designed as a traditional thermal power plant. However, during the

construction, design was adjusted to use modern technologies. The installation

of gas turbines in the plant has been completed and now connected to the grid.

Phu My 1 has three power generation turbines, each with capacity of 240MW, plus

a 350MW add-on steam turbine which uses furnaces to collect heat emissions from

the gas turbines, which is then transferred to steam turbine for generating

power. This part is being commissioned.

* Phu My 2.1: Also owned by EVN, the plant was built in late 1995 and generated

electricity in 1997. The power plant has two 144MW turbines. A 160MW steam

turbine will be added to the plant increasing overall capacity to 450MW.

* Phu My 2.1-extension: This is a power plant arising out of the plan to build

Phu My power complex. It is intended to utilise natural gas from the South Nam

Con Son gas field. The plant was built in early 1998 and completed at the end of

the year. It has two turbines with combined capacity of 280MW, and a planned

150MW add-on steam turbine, which is undergoing international bidding.

* Phu My 2.2: Electricité de France (EDF) has been selected as the investor to

build the plant, which comprises two gas-fired turbines and an add-on steam

turbine with total capacity of 720MW.

* Phu My 3: The plant is invested by BP Holding B.V with capacity of 72MW, and

is scheduled to start operation by the end of 2004.

* Phu My 4: EVN decided to go it alone for investing in this plant of 450MW and

has been allowed by the government to appoint a single contractor for the



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