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Prime scrip drags down VN Index

23-Oct-2007 Intellasia | 22/Oct/2007 Hanoi Moi | Tin Nhanh Chung Khoan | 5:55 PM

Unlike the previous session when the VN Index rebounded and added 8.39 points, the session on October 22, the VN Index did not remain its fortune as continued falling during the session with losing 11.33 points or 1.03% to close at 1085.74 with the total matching order trade of 10,353,060 shares worth over 1.021 trillion dong.

Ending the session, the stock market saw 72 fell including many key stocks like FPT, KDC, IMP, SFI, SGH and VNM that dragged the VN Index down while 31 increased and 17 stood still. Out of two fund certificates, BF1 and VF1 together remained unchanged at 11,300 dong per fund certificate and 32,300 dong each.
Particularly, FPT lost 3,000 dong to 272.000 dong with 285,680 shares traded, TAC dropped 7,000 dong to 159,000 dong, SJS -5,000 KDC -6,000 to 234,000 with 39,190 shares transferred, NKD -4,000 to 212,000 dong, VNM -5,000, PVD -2,000, VIC -3,000, VTC and TRI -2,500, HBD -2,400, GIL -3,000, BMC -5,000 to 570,000, PPC -1,000, and SGH slipped 4,000 dong.
Although not losing points, these giants REE and SAM only stood still.

After a rebound in the last session, in the session on October 22 STB fell 1,500 dong to 70,500 dong par with 1.3 million shares transferred.
Notably newcomers HDC and SC5 attracted the attention of investor by reaching the ceiling price at 132,000 dong, added 6,000 dong with 65,150 shares transferred. SC5 bounded 10,000 dong to 211,000 dong par with 78,970 shares traded, DHG +2,000 along with other newcomers like SC5, HDC, TSC, TCM and VTO.
STB continued taking the first position in trading volume with more than 1.3 million shares and followed by REE with 460,000, VID with 310,000, VNE with over 307,550 and TAC with 304,390, FPT with 285,680 and SJS with 219,410 shares.

Foreign investors bought 62 share codes with the total of 865,020 shares worth 107.39 billion dong and sold 56 share codes with 835,740 shares worth 124.76 billion dong.

On the northern floor, the HaSTC Index slipped 3.09 points or 0.82% to close at 373.74 with a total market trade of 4,685,400 shares worth over 532.910 billion dong.
Among 91 listed shares via the northern floor, the stock market witnessed 66 with increasing, 20 fell, one stood still and four with no transactions.

Out of 66 share codes increased, SD7 performed the strongest increase by adding 42,600 dong to 492,100 dong per share and followed by BVS +31,800 to 625,500, VC2 +19,400, SDA +19,200, PAN and S99 +17,700, SNG +16,300 and S64 up 16,200 dong par.
Many small and medium shares reached the ceiling price including PAN, CID, DAE, GHA, PTS, S55, S64, SD3, SD6, SDC, SDY, SGD, SNG, SSS, VC2 and VNC.
By losing 6,800 dong, DST became the strongest faller to close at 71,500 dong par, followed by PSC -4,000 to 72,900, NPS -2,600, DTC -2,300, NBC -2,100 PVI -600, PVS -1,200, ACB -800, VNR -1,000 and HLY down 1,800 dong par.
ACB took the pole place in trading volume with 222,100 shares and followed by IFC with 206,400, PVS with 194,800, SD9 with 184,600, HPC with 177,500 and TLC with 130,200 shares.
Foreign investors bought 31 share codes with the total volume of 74,100 worth 8.493 billion dong and sold 22 share codes with 155,500 units worth 24.134 billion dong.


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