Rubella outbreak continues

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The morbidity of rubella is still spreading over the Cu Chi district of HCM City successively during the last three-months. As of March 15, there are over 700 people contracted rubella who almost are working for Samyang Co, then comes workers of companies of Natural, Hansae, Chau Thuy Anh, SaehwaVina and pupils of the Trung An primary school.
Everyday, there are five to ten workers of the Samyang Co which is the first place of rubella outbreak being found with rubella. In other places, one or two workers are discovered contracted rubella each day.
Besides efforts to disinfecting environment and disseminating prevention measures of this disease, Cu Chi district healthcare centre provided vaccinations against rubella for workers, pupils and inhabitants, said doctor Nguyen Van Chau – director of Cu Chi Healthcare Centre.
However, amongst the companies that found with rubella-contracted workers, only 80 workers who are working at the company’s canteen out of total 8,100 workers of the Samyang Co received rubella shots. It is worried enough that the Samyang Co has up to sixty pregnant workers contracted with rubella out of total 600 rubella-contracted workers.
Some 20% of children born with rubella present symptoms of inborn heart disease, sight impairment, hearing problems, mental retardation, or encephalitis. It is warned that rubella vaccination shot takes no effect with pregnant women with rubella because the rubella virus transmits from the mother to the child through the placenta at about a week before the mother breaks out in a rash.
Hygienic conditions at the workplaces and residence of workers are not safe that is blamed for the rapid transmission of rubella, said Nguyen Dac Tho, deputy director of HCM City Centre for Preventive Healthcare. In order to prevent the spread of the disease, it is advised that people should keep their environment clean and limit direct contact with the rubella patients.
The city has enough vaccination against rubella, measles and mumps which are available at local healthcare stations.


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