Siemens VAI observes opportunities in Asean

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The CEO of Siemens VAI Metals Technologies says this business unit of the Siemens Industry Sector is keeping a close eye on growing economies of the Asean region, especially Indonesia and Vietnam, and will take prudent steps to grasp opportunities in this region.

Werner Auer told the Daily about the move of Siemens VAI Metals Technologies on Tuesday during the International Media Summit taking place in Mexico City. The business unit is organising the sixth such event to introduce the metal technology and solution options for clients around the world.

Though Auer said Siemens VAI had not had any strategy for investing in Vietnam, he mentioned its plan for a local set-up in the future to develop engineering capacity to offer services for its customers.

The local set-up was the initial step that Siemens VAI often took for a market where opportunities were arising, Auer said. He said Siemens VAI was closely following a big steel project in Vietnam’s Ha Tinh Province and that its team was now in negotiations on the appropriate system package for that project.

Vietnam is also a market where Siemens Ltd Vietnam is running well to supply technologies and solutions to projects in electricity generation and healthcare among others.

Currently, Siemens VAI Metals Technologies is developing new solutions to secure plant operations and plant performance over the life-time of the installed equipment. Auer said lifecycle partnerships between plant operators and Siemens would help maintain plant performance.

“Only jointly can we develop and carry out the solutions needed to manage steel plants even better and keep them competitive over their entire lifecycle,” Auer said in a statement distributed to media participants at the summit.

Steel operations become more and more integrated with automation packages and the implementation of new information technology applications to support better management of the entire production chain of steel making.

“Developments in information technology contribute significantly to the ability to produce new steel grades in existing plants, to optimise workflows or to save energy and reduce costs,” said Michael Irnstorfer, general manager of the Electrics and Automation segment of Siemens Metals Technologies.

Technologies and solutions will enable steelmakers to be more flexible in adjusting their production to new market developments and customer demands, produce new steel grades while at the same time achieving further cost savings and complying with increasingly strict environmental regulations.

“The change from a manufacturer market to a buyer market has made the global competition in the steel world even tougher and has set new standards for steel production,” Auer said.


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