Taiwan director plans Chen Shui-bian assassination movie

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Leading Taiwanese movie director Chu Yen-ping plans a black comedy titled “Assassinating Chen Shui-bian” about a plot to kill the island’s former president, a report said Thursday.

The film is based on a novel set during the Chen presidency about a woman who finds out her husband has had an affair and demands he tries to kill the leader to prove his love for her, the local ETTV news channel said.

“There are very few films (in Taiwan) about presidents but I think Chen Shui-bian is definitely qualified as he is well known internationally,” Chu said.

In real life, Chen was actually targeted in an assassination attempt just a day before the 2004 presidential poll, when he ran for re-election.

Critics say this garnered him a crucial sympathy vote, enabling him to return to office with a razor-thin margin. Some opponents even argue the entire shooting was staged.

The ex-leader, who is currently appealing a life sentence for corruption, continues to have an impact from his cell, with three books penned in detention becoming bestsellers, local reports have said.

Chen, who ruled from 2000 to 2008, has called his trial a political vendetta by the island’s China-friendly government to revenge his bid to push for the island’s towards formal independence from Beijing.



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