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VN Index dips to 923 points on April 25

27-Apr-2007 Intellasia | SSC | Thoi Bao Kinh Te Vietnam | Tien Phong | 6:02 PM

The stock market on Wednesday April 25 reserved after seeing a reduction during four consecutive session with the VN Index up 18.36 points to close at 923.89 points.
The total market trade on that day hit 8,357,280 shares worth over one trillion dong, of which the matching order accounted for 4,905,530 shares worth 578.296 billion dong, an increase of 1.63% in volume and 20.14% up in value against the previous session while the agreed trade reached 3,451,750 shares worth 462.646 billion dong.
According to statistics of HCM City STC, there were 80 share codes up in prices, 15 down and 12 stood still during the session.
In particular, the price of BMC rose by 23,000 dong to 488,000 dong per share, followed by REE +10,000 dong to 225,000 dong, TDH +9,000 to 191,000 dong, VNM +8,000 dong to 161,000 dong and GMD +7,000 dong to 152,000 dong each.
Meanwhile, FPT saw a fall of 9,000 dong to 425,000 dong per share, BMP -8,000 dong to 167,000 dong, DMC -5,000 dong to 101,000 dong, SGH -3,500 dong to 76,500 dong and IMP -3,000 dong to 102,000 dong per share.
Especially, VFMVF1 fund certificates were traded at 33,400 dong each while PRUBF1 reached 13,900 dong per fund certificate, increasing 200 dong compared with April 24. Total trade of two codes reached nearly 495,340 fund certificates worth over 11 billion dong.
Taking the lead in term of transaction volume on the floor during the session was PPC with 540,850 shares at 66,000 dong, STB with 481,340 shares at 140,000 dong, REE with 296,330 traded shares, PRUBF1 with 275,960 fund certificates and VNM with 248,610 shares changing hands.
In addition, foreign investors purchased 55 share codes with a total volume of 1,161,220 shares worth 153.241 billion dong, accounting for 26.5% of total market trade and sold out 922,700 shares including 167,520 VNM coded shares, 165,020 PPC coded shares, 149,190 GMD coded shares and 111,190 FPT coded shares for a total value of 144.881 billion dong. Also the agreed traded being made by foreigners reached 1.6 million coded shares worth 270.4 billion dong.
The southern stock market witnessed transactions of eight bond codes with a total transaction volume of 1.85 million bonds worth 192.2 billion dong, bringing the total market transaction value to 1.041 trillion dong.
Regarding the northern floor, the HASTC Index on April 25 also rose by 13.28 points or 4.16% to close at 332.79 with a total trade reaching 1,455,200 shares worth 181.13 billion dong, down 13.01% in volume and 21.98% down in value against the previous session.
The share codes with the highest quotation trade during the session included SSI with 387,400 shares, ACB with 165,200 shares, MPC with 116,700 shares and BCC with 90,100 shares.
The foreign investors bought 104,100 shares including 54,600 BTS coded shares, 7,200 BVS coded shares and 1,400 SSI coded shares and sold out 9,600 shares including 4,300 BCC coded shares, 1,200 CTB coded shares, 1,800 VNC coded shares and 1,100 GHA coded shares.


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