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VN Index inches up 5.4 points

18-Jun-2007 Intellasia | SSC | Hanoi Moi | 6:06 PM

The VN Index on June 15 inched up 5.4 points or 0.52% from a day earlier to 1048.19 with a total market trade of 5,689,725 shares worth 601.48 billion dong, in which the matching order trade reached 5,578,620 shares worth 586.506 billion dong and the negotiated trade was 111,105 shares worth 14.974 billion dong.
Demand yesterday decreased 2.74% to 9,446,660 shares while investors offered to sell 11,164,430 million shares, rising 2.46%.
The market saw 39 shares increasing, 45 down and 25 stood still. The price of VFMVF1 fell by 500 dong to 32,500 dong per fund unit while that of PRUBF1 closed at 13,100 dong per share.
The VN Index decreased in the first and second order matching times, then slightly rebounded at last due partly to the increase in share prices of blue chips such as SJS, IMP, FPT and HAP.
In particular, DHG of Hau Giang Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Co saw the highest rise of 16,000 dong to the ceiling level of 351,000 dong per share with a trading volume of 55,700 shares changing hands, followed by SJS +12,000 dong to 264,000 dong, IMP +5,000 dong to 116,000 dong with a trade of 102,640 shares, FPT +5,000 dong to 310,000 dong and HAP +4,000 dong to 86,500 dong.
In addition, other blue chips shares such as KDC and VNM also rose by 1,000 dong.
June 15 was the ex-interest date of PVD coded shares so the share price dropped by 87,000 dong to 163,000 dong per share.
BMC and TCT, which had undergone phenomenally strong price increases during the sessions of this month early, plunged to the floor prices yesterday because the State Securities Commission suspected acts of cheating. BMC fell by 24,000 dong to 470,000 dong with 10,170 BMC coded shares being traded only, TCT lost 18,000 dong to 349,000 dong per share, SGH -9,000 dong to 181,000 dong, HAX -5,000 dong to 101,000 dong each and LBM -3,000 dong to 63,500 dong each.
There were a large volume of BMC and TCT coded shares failing to find buyers in contrast with small supply of those shares several days before.
STB yesterday led the market in terms of trading volume with 475,784 shares changing hands, PVD with 316,540 shares, FPT with 284,560 shares, PPC with 250,540 shares and HAP with 240,080 shares traded.
During the session, foreign investors’ buying volume was twice higher than their selling volume. They purchased 1,126,721 shares worth 110 billion dong, mainly 218,300 PPC coded shares, 132,120 VNM coded shares, 115,100 PVD coded shares, 109,630 VSH coded shares and 105,340 SAM coded shares. They also sold 597,594 shares for 64.874 billion dong, including 205,000 FPT coded shares, 75,000 PPC coded shares and 69,000 SAM coded shares. Moreover, their negotiated trade reached 40,000 PVD coded shares.
On the northern stock market, the HaSTC Index yesterday reversed to fall by 2.4 points to close at 313.47 with 43 shares down, 28 up and 16 had no movement.
In which, BMI dropped by 6,000 dong to 84,000 dong, BVS -4,800 dong to 403,100 dong, EBS -3,100 dong, SDA -1,200 dong, SD7 -1,100 dong, VC2 -100 dong, HSC -10,900 dong to 98,400 dong, and YSC -4,500 dong to 40,500 dong per share.
Meanwhile, the price of ACB increased by 7,800 dong to 148,200 dong per share.
Foreign investors yesterday purchased 209,500 shares including 73,900 BCC coded shares, 46,400 BTS coded shares, 36,700 HAI coded shares and 35,300 HPC coded shares.
Closing the session, the market’s total trade attained 1.194 million shares worth nearly 112 billion dong, in which the negotiated trade included 5,500 SDD coded shares, 6,700 VFR coded shares and 9,000 RCL coded shares with a total volume of 2.237 billion dong.


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