VN Index re-bounds, HaSTC Index slumps

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The Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange (STC) today January 31 closed the first month of 2008 by seeing another bounce when the VN Index added 1.01 points or 0.11% to 844.11 pts with the total matching order trade of over 13 million shares worth 987.56 billion dong.
Among 148 listed shares on the southern bourse, the stock market marked 46 shares decreasing while 76 shares increasing and 26 shares stood at the reference price.

Today the Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchanged (STC) welcomed the 148th member namely VPL of Vinpearl Trade and Tourism Joint Stock Co with 100 shares. Finishing the first trading session, VPL-coded shares were traded at 136,000 dong per share with 61,260 shares transferred.

Out of top ten shares with the largest market capitalisation, there were six shares decreasing, two shares stood still and two shares increasing.

Particularly, VNM hit the ceiling price as adding 6,000 dong to 142,000 dong per share with 360,200 shares traded and VIC lifted 3,000 dong to 103,000 dong with 181,330 shares changed hands.
Two shares stood at the comparative price were ITA and STB at 120,000 dong and 64,500 dong per share.

Decliners include DPM lost 500 dong to 67,500 dong per share, FPT and SSI slipped 3,000 to 197,000 and 141,000 dong per share and HPG of Hoa Phat group and SJS of Sudico slashed 2,000 dong to 98,000 dong and 250,000 dong per share.

Many other shares hit the ceiling price like PVT, SMC, SFI, UNI, VFC, BTC and DIC.

STB took the first place in trading volume with 1,615,820 shares traded and followed by DPM with 1,554,860 shares, SSI with 553,580 shares, VNM with 360,200 and VTO with 336,770 shares changed hands.

Unlike the southern bourse, the Hanoi Securities Transaction Centre (HaSTC) today January 31 witnessed a tumble when the HaSTC Index lost 2.54 points or 0.86% to close at 294.13 pts with the total market trade of 4,908,900 shares worth over 383 billion dong.

Amongst 127 shares being listed on the northern bourse, the stock market recorded 60 shares decreasing while 55 shares increasing, seven shares remained unchanged and five shares with no trades.
Five shares with no transactions were BHV, CJC, HLY, HSC and VBH. Seven shares stood still included DAE, HPS, SDJ, SNG, TJC, VC3 and VFR.

Out of gainers, SD7 performed the strongest increase when adding 7,700 dong or 6.29% to 130,200 dong per share with 61,900 shares traded and followed by ILC added 6,400 to 92,200, SDC up 5,000 to 123,500, NPS lifted 4,500 to 79,600 and SD2 bounded 4,100 dong or 3.09% to 136,600 dong per share with 45,800 shares changed hands.

Meanwhile, VSP showed the biggest decrease when losing 6,900 dong or 4.03% to 164,400 dong per share and followed by RCL lost 6,700 dong to 243,700 dong, SCJ dropped 5,100 dong to 170,700 and S99 slipped 5,000 dong to 317,300 dong per share.

In the trading volume, NLC took the pole position with 373,900 shares traded, followed by KLS with 373,400 shares, PVS with 300,600 shares and ACB with 244,700 shares traded.


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