VN Index surges, HaSTC dips

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The southern stock market yesterday June 13 saw a slight surge when the VN Index rose by 2.26 points or 0.22% from the previous session with a total market trade of 9,075,440 shares and fund certificates worth 953.331 billion dong. In which, the matching order trading volume reached 6.006 million shares worth 631.294 billion dong, up 1.5% in volume and 13.4% in value while the negotiated trade was 3,069,110 shares worth 322.037 billion dong.
During the session, investors bid for 10,294,340 shares, down 16.9% while the supply attained 9,848,350 shares, down 5.19% compared with June 12.
A surge in the VN Index yesterday thanked to an increase in prices of 50 share codes with 18 falling. Notably, the price of BMC dropped by 27,000 dong per share to the floor level of 520,000 dong per share, followed by TCT -20,000 dong to the floor price of 386,000 dong per share.
Therefore, the information that the State Securities Commission will consider price spike of the two listed firms influenced strongly to psychology of investors holding BMC and TCT coded shares. During the session, the trade of BMC reached only 4,600 shares while that of TCT was 27,670 shares.
Being listed among share codes seeing a fall in prices, FPT down 13,000 dong to 306,000 dong per share, BMP -8,000 dong to 200,000 dong per share and HBC -6,000 dong to 125,000 dong per share with a trade of 143,900 shares changing hands.
Meanwhile, SJS saw the highest rise of 10,000 dong to 240,000 dong each, SGH +9,000 dong to 200,000 dong, ALT and LGC +5,000 dong to 115,000 dong per ALT coded share, 105,000 dong per LGC coded share, and over 77,890 FPC coded shares were traded at 99,000 dong per share, a rise of 4,500 dong from June 12.
STB continued maintaining its leading position in term of transaction volume on the stock market with 809,000 shares changed hands at a price of 74,500 dong each, followed by FPT with 426,060 shares, BBT with 323,630 shares, PRUBF1 with 265,600 shares at 13,100 dong, and SJS with 215,380 shares being traded at 240,000 dong per share.
Foreign investors increased buying and reduce selling. They bought 1,193,530 shares worth 178.232 billion dong, taking up 28.23% of total market trade and sold 840,370 shares for 173.635 billion dong. Also the negotiated trade being made by foreigners gained 10,000 VF1 fund certificates and 10,000 TTP coded shares, one million TP1_0706 coded bonds.
In the contrast with a surge in the VN Index, the HaSTC Index of the northern floor continued falling by 4.94 points to close at 313.04 with a total market trade of 995,900 shares only worth 104.217 billion dong.
The market only had two share codes with a trade of more than 100,000 shares, including ACB with 201,800 shares and SSI with 159,600 shares changing hands.
Among 86 share codes being listed on the Hanoi Securities Trading Centre, there were 45 down in prices, 29 increasing, seven stood still and five had no transaction.
The price of BVS yesterday dropped by 19,800 shares to 397,200 shares whereas DAE rose by 4,300 dong to 61,200 dong per share.


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