10 people charged over social gathering at Golden Mile Tower during Phase 1 of Singapore’s reopening

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Four women and six men were charged on Tuesday (August 4) after they allegedly met to drink and chat at Golden Mile Tower during Phase 1 of Singapore’s reopening during the COVID-19 pandemic, when such social gatherings were prohibited.

The 10 individuals were each charged with two counts of breaking COVID-19 regulationsone for leaving their homes without reasonable excuse, and another for having a social gathering with nine others without reasonable excuse.

The accused women are Thai nationals Ketthim Supatsara, 24, Bunkhan Supapron, 33, and Khamsam Wararat and Ob-un Wanwisa, both of whom are 30.

The six accused Singaporean men are Ho Hua Heng, 51, Loo Jiale, 32, Kwok Kian Ghin, 57, Lek Guan Heng, 56, Peter Ngin, 52, and Rainven Tan Choon Chye, 50.

According to charge sheets, the 10 individuals allegedly met each other at a first-floor unit at Block 6001, Golden Mile Tower, drinking and chatting between 3pm and 10pm on Jun 11.

Singapore imposed a “circuit breaker” between April 7 and Jun 1 to curb the spread of COVID-19 in the country, shuttering non-essential workplaces and schools, and prohibiting social gatherings.

Laws prohibiting social gatherings remained in force after Singapore entered the first phase of its reopening on Jun 2.

More restrictions were eased during Phase 2 of Singapore’s reopening on Jun 19, with social gatherings of up to five people allowed and households allowed to receive up to five visitors a day.

Last month, three men who hosted a farewell party for their colleagues during Phase 1 were fined between S$3,000 and S$3,500 for breaking COVID-19 laws.

The 10 individuals accused in the Golden Mile case are set to plead guilty on August 28.

They face up to six months’ jail, a fine of up to S$10,000 or both for each charge of breaking a COVID-19 regulation.



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