2-Year-Old toddler dies after hitting ceiling fan

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In a horrible tragedy, a 2 year-old girl died after hitting ceiling fan. Her uncle had been playing her and tossing her high in the air, when her head hit the rotating blades of the fan.

Toddler dies after hitting ceiling fan

The incident happened at about 10 pm on Monday, 17 June 2019, in Tasik Tambahan, Ampang, Malaysia.

According to various news reports, the child’s 25-year-old uncle was playing with her. He threw her up in the air and her head hit the fan.

She was rushed to Ampang hospital, but died the next day from severe head injuries.

Post-mortem results have shown that the cause of death was due to severe head injury by blunt trauma.

The child’s father has lodged a police report, and the suspect has been remanded for seven days.

In another horrible incident involving a ceiling fan (reported in 2016), a dad in Thailand had been playfully throwing his baby girl up in the air, but didn’t think of the fan rotating directly above.

Her head hit the fan, resulting in a horrible injury that exposed her skull.

The little girl in Thailand suffered severe head injuries after her hitting ceiling fan…

Dangers of hitting ceiling fan

A fan blade might be a relatively blunt object, but it can become an effective cutting edge as the fan rotates and can result in penetrating injuries, with potential hazards to the skull and brain.

The severity of injury depends a lot on the speed of the rotating fan.

To prevent such injuries, bunk beds or other high furniture should be placed at a distance away from the ceiling fan. Small children should not be allowed to sleep or play on the upper bunk of a bunk bed.

If you have a pedestal/table fan, place it well away from the reach of little children, ensuring there is nothing nearby that he can climb up onto in order to reach the fan. Also make sure that all cords are out of reach from your child.



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