250000 Protesters Demand Marriage Equality in Taiwan

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Marriage equality rights would change lives of the Taiwanese, and potentially gay Americans.

Sure, the incoming head of the USA is giving jobs to basically everyone who’s ever tried to oppress queer people. But it’s not all bad news around the world – some good things are evening happening! Really! Kind of! Well, they’re not happening yet, but they could happen in the future, and Harvey Milk says you gotta give ‘em hope, so you’re welcome.

A quarter million people have marched in Taiwan, demanding equal rights for same-sex couples. The country could become the first in Asia to legalise the freedom to marry, which would be an amazing milestone. As in many other countries, there’s currently a lot of dispute about whether queers should get full marriage or just a limited form of civil unions.

If marriage rights are extended, the repercussions would be huge – not just for Taiwanese couples, but also for American gays who feel inclined to flee the country under a Donald administration. Marriage is one of the most effective ways of transferring citizenship to another country, so you might want to start poking around OK Cupid’s offerings in Taiwan.

“Same-sex couples also have the right to marriage,” said President Tsai Ing-wen. Various proposals are pending in the government, a feat that’s possible, in part, because the country has a robust multi-party system. Must be nice.

The marches coincided with International Human Rights Day. Meanwhile, the National Organisation for Marriage celebrated by vowing to oppress queer people around the world. Irony is dead.



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