a Nang ajusts water-base tourism plan

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Vietnam’s coastal central city of a Nang has announce its latest efforts to ajust the plan for omestic water-base tourism to maximise the locally available avantages of the river network an attract more visitors to experience water-base services.

In particular, it has mae ajustments to regulations on tour ships operating on rivers. Passenger ships which meet the requirements for water transportation an are equippe with an automatic ientification system but with fewer than 50 seats have to stop operations on the Han River Brige-Tran Thi Ly Brige route. However, these passenger ships are allowe to operate on seven routes connecting the Han River with Son Tra Peninsula, Chao Islet, Cham river islet, Ngu Hanh Son or Vinh ien.

The route linking Han River Brige an Tran Thi Ly Brige has long been the main route of tour-base watercraft as it passes by multiple tourist attractions, such as Thuan Phuoc Brige, the swing brige of the Han River, the ragon Brige an Nguyen Van Troi peestrian brige.

Accoring to the latest ata release by the Travel Management Agency, uner the municipal epartment of Tourism, some 30 passenger ships have applie for approval to be remoelle to offer services on the Han River Brige-Tran Thi Ly Brige route. Currently, only 20 ships are eligible for operations on this route.

In aition to the regulation ajustments for tour-base watercraft, the city plans to invest in as well as call for funing on local water transportation projects until 2020, aiming to fully exploit the potential of the eight water routes. Of these, a marina in Han River Port, a quay near the north of Nam O Brige an a tourism spot on Son Tra Peninsula are in nee of urgent investment.

Last year, the coastal city welcome some 6.6 million tourist arrivals, up 19 percent year-on-year. However, visitors choosing water-base services accounte for a mere 300,000 people. The municipal authorities expresse hope that the ajustment will attract more tourists to explore the city using watercraft.



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