A Story Behind the Launch of SAKEGEEK by Sake Lovers Inc.

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TOKYO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--In 2018, two Japanese female sake sommeliers, Yuki Imanishi and Kyoko Nagano, launched Sake Lovers Inc. (*1) to spread the love of sake and to support the small craft sake breweries in Japan by exporting their products.

While sake has more than 2,000 years of history and is Japan’s national drink, the sake brewing industry is in decline. In 1970, Japan had over 3000 sake breweries nationwide, but now its number has declined to 1300. The production volume of sake is now one-third of the level back then. Under this pandemic, around 150 breweries went out of business.

This dire situation spurred Sake Lovers Inc. to strive to support small craft sake breweries even more actively by launching a sake media, SAKEGEEK.com (*2), to increase exposure for the breweries by posting reviews of sake and sake brewery visits with other sake enthusiasts and professionals around the world. They aim to share non-biased sake reviews on SAKEGEEK, and are looking for sake fanatics to join forces and write and share about their favorite sake along with their experience of visiting sake breweries in Japan.

There are interview series of the breweries on YouTube (*3), and there are online sake tours for those who are interested. Join the geeks at SAKEGEEK.com, and check out the reviews on SAKEGEEK.com to enhance your sake knowledge! There is a beginners guide level 1 to 10, followed by mid-level and geek level information.

There is also general information about sake breweries and their locations in the list so you can have an idea where to visit while you are in Japan. If you have any problem contacting sake breweries or are eager to participate in the Sake Lovers online or physical tour, contact “[email protected]” or, if you want to contribute by writing sake reviews on SAKEGEEK, please contact “[email protected]” for further inquiry.

Sake Lovers Inc. (*1): https://sakelovers.co.jp

SAKEGEEK.com (*2): http://sakegeek.com

YouTube (*3): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFcTcqi9-1YwJis3WTVnqQQ


Sake Lovers Inc.
Kyoko Nagano
-For sake tours, sake export, contact: [email protected]
-For sake media SAKEGEEK, contact: [email protected]


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