Accountants society’s provisional membership not the same as certified accountant, Wee tells Guan Eng

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Despite acknowledging Lim Guan Eng’s academic certificates, MCA president Datuk Seri Wee Ka Siong still questioned the finance minister’s eligibility in handling the nation’s coffers.

Wee today pointed out that Lim’s certificate of membership into the Australian Society of Accountants was for a provisional membership.

Wee explained the provisional membership was one of the first steps needed to be taken before attending several tiers of examinations in order to qualify for a full membership.

“Therefore, a provisional membership is far from being a fully certified chartered accountant or even an accountant.

“You cannot call yourself using either designation,” Wee said in a statement.

Earlier today, Tony Pua, Lim’s political secretary, held a press conference at the DAP headquarters where he explained the qualifications and academic achievements of the finance minister.

Pua had also warned against future defamatory remarks being made against the minister, threatening possible legal action.

The Damansara MP’s statement itself was in response to doubts raised by the MCA president on Sunday, as to whether Lim was adequately qualified to hold his position as finance minister.

Wee’s statement today then drew reference towards what Lim himself said back in 2012, where the latter labeled himself a “failed accountant” after he was sacked from a job as an auditor upon graduating.

“Since then, there is no evidence that he has ever worked in any other accounting firm nor of him ever having taken the compulsory modules or professional exams needed for him to qualify as a duly certified accountant or chartered accountant,” Wee claimed.

The Ayer Hitam MP also claimed Lim was not listed as an accountant on the Malaysian Institute of Accountants and warned him that misrepresentation as an accountant itself was a criminal offence.

Wee however doused the flames of the ongoing argument, saying neither he nor MCA were interested in pursuing the matter any further as the economy was a more pressing issue.

On Lim mulling legal action, Wee said he would leave it to the rakyat and DAP to judge if there was any legal offences committed by him.


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