Aid to be given to those not covered

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Prime minister Gen Prayuth Chan-o-cha has instructed the finance ministry to try to provide assistance for those not covered by the existing financial relief measures, says Finance minister Arkhom Termpittayapaisith.

The first group that receives the government’s financial aid is state welfare cardholders, while the second group is comprised of those who registered for the co-payment subsidy scheme and the We Travel Together campaign to boost domestic travel.

Those who are not covered by these relief measures are classified in the third group, he said.

Although assistance details have not been disclosed, there are some screening conditions for people to be eligible for another batch of financial relief.

Contract workers employed by government organisations, who are not full-time government officials, and employees of privately-owned companies, covered by the Social Security Fund’s Section 33 but with daily wages of 300-350 baht, could be the target group for the upcoming relief measure.

The government previously rolled out measures to support certain groups affected by the pandemic crisis.

The 51 billion-baht monetary assistance programme was said to cover one-third of the population, aiming to sustain private consumption in the final quarter of 2020, according to the Fiscal Policy Office.

The handout measure used funds from the 1 trillion-baht loan decree, specifically the portion allocated for public aid for the crisis, worth 600 billion baht.

Monthly financial assistance saw an additional 500 baht given to 14 million low-income earners who have state welfare cards in the three months from October to December, totalling 21 billion baht.

The government also offered 3,000 baht per person to 10 million people, totalling 30 billion baht, to buy goods at small stores and street vendors in the final quarter.

The subsidy is branded as the 50/50 co-payment scheme where the government subsidises 50 percent of the payment, up to 50 baht per day for spending of 100 baht.

As an attempt to shore up the ailing tourism industry, the government implemented the We Travel Together scheme in July 2020.

Under the scheme designed to raise consumer demand to revive the tourism industry and related businesses, participants will pay only 60 percent of normal room rates, with the government responsible for the rest. The subsidy was initially capped at 3,000 baht per night for up to five consecutive nights in the first stage and it is now expanded to 10 nights.


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