AllGo Drives Development of Next-Generation Distributed Display Solution for Autonomous Vehicles

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MUNICH, Germany–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AllGo–AllGo, global leaders in Automotive Infotainment solutions, offer a
Multi Display Solution that enables IVI users to access their personal
content across different displays.

The advent of Autonomous driving leads to availability of multiple ways
in which the driver consumes and interacts with the system. Multiple
displays constitute a key component of those interactions. These
displays could be wired devices fixed in the vehicle or could be the
user brought-in-devices (BYODs) such as iPads and Android tablets.
Enabling these interactions require seamless distribution of content
from one display to another controlled by a centralized unit. The
content could be of various types such as audio, video, or interactive

“The arrival of autonomous driving will enable the driver to have more
time for entertainment or productivity applications,” said K.
Srinivasan, CEO of AllGo System. “OEMs are exploring multiple
architectures for distributed content consumption across multiple
displays. AllGo is enabling these futuristic technologies with
investment in our distributed multi-display architecture that seamlessly
combines fixed displays and BYOD devices.”

AllGo’s multi-display solution enables different types of content from a
Central Head Unit to be independently accessible in different displays
at the same time. It also allows same content to be consumed across all
displays by multiple users in a synchronous fashion.

AllGo’s demonstration of the Multi Display solution at Genivi Showcase &
Reception, Munich, April 18th, 2018 showcases such use cases

  • Synchronized streaming of multimedia content from Head Unit to wired
    displays and Brought-in-devices.
  • Enables streaming of independent multimedia content from Head Unit to
    different displays at the same time.
  • Allows Remote Control of Multimedia Playback on one display from

Write to [email protected]
for a demo meeting and to see solutions like Virtualized Android O for
eCockpit, Driver Monitoring and RACE Multimedia SDK.

About AllGo: AllGo Systems is a leading product design company providing
multimedia, connectivity and mirroring middleware solutions for
automotive markets. AllGo licenses Multimedia, Mirroring, Driver
Monitoring, IVI Security to automotive customers along with turnkey
services and certification support. AllGo has a global presence with
offices in India, US, China, Germany, Japan, Taiwan and South Korea.


AllGo Systems
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