Ample Transfers donates remittance fees to send COVID-19 financial aid to unbanked, at-risk communities in South Asia.

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This effort helps to secure months of food for dumpsite scavengers, transgender community, and volunteers.

SINGAPORE, June 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- In 2020, those in developing countries were impacted the hardest by COVID-19, and many struggled with poverty and hunger. Ample Transfers, a Singapore-based cross-border payments company serving migrant workers for over 2 decades, is donating the remittance fees needed to send funds to India. This contribution will help to secure 3 months of food for two at-risk communities and their on-ground volunteers.

Last year, Care Channels International (CCI), a long-term corporate client of Ample Transfers, raised several rounds of donations and needed to quickly and safely send those funds overseas. Ample Transfers supported the initiative by donating the remittance fees to help hundreds of beneficiaries over 5 months.

This year, Ample Transfers continues to support CCI and has committed to assist the sending of financial aid to the two greatly-suffering communities: The dumpsite scavengers and the transgender community, who struggle to earn a living. Being rejected not just by family but also by banks, their state of exclusion makes even everyday tasks, like banking money for food purchases, difficult.

Ample Transfers believes in inclusivity and equal rights for all humans, and empathises with the difficulties and discrimination faced by these individuals. In line with its mission to serve the banked and the underbanked, Ample Transfers will continue its contributions to support over a hundred of these direct relief recipients and on-ground volunteers.

Providing migrant workers with solutions to transmit money has been our bread and butter for over twenty years. We have been working with CCI since 2013; Now that a huge storm has come upon us, we believe that providing this little bit of relief for these communities is the least we could do. The overcast is much darker in some areas, and we're blessed that we reside in Singapore. We are eager to help where we can for our fellow humans - and hope that the sky is not only brighter, but just as bright everywhere, soon. – Matthew Yap, CEO of Ample Transfers.

About Ample Transfers

Ample Transfers is a cross-border payment services company that has been providing safe, reliable money-transfer and money-changing services to a wide demographic of international customers in Singapore since 1998. We have established a strong presence in the South-East Asian, South Asian and China corridors. We support and care for our customers and the communities they help support with their remittances.

For more information about Ample Transfers, visit their website or get in touch via their Facebook or LinkedIn.

About Care Channels International (CCI)

Care Channels International (CCI) established as a charity in Singapore in 2004, is dedicated to the mission of helping the poor in a holistic manner. By providing support in the form of financial, medical aid and imparting work skills that a person may have a means of livelihood, CCI believes in 'teaching a man to fish that he may eat for a lifetime'. 

If you are interested in contributing to the work done by CCI, you can make a donation via their website.

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